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Updated: 20 July 2017

Installing solar since 2014

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Mighty Mike | Bountiful, Utah | 07/27/2017

Powerful Solar

Power CO is very easy to work with. They were professional and communicated with me throughout the entire process. Their price was the lowest by far of any of the other 3 bids, even though they use the better optimizers, and there were no unexpected charges on the final bill. My system works exactly as it was designed and my electricity bills have been reduced dramatically. I will use them again when I purchase a new home next year.

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DOZER | West Jordan, Utah | 09/14/2016

Loving Solar

The process went pretty well. I was even sent fotos since I was out of town. The project manager was easy to speak with on the phone and kept me up to date.<br />The only problems were some of the wires had become grounded so I failed to get several weeks production. I felt that I should receive compensation for that loss. Nothing yet.<br />The device that speaks to a company downtown failed and it took a while to replace it.<br />Lastly, I was not able to logon to the system to watch my systems production.

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Reply from DOZER: NONE
Reply from Powerco Solar (out of buisiness): Mr Dozer. <br />Can you please call our SLC headquarters and ask for Ryan Holt. I would love to speak with you personally. The team at Powerco strives to have a 5 star experience for all of our customers. I would like to make sure you do as well. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

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Radical Rhett | Farmington, Utah | 07/20/2017

Good Experience

I did my homework and educated myself about residential solar. I'm glad I did because it sure saved me money and future headaches. I got three bids. One company was an hour late to the appointment and sent some kid out that had no idea what he was talking about. I knew more about solar than he did. The second company was more professional, but gave me a proposal that seemed rather high based on other systems I had researched. They were also pressuring me to sign a contract right then. The third company that came out, Powerco Solar, was very knowledgeable and professional. They were quite detailed in their evaluation and told me that my electrical service panel needed an upgrade. At first I thought they were just trying to up-sell me, but then they went through a detailed explanation with me and showed me the calculations. I was glad they did. After doing some additional research, I learned that if I did not upgrade the panel, the system would be dangerously overloaded, even if it passed inspection. Neither of the other two companies caught this problem. Powerco Solar was also the lowest bid. Even though they were using optimizers rather than less expensive micro-inverters, they still came in a lot less than the other two companies. And there was no pressure to make an immediate decision. The installation process went smoothly, although it took a week longer than estimated (6 weeks) because the city was slow in approving the building permit. I found it rather difficult to communicate with the installation crew because of a language barrier, but they seemed to know what they were doing and didn't leave a mess when they were finished. When my system was finally installed and operational, the project manager came out the next day and helped me set up my monitoring. It has been functioning perfectly and my first utility bill showed a dramatic decline in my energy cost ($12). Although Powerco Solar is not perfect, they came close and I would recommend them to anyone wanting to install solar to their home.

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B. F. | Washington, Utah | 10/21/2016

Powerco Solar

The bid was lower from Powerco than the other competitor and they could also include solar pool panels, which the competitor didn't have available. In a new house it was hard to determine the expected load without electrical usage bills. The sales staff helped to balance and determine the expected load and a system size to handle that load. I also wanted battery backup for critical loads to be off the grid if necessary. The installation had one problem, a couple of components weren't included in the shipment of parts, so the installers had to return in a few weeks after everything was available. The system works fine, but I still want to access the system with my computer to monitor how everything is operating at different times of the year for reference.<br />Overall I would recommend them to others.

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EdSanchez16 | Salt Lake City, Utah | 08/31/2016

I love the honesty

I met with 3 companies, which included this one. The first company I met with sent a rep out that had only been doing solar for 2 months, and he wasn't knowledgeable at all. I knew more than he did. The second company sent out a complete high pressure salesman, and he really rubbed my wife the wrong way. Powerco sent out Kris, and he was awesome. He was very transparent in everything he was offering and we felt like he was very up-front about everything. Powerco wasnt the cheapest option, but they werent the most expensive either. We were shown where and why they dont cut corners, and they are local. We are happy with our decision and can not wait for our first bill!

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Bo54 | Salt Lake City, Utah | 07/05/2016

Salt Lake Solar

The team at Powerco is top notch. I can't believe the knowledge they had about solar and where the industry is going over the other companies I had a bit from. I also really liked how they do all their own installs me don't subcontract work out. My rep showed me what electrical parts they use to install and it shows they don't cut corners with the install? Love my system and it looks amazing! Can't wait to see my next Power bill.

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MrSL | Orem, Utah | 06/23/2016

Smooth Like Butter!

From loan options to working with the city and power company, Powerco made it flexible, simple, and easy!

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Happy to be solar | Salt Lake City, Utah | 06/07/2016

Great service, great value, great results

After working with a couple of other companies on our desire to "go solar", we settled on Powerco Solar. Our contact, Rod Horton, made the process easy and clear to understand. He answered all the questions we had and made sure we understood fully what every step of the process would entail and the anticipated completion date of each step. Rod stayed on top of the project, and when a phase started to fall behind the anticipated timeline, he followed up with the appropriate entity (city, power company) to get our project back on schedule. Once we were in operation, the other support departments of Powerco Solar made sure we had our internet connection to monitor our power production and emailed us all the paperwork we needed to file for our tax credits. Maybe the most enjoyable part of the process has been seeing my last two utility bills come in at $9.01 and knowing I was still "banking" KW for future use.

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JDC | American Fork, Utah | 06/04/2016

100% Pleased!

I come from a position of having a good understanding of this industry. For the past two years I have helped others get solar on their homes through a competitor of Powerco. The competitor appears to have it all, including a huge and present advertising budget. They have lots of sales people, and have attacked the market along the Wasatch Front in the past year.<br /><br />When I came across Powerco and got to know Brigg Barron, my outlook changed. I had run into several other people out there selling solar, some with some success, others, not so. Brigg carefully explained Powerco's position and attitude about solar, their approach to customer service and satisfaction. A detailed explanation of the product and methodology of the systems they install. Incentives and tax credits. We went in-depth about the installation, permitting, inspection, and net-metering processes. He was very consistent with what I was being told and communicated by Laci and Trevor in their main office. <br /><br />I had a hard decision to make: Go with the guys I'd been working with the past couple of years, or go with Powerco who seemed to have the superior product, systems, and customer service. I switched. I'm real happy. I honestly can't say anything bad about the other company. I can say a lot of good about Powerco, though. I am totally 100% satisfied with their services. Everything from the introduction process, installation, the crews that came and did the work, the quality of workmanship, the skill and knowledge of each, and final completion and billing process. It was all positive. <br /><br />For me, the most exciting part of it all was when Rocky Mountain Power came and installed the net-meter. When Powerco's service tech's came back and turned the system on, explained how I could monitor it, and what the various components of the systems do, and then to see my meter running backwards, that is when I really got excited. "I'm a little power company!" Yay!<br /><br />I'm so glad I did this. I can strongly recommend Powerco, every aspect of their company. 100% satisfied customer!!!

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GoUtes! | Kaysville, Utah | 06/04/2016

Went Smooth

The whole process went smooth from the bid to the installation. They answered all of my questions. After the final meeting I noticed some damage to the paint on the exterior of the home, they came out the next day and repaired it. I appreciated them fixing it, my experience with most home service people is that once they have your money you will never see them again. I appreciated powerco making the little things right.

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newbes | Ivins, Utah | 06/03/2016


Great service, clean installation, total bill as bid. No surprises

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JB6 | Sandy, Utah | 02/29/2016

Pleasantly Surprised!

The team at Powerco really took great care of us each step of the way! We had been thinking of getting solar power and when our salesman approached us and told us about all the benefits of 'going solar' and calculated the money we would save - we were sold! Everyone we had contact with in the company was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the positive changes we would see going forward. We jumped in with both feet and installed solar on our home, detached garage, and cabin. The results have been amazing! We were also impressed with the constant communication and with the way all the permits, forms, paperwork and communication with the city and the power company, etc. was all taken care of by Powerco. We would have been overwhelmed if those things were left up to us to take care of. Today is Leap Day - we highly recommend that you take a LEAP and join with Powerco for an extraordinary SOLAR experience!

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