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One-of-a-Kind MAUI Getaway! | Kihei, Hawaii | 03/01/2022

Best PV company on Maui!!!

Pacific Energy is so far ahead in the PV energy space. They have a business practice to get your system designed, approved, permitted, installed and close-out in record time. My experience with service and execution was better than my expectation. I had a very large system (91 panels) installed and they completed the entire system within 4 days! It passed inspection with no corrections. Their process to navigate this process is the best experience for a consumer. Let them do it and just write the check. Oh, and the products (SunPower panels and Solar Edge inverters) are the best in the market place with the best warranty and technology...hands down. Highly recommend Pacific Energy for Maui solar PV !!

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Stephanie Haddad | Haiku, Hawaii | 01/30/2023

Buyer Beware!

BUYER BEWARE! In January 2022 I purchased a $30,000 Tesla system from Pacific Energy (PE), which was grid tied to Hawaiian Electric for backup. I was told the system was designed so my monthly electricity bill would just be Hawaiian Electric’s minimum charge for service. I soon noticed I was having brown outs, up to 8 per night. The Tesla app also kept kicking me off and not letting me back on, so I couldn’t monitor my system. I brought the issues to PE’s attention several times and the owner finally wrote me an email saying he had contacted Tesla about my issue and was told that the brown outs were due to “instability in the power grid”. I turned off my connection to the power grid for a couple weeks and continued to have brown outs, so the problem was obviously with the system. I called Tesla and was informed that Pacific Energy had never contacted them about the problem. Tesla asked PE to come to my house to see if I might be having a problem with “impedance”. The electrician from PE told me the numbers he checked were in the normal range. He connected my phone to the app but by the evening I had been kicked off again. The office manager at PE had told me they probably should connect the system to an ethernet cable. I had three power outages, one for 14 hours during a sunny day. I notified PE and the owner wrote me another email saying because there was no impedance problem, I’m on my own from now on. He also said that because I was connected to the app the day the system was installed, they’re not responsible for installing an ethernet cable. This company says they guarantee their workmanship for 6 years and service for 2 years, but my experience has been that they will not help you if you encounter any problems. I contacted Tesla last week and was told my Tesla system hasn’t been supplying me with energy since December 5th (7 weeks), but of course I didn’t know that because I can’t use the app. PE also failed to inform me that during overcast or rainy weather my battery won’t charge fully so my electricity bills have been quite high this winter, not the minimum service fee that I was assured. Lastly, PE also failed to inform me that the system cannot accommodate a backup generator to charge the battery like other systems. It would have been nice to know that rather than to find out the hard way. This company rates a big fat “F+” in Customer Service.

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Joe | Kihei, Hawaii | 03/19/2020

Seamless Service- Satisfied Customer, worth the expense.

My electric bill was out of control, got to the point I would not run the A/C, and was chasing around the house turning off switches. I projected a first month bill of $800+. Pacific Energy provided me a system that was on time, at the specified cost, and with tax benefits, at both the Federal and State levels. System installed in 2 weeks. First MECO bill was $26. That is the minimum charge by the electric company.

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Daniel Schechter | Kihei, Hawaii | 08/29/2019

Excellent service

After I bought my house, my realtor gave me two recommendations for solar installers. I chose Daryl because he seemed forthright and up front. I was not disappointed. He did excellent work and did it on time. He responded quickly to my communications. I am extremely happy with my new solar power system.

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Chris in Wailea | Kihei, Hawaii | 04/03/2018

Top Tier PV Installer - Nothing but the Best!

Daryl stood out early when I began searching for a local PV installer. His friendly honesty, willingness to answer all of my many questions and scenarios in a timely fashion, documentation and excellent graphical modeling of his proposal all exceeded everyone else I contacted in the industry. His proposal came first, was the strongest to meet my needs, came organized with a realistic annual production model and attractive graphics of my proposed panel layout. He even graphically modeled my equipment rack with batteries. Few people, even fewer contractors, can meet my level of attention to detail. Daryl exceeded my expectations in every way. He used the highest quality products, used the best installation techniques, took great care of my existing masonry tile roofing, and skirted all of my panels nicely to meet local HOA requirements and then some. Speaking of the HOA, he navigated their strict requirements with ease. I never had to get involved. <br /><br />He is one of Maui's authorized Tesla dealers and I went with a Tesla PowerWall backup which operates flawlessly and looks incredible. When the install was complete Daryl gave me everything I needed to register my panels for their extended warranty. Even with the install complete he answers questions quickly and remains engaged in the operation and production of the system. During the bid process, before I selected Pacific Energy, one of the largest installers on Maui told me I'd need to place a deposit in order to have any of my questions answered or to have my proposed layout modeled, not so with Daryl. At least 3 of my neighbors are looking to have Daryl do projects on their homes, both new installs and existing system upgrades.

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Deblynn | Kihei, Hawaii | 11/28/2017

Efficient, honest, great service

Daryl is a pleasure to work with, honest quote, comes in at price quoted. Extremely careful with ladders against the roof & left the protection in place for next service.

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rob_b | Kihei, Hawaii | 11/28/2017

Great Experience

We had a great experience working with Daryl. We spoke with several other providers and we felt Daryl gave us the most honest assessment of our options, especially with regard to the buy vs lease options. Daryl also worked with us to build the right system for us to address both our PV needs and our backup power solutions. We are very happy with the work they did and I would highly recommend them.

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Sablestudios | Kihei, Hawaii | 10/27/2017

Great Company, great people

We are completely satisfied with Daryl at pacific energy!<br />Our system works extremely well, our bill is almost nil.<br />The project was simple and smooth for us in every way.<br />Excellent communication, excellent service!<br />We are recommending them to our friends and neighbors.

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KiheiGirl | Kihei, Hawaii | 01/28/2017

Loving the savings

Pacific energy did a great job. My bill went from $300 to $20. They were also the best value compared to the other companies that I received proposals from. Daryl was super friendly and very informative and down-to-earth.

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Rob Blair | 11/18/2016

Lucky to have him !!! Great Experience

Anyone lucky enough to have the knowledge , expertise , principal , integrity , and the Maui 'Joy ' that Daryl brings to the job is fortunate . <br /> His prices are the best in the island , and I would highly recommend him to anyone !

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Bagels | Kihei, Hawaii | 11/18/2016

Great experience!

Recieved quotes from a handful of companies and Daryl from Pacific Energy LLC stood out amongst all of them. Daryl is friendly & down to earth, was clear and easy to understand throughout the entire process, he made it easy for us to achieve our solar dream and overall great to work with. Would definitely recommend and use again for any of our future solar needs!

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iwilkens | Kihei, Hawaii | 11/13/2016

Wailea house

Pacific Energy did a great job of informing us on the options available for our house, they researched the strata requirements, and made the entire installation process very smooth.

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