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Soon Boo over 1 month

We recently had Rick installed a 5.4kW/hr solar system. We went with Rick as: - he is local and competitive. We realized during our evaluation that other solar companies come and go especially their sales personnel. We believe Rick will be around to stand behind his warranty; -we learned from our due diligence that Rick himself also believes in solar power. We can tell from county records and Google Map/Earth that he has solar panels on 4 properties he owns. This is not the case with a few other solar companies we evaluated; It's also comforting to know Rick never cash our check for 50% deposit for a few weeks until our application was approved by the power company and the city. There is quite a bit going on at the back office and Jackie was good with her weekly update and state credit application. Tanner, his cousin and another installer who did the actual install were also very professional and accommodating. The system is currently working 6% ahead of annual estimated production despite some power clipping.

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Clifford, over 1 month

The sales associate made it seem like a great deal. We told him that we just bought the house and we didn't have any extra funds, so he said "I will crunch some numbers to see what can be done." He came back with a spread sheet that showed we would be getting a $6,300 incentive from federal to get people to go solar and a $2,000 incentive from state to go with solar power. He told us our out of pocket costs would be $12,700. We asked him if the tax incentive is going to be on top of what we already get back. We asked a few times and every time he said "yes it is on top of what you will already be getting back." We thought we would be able to handle that. The sales representative also told us that we would have it installed within 3 weeks. It took about 6 to 7 weeks to install. When it was taking so long to get installed, I called the company to cancel and they told me I would have to pay some fines. I wish I would have just payed the fines. I couldn't see how to get the federal incentive back while filing my taxes, so I called the owner Rick Webb. He told me that it is not an incentive. However, it is a tax credit. Which this means that I will not be able to have this applied to my taxes because I live in a single income home of 7. I am a teacher. When I called the owner he told me that the sales representative was let go or fired, because he was misleading people to sign contracts to meet his commission. I didn't really understand what a tax credit is, so I called an account and he explained to me that it really is based on your taxed income. He told me, "because you don't make much as a teacher it most likely will not benefit you. I felt like I was lied to by the sales rep. I sent a couple of text messages to the owner, and emailed the company about my feelings of unsatisfactory. I went onto Integrated Solar Solutions Facebook page to write a review. I based my review off of the sales representative, so it was not that great. The owner finally called me back to tell me that I didn't understand tax credits and I needed to base my review on the quality of their work and not on the sales representative. He asked me if I pay taxes, I told him I work a full time job and I don't claim all of my dependents so they will take out more taxes. He said "you should see a tax credit." I told him that I get more money than I pay into taxes because of my income. He said to me, "so I pay for your children." I couldn't believe that the owner of the company said that to me. It is not my fault they government issues $1,000 per child. I told the owner "what the sales representative did to get us to sign the contract is fraudulent." The owner than told me that this particular person never really worked for the company, which seems to be a lie. Either he lied to me the first time I talked to him or the second time I talked to him. He never once apologized for what was done to us. He didn't feel sorry for anything. He also told me that he will not do anything to try and fix the problem if it is going to cost him anything. I am not sure how or what I am going to do to get by. I am stuck with a $21,000 thousand bill that is accumulating thousands of dollars in interest that we will not be able to pay back. I live my life a little more stressed each day. The installers never told us anything about anything. The sales representative didn't really tell us anything either. I don't even know the size of my system.

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$19,542 - $23,884

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18,440 kWh

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Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

5¢ kWh

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16¢ kWh

Forecast average UT electric rates over the next 25 years

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We handle everything for you from the design and engineering of your system to the permitting, installation and utility pre-connection.

IMPORTANT FACT; we don't subcontract out our installs, our own trusted employees expertly install your system so you know it's done right!

MOST IMPORTANT; Because we're more than just a solar company you can rest assured that we're not only going to be around to back our 10 year Labor Warranty, but also be a company you can count on to offer quality service for all your home's needs including electrical work, Plumbing and HVAC. We've been serving Utah for more than 15 years going on 100+!

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