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Latest good review thumbs up

EVS | Boulder, Colorado | 10/12/2023

Just had my system turned on but the team did a great job!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Frank Appraisal | Frisco, Colorado | 01/15/2023

Poor Communication

I guess they got bought out and they didn't handle the transition well. They are 6 months late in getting the install done and demanding payment without having my panels up and running. Probably a crap shoot with these guys. Maybe they will be good but most likely they will disappoint, and you will be stuck with a non-communicative group of boners.

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TinTin | Bozeman, Montana | 07/24/2023

Great Team!!

Great service and quality system installed. Getting the quotes was a breeze as well, Dan was really helpful in configuring my system and the several others that I asked him for to compare price and performance. Looking forward to the solar production of my new system. Independent Power is very professional, their installers are great. All equipment installed in a timely manner, and it all works perfect. Great crew, highly recommend Independent Power.

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MEADOWLARK | Bozeman, Montana | 07/12/2022

Good company once they get started

We have had IPS install solar panels on 3 houses through the years. The first time they were very attentive and were more than ready to explain how the panels work and to get them installed. For the second time, the process went smoothly as well. For the third time, I felt like my emails got lost of the shuffle of too many emails to deal with for them and being shuffled between representatives. Over the course of a year (because I would forget about my email to them for months at a time), I started up the conversation multiple times. When I finally sent an email explaining that I was waiting for answers and asked if they really wanted my business, I got a very apologetic response from a lead rep and the solar panel process got rolling immediately and thoroughly. They checked in often to confirm dates and paperwork. The panels are up and running and we are content with the company.

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Anna B. | Bozeman, Montana | 06/28/2022

Fast, efficient, good customer service

Just had system installed so can't comment on how it is running, yet, but installation team did a fabulous job. Sales customer service was great...detailed, good explanation. Customer service overall good, but can improve on explaining the process, i.e. what will happen next and who is responsible for each step. Payment process was easy. Price comparable, just wish now someone would invent a less expensive battery to go completely off the grid! Overall, no complaints and I would highly recommend this company.

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A | West Roxbury, Massachusetts | 02/08/2022


I bought solar panels form IPS 7 years ago. There were problems from the beginning. Panels didn't work right the 1st year. Finally fixed. There has been no Regional Manager for the past 7 months and no indication when position will be filled. My solar panels have not been working well for past year, according to records, and I now have solar panels and am paying an electric bill. Work in New England region is subcontracted out. Subcontractor was here multiple times and has not fixed problem. Presumably, a new subcontractor has been hired. When one calls or emails service department in Colorado, it takes multiple times to get a response, I have now called/emailed daily for 4 days in a row, still no response. Last conversation was that they would have someone here quickly. I am frustrated and dismayed.

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WFM | Boulder, Colorado | 01/25/2022

extremely poor service & lack of execution

DO NOT use - spent 100K on systems, multiple failures to deliver bid as promised. Horrific customer service and lack of communication, both internally and customer facing. Took more than 6 months to install my jobs, neither of which are completed per their bid. Basically told me they were done and checked out with no resolution. Worst experience I have had as a customer ever.

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Keith Aune | Bozeman, Montana | 09/26/2021

Install a 5 KW solar system on my house.

Hey, These people did a great job. They were fast and courteous. The system install went smoothly and they explained what they were doing. The system seems to work fine. I am looking forward to seeing my first power bill.

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Chris B | Arvada, Colorado | 11/12/2020

Great initial, amazing equipment, difficulty after

I am due for an install in less than a week and have zero confirmation on if it is proceeding or the materials I have paid for are in their possession. 7.2 kW system in Arvada, CO. Scheduled mid August, and the initial quote and engineering was awesome. My project manager reaches out every two weeks supposidly by policy, but I have had multiple delays due to items needed from the homeowner and nobody has told me. The end result is I am left chasing down information so that my install can proceed. If you want to chase and manage your own install and pay someone to supposidly do the same thing them this is your company. I still like their equipment and how they designed my system but do not have a warm fuzzy on when it will progress to a live system. Will update if things change.

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greg | Denver, Colorado | 05/02/2020

Incompetent company

I had my system installed through IPS. Their employee came out three separate times to reset arc sensors and claimed the problem was an overly sensitive inverter. They tried to charge about 130.00 per hour plus drive time to fix the system. The reset never worked. I contacted Sun Power directly. Sun Power got someone else out and the system has worked flawlessly. Months of hassle with IPS and problems. If your system works they are fine. If you have problems go through someone else. Completely and totally incompetent after install.

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Gary Williams | Arvada, Colorado | 08/15/2019

installed a 6.8 KW IPS solar panel system on our house

I interviewed 9 different solar system installers, IPS had the best warranty, highest rated equipment, system produced the most power with the lest panels and the lowest cost. Overall service has been great.

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Eddieino | Littleton, Colorado | 06/06/2019

SunPower 9720 KVH System

These guys were very professional and Timely. The installation went flawlessly. There experience shines through in spades. The sunpower panels and hardware are the best hands down. My only negative is the SunPower monitoring software it NOT very detailed and needs a major update.

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About Independent Power (Boulder)

Independent Power was born in the backcountry. Founded in 1996 by a master electrician whose fascination with renewables began when he saw a solar-powered water pump at a remote mountain hut, he set out to pioneer how to power eco-friendly independence. Our team has trail blazed the future of energy ever since. From installing solar above treeline in national parks to hoisting batteries to military bases in the middle of the ocean, we have harnessed the power of nature with and for our customers for more than 25 years. Why you should work with us Local We are locally-owned and operated so we know which codes and permits expedite installation as we guide our customers to take advantage of local incentives, rebates and tax credits. Leading We offer the most up-to-date, premium and proven products for energy solutions that last in partnership with home and business owners, nonprofits, national parks and our nation’s military. Lasting We have installed, upgraded and improved clean-energy solutions for more than a quarter of a century, while most solar and electric companies are here today and gone tomorrow. Services Solar Harness the power of nature and reduce your dependence on the grid with our premium solar panels, proven in the world's wildest conditions. Electrification Move away from fossil fuels, improve the environment, and save money along the way with our efficient electric vehicle chargers and heat pumps. Storage Protect what’s most important to you and keep the lights on—even when the grid goes out—with best-in-class battery backup systems.

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