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Latest good review thumbs up

R B in Miami | Miami, Florida | 04/29/2024

Goldin Solar - Highly Recommend - Very Good for Our Needs

We started our solar process in March 2021. After interviewing several companies, we decided to go with Goldin Solar. The deciding factor in our decision was their engineer and sales representative, JEFF MOORE. Other companies sent out sales rep who were not quite knowledgeable, whereas Jeff knew the system in and out, patiently answered questions and even offered other energy saving advice. Without pressure, Jeff explained the type and size of system we would need and how the process would flow. It took a while once we signed the contract for installation to begin. Understandably; engineering, design, permitting, and limited supply caused most of the delay. Jeff and the team kept us informed along the way. Shortly after the equipment was delivered a team arrived led by young man named JEFFERSON to install everything. They did a superb job, and Jefferson‘s attention to detail was commendable. Each day they did their best to clean up after themselves and ensured we were satisfied with their progress. We have a wood tongue and groove vaulted ceiling in our kitchen. While placing a mount for the panels a hole was drilled through the wood ceiling. Not only did Jefferson ensure the hole was sufficiently patched to avoid leaks. He went to the extra effort of patching the inside ceiling with wood filler to match. It blends perfectly and is no longer visible. Jefferson really impressed us with his thoroughness and professionalism. The electricians, Jesus and Mack, did a good job connecting equipment and explaining the function of each of the different electrical of boxes. It was frustrating waiting for FPL to swap out the meter and authorize use of the solar system. However, once again, Jeff kept us informed which helped relieve some of our frustration with FPL. Our system has been operational since late 2021 with only a few hiccups. Those being; two inverters and one Tesla Powerwall going bad at different times. All were replaced under warranty. We used Goldin Solar’s web portal to report those failures. As a disabled veteran with some health and physical limitations, I rely on stable electrical power and was very concerned and anxious not having a fully operational solar system during hurricane season. Michael, there customer point of contact, helped track down warranty replacement parts and scheduled the parts installation as soon as possible. Though it was disappointing to have those items malfunction and wait for replacement parts, we still feel Goldin Solar did their best given the situation. I’ve spoken with some neighbors, who have systems from other companies and they’ve said their experience is less than positive. Once they’ve signed contracts. It’s hard to get a hold of the solar companies or if they need callbacks, it’s even harder to reach the company. Not the case with Goldin Solar. They do seem to have quite a backlog, but ultimately they follow through with taking care of their customers. I would and have strongly recommend them to anybody considering a solar system installation.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Marvin Cross | Palm Bay, Florida | 09/11/2023


They "seemed" great at first, but ifear they were wolves in sheeps clothing. They were very responsive... at first !! Now we are still getting high electric bills, we're told not all the panels are working. Now they no longer will respond to us, answer or emails, messages or phone calls. Last time I was ablevto speak with someone (quite a shock) we spoke to "Micheal". He said he had to look into things be t PROMISED he would call back no later than the end of next day. I said that would be great. Well that was over a week ago. No word from anyone in any form. Not sure what our next step is but my husband is talking about getting an attorney.

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Michael2900 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 06/21/2023

Great company, delivers on promises

I have to say so far this company has more than delivered on their promise to fulfill their obligation as solar providers for me and my house. I'm heading into month 8 and am thrilled with the results thus far. In addition, company owner Daren Goldin and his staff (in particular Kathreen) have been available, receptive and informative all along the way. Goldin for the win!

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Cheri Torres | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 05/22/2023

Home Solar Installation

Goldin did a great job! We decided to take advantage of the additional tax breaks provided when we needed to replace our roof. Our roofing company does not provider solar so we started the hunt to find a company we would be happy working with. We worked with 8 different providers, who all to their credit had a different and well thought out sales pitch. Goldin however was the only one to show up and be honest. Not over promise and not over sell anything. We knew what we wanted as we had done a ton of research so it wasn't a hard sell, we just needed to work with a provider we could by default trust. Their workmanship was unparalleled to some of the contractors we have used in South Florida. They were professional and on time. In spite of some miscommunications around financing, they worked to fix things and get us back on track as quickly as possible. Thanks Goldin!

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Tim | Vero Beach, Florida | 05/15/2023

I highly recommend Goldin Solar

I did a lot of research in preparation to have a solar electric system installed at our home. Our goal was to have cost certainty heading into our retirement years and also emergency backup power for our home. I contacted a number of vendors/contractors to learn what was available to fit our needs. Almost all of the vendors turned out to use high pressure sales schemes and were short on information to help us decide what system would be best for us. Most of them just wanted to load us up with as many panels as would fit on our roof telling us that we would end up selling a lot of power back to our electric utility company. That was not our goal. We wanted adequate power for our needs and backup power for emergency power outages. I did not know it at the time but later learned that the overkill systems these dealers were trying to foist upon us would not have been accepted by our utility and we would not have been able to have the bidirectional connection to the grid. We would have had to become an “off the grid” system and sell excess power to no one. Their greed to sell over powered systems thankfully did not ignite greed in us to fall for their schemes. The lone dealer who did not use this approach was Goldin Solar. We met with a local representative, Charles Stadelman, at our home. Charles listened to us as we explained our needs and goals and then told us what Goldin could do for us, explained the process including the engineering of the system, inspections, installation phases, utility company hookup and a timetable for completion. He again met with us a short time later with pricing for the system. We were very comfortable working with him and the price was acceptable. We ended up with an 8.16 kw system with two Tesla power walls. Based on our previous electrical usage this system would be adequate for our needs and would be acceptable to our electric utility company for bidirectional grid connection. We signed the contract in the second quarter of 2021. 2021 was a very challenging year for businesses dealing with Covid related shortages for materials, labor and even governmental office shortages for permitting and engineering approvals. Again, this was a challenging climate in which to accomplish such a project. Goldin Solar assigns a project manager for each project. The project manager’s function is to coordinate between the homeowner and the company. Unfortunately, our first project manager, unbeknownst to Goldin or ourselves, had accepted a position with another company right after being assigned to our job and was not responsive to our needs or to the project. This was unfortunate but Goldin dealt with it as soon as they became aware and we were assigned another project manager. Between the new project manager and her supervisor our project got on track and we progressed through the phases. Our system went live in early February, 2022. There was good coordination between Goldin, the utility company and us. The system is mindless to use. There is no effort on our part to use this. We have gone through two hurricanes which caused power outages but with the Tesla power walls we were completely unaffected. The only way that we were aware of the outages was because all of our neighbors were in the dark. We have also purchased an electric vehicle. For a year now I have not had to purchase gasoline and all the vehicle charging is accomplished with solar electricity. Cool! Our electric bill consists only of the utility company’s minimum monthly connection charge. I highly recommend Goldin Solar. Our experience showed them to be honest, and reasonable to work with and the quality of the equipment and the quality of the installation was great.

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SenseiCarr | Tampa, Florida | 09/23/2022

Ongoing Support

I recently reached out to Goldin Solar for information on adding battery backup to the solar system they installed for me approximately 4yrs. ago. Michael Hardison took on the task of researching, matching, and recommending an appropriate solution to fit my system. Michael was knowledgeable with product, pairing it with my system, and minor comparisons to other potential solutions. He provided the kind of customer service one would expect, especially having been a previous customer. It makes one feel they made the right choice initially going with the company. I will definitely be a repeat customer and have no problem recommending the company or the solar system. My system has Hanwha Qcells, not what is listed below. The database seems limited.

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JJ | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 06/02/2022

Goldin came very short from expectations

I originally ordered panels in mid 2021 with installation expected by end of year 2021. After I signed the agreement communication suffered significantly. I constantly requested updates and information that I was not provided with. They would respond only when they wanted and only provide short responses and little to no information from what was requested. On top of the delays, after I signed and was offered an offset of over 95% with the approved panels, engineering came back to reduce the amount of panels, I still disagree with their assessment, asked to speak to engineering and was denied that opportunity. My installation was then delayed until 2022, and it wasn't until May 2022 when they finally completed pre work and permits. Even after they scheduled installation, only to realize they didn't even have the panels they knew they would need for my project; again delayed. During installation. Techs were friendly. Unfortunately they made unnecessary holes and other damages that they failed to properly repair even after multiple requests. Right now there's a current roof water leak causing interior damages that I've reported and hasn't been addressed at all; panels are still pending. Techs also left very dirty working areas, including trash and cigarette butts all around my property exterior; my wife and I had to pick up multiple times after them. Unfortunate, the entire experience has been very rocky, and although they say to be trying, their actions speak much louder than their short and sporadic words. as of today 6/2/2022 we're still waiting on interior wall damage repairs, interior water leak repairs, rook leak repairs, and even final panel installation. All of these were supposed to continue as of 6/1/2022 and have been no call no show twice now, with no response from anyone on the matter.

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Maggie | Hollywood, Florida | 05/16/2022

After requesting several quotes for our solar project we finally decided to move forward with Goldin Solar. Before we moved forward we spoke directly with the owner Daren Goldin who answered our questions and concerns. We came across some issues with inspections but Melissa Bolton from the company made sure to take care of any concerns we had moving forward. She was available when we needed her and is a true asset to the company. She was truly genuine and empathetic to our situation. Some of the issues addressed during inspection were taken care of by their electricians Salko and Edwin who were very knowledgeable and were very quick to resolve what was needed so we could pass inspections and go solar. If you are thinking of going solar you should definitely give Goldin Solar the opporutiny to win your business.

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Mo | Miami, Florida | 04/01/2022

Goldin Solar was very professional and responsive.

Goldin Solar was very professional and responsive. They came out and surveyed the property and provided a proposal. They did the complete job in just a few days and cleaned up well after themselves. The panels have helped to reduce our electric bill and I would highly recommend them.

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Toby Blades | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 03/30/2022

This was an excellent experience

Love Goldin Solar!! Love Having my System up and running. We got both solar panels and 2 Tesla Powerwalls. We interviewed about 5 other companies before we went with Goldin Solar. The sales team at Goldin was simply the BEST. All my questions were answered and I learned a lot about solar. We then went on to a Project manager who arranged on site evaluations and all sorts of permitting things. This is currently still a new idea for a lot of people, but going green with Goldin Solar is the best thing that we have done! I will recommend them to everyone!

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Solar In Delray | Delray Beach, Florida | 02/07/2022

Solar with Tesla Back up

Nothing but professional and wonderful experience, love these guys.

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Yesenia Adams | Miami, FL | 12/06/2021


The entire team are very professional and hard workers. Starting with Yesenia our star Project Manager, who did an amazing job updating us with every detail to the guys that installed the panels, came everyday to work with an excelente positive attitude. I still talked about how they were always on time.

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About Goldin Solar

Goldin Solar is Florida’s leading solar energy contractor with offices in Miami, Orlando, and Vero Beach.

We are committed to helping our customers produce their own electricity, in a less expensive manner than if they were to continue to purchase their electricity from their current power company; and to make sure that we install only the most reliable equipment, at the best possible price, so our customers can rest assured that they will be saving money, and the environment, for decades to come.

Our perspective is that a solar contracting company is the strongest when it can rely on a comprehensive background in engineering and construction management. Read more about some of our team members. This allows us to perform product selection, project engineering, and project delivery, not based on short-term industry trends, but based on the understanding of real science and engineering principles behind the product.

Our background has allowed us to optimize the construction project delivery process and product selection. We are dedicated to demonstrating the viability of solar by maintaining a lean operation to keep our costs down to pass on the savings to our customers and business partners.

By keeping our price low we are able to demonstrate that the solar systems we offer have a better cost performance the baseline utility. We take pride in offering the lowest costs while installing the highest quality systems with the best in class products. In our installations, our attention to detail and commitment to impeccable workmanship results in beautiful installations that our customers and business partners can take pride in and brag about.

Thus homeowners, commercial building owners, and our business partners have the ability to show off photos of the beautiful aesthetic that is solar PV energy, and clean energy continues to grow.

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Florida - Miami

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