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Updated: 24 June 2018

Installing solar since 2005

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Los tangeros de penuelas | Penuelas, Puerto Rico | 06/30/2018

Honest, reliable and knowledgeable crew

We are very impressed with the high degree of professionalism, knowledge and integrity this company have. Yamitza, Wilson and their crew of certified electricians and techs, guided us, answered questions and concerns from the beginning of the process, gave us orientation on what kind of systems we need it, etc. They were very honest, and gave us different choices of what kind of batteries, the minimum of solar panels we really need it, and interviewed us on our lifestyle and use of appliances, energy, so we got what we really need it. They also gave us advice on what appliance to replace short term and long term, understanding that one has to make and investment and that in the long term one will be saving money. Every time I talk with any of the Energy Fusion Crew, -including Yamitza and Wilson, I feel I am learning a lot about my energy consuming behavior, saving energy, and how to use the equipment to run smartly and efficiently. Una compania ayudando a los Puertorriquenos a ser independientes energeticamenete, con mentes talentosas puertoriquenas, honestidad y grand servicio. Siempre en comunicacion con nosotros y a tiempo en sus citas.

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Jaime Matta | Mercedita, Puerto Rico | 06/24/2018

Solar System by Fusion Energy

I have had a 5.6 kW photovoltaic system installed at my home for the last 6 months. The installation was done approximately 2 months after Hurricane Maria. I recommend without reservations Fusion Energy and the expertise of Ing. Wilson Ortiz and his staff. The system quoted had the best components, it was installed as scheduled and is working perfectly after six months. Fusion Energy has been around for many years, I called one of their first clients as part of my due diligence and decided not to get quotes from other companies. Having the support of Mr. Ortiz at all times to answer questions and troubleshoot technical issues is to make the biggest difference.

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Anonymous | Morovis, Puerto Rico | 03/27/2011

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Anonymous | San Juan, Puerto Rico | 01/02/2011

Installer provided follow up to see how were things working. Has continue follow up after one year of installation.<br />

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Anonymous | Hatillo, Puerto Rico | 07/10/2010

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Anonymous | Caguas, Puerto Rico | 08/13/2009

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Anonymous | Aguadilla, Puerto Rico | 05/07/2009

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Anonymous | Guayanilla, Puerto Rico | 04/27/2009

I have already recommended them to other people without any reservations, based on the excellent service provided by them.<br />

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Anonymous | Mayaguez, Puerto Rico | 03/21/2008

Our vacation home in Puerto Rico is not connected to the grid. In the past we had used a generator to provide power to the hoem. It was costly and noisy. We were worried about having a solar system that was big and economical enough to us. FEPINC has provided us with the best. We used the system this time and it functioned perfectly. We wre impressed with the professional way in which were treated and done in a timely manner and on budget. We will not hesitated to recommend this company to any of our friends.<br /><br />Thank you<br />Phil and Vicki Ramos<br />Our home is not on the grid so no utility permits or inspections were needed

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About Fusion Energy Planners

We analyze your specific situation to determine which system is better for you. Our systems comply with Puerto Rico's Net Metering program, Green Energy Fund, and Law 248 requirements. Moreover, we offer complete advice regarding energy conservation and efficient lighting. Installations are made by certified electricians and PV installers by Puerto Rico's State Office of Public Energy Policy and supervised by PE engineers.


Compañía de energía renovable en Puerto Rico, establecida en el año 2005. Diseño, venta e instalación de sistemas de energía fotovoltaica. Nos distingue el profesionalismo, conocimiento y experiencia. Especialistas en sistemas desconectados de la red, conectados a la red y sistemas de almacenaje de energía (battery backup).

Como diseñadores, estudiamos personalmente tu situación para recomendarte el mejor sistema. En estos momentos de dificultades energéticas en nuestro país, trabajamos rápida y eficientemente para brindarte soluciones reales y costo-efectivas. Utilizamos equipos de la mejor calidad y durabilidad en el mercado. Nuestros sistemas cumplen con todos los requisitos para el programa de Net Metering, Green Energy Fund y la Ley 248. Ofrecemos además completa información sobre conservación de energía e iluminaria eficiente. Nuestras instalaciones son realizadas por instaladores certificados por la Oficina Estatal de Política Pública Energética de Puerto Rico (OEPPE) y supervisadas por ingenieros licenciados.

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Puerto Rico - Lajas

Villa Anita Street #4, Lajas PR, 00667

Puerto Rico - Lajas

Villa Anita Street #4, Lajas PR, 00667


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