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Latest good review thumbs up

DK | Richmond, Texas | 01/31/2023

Sales Call

Our sales person was Philip Aninzo and he gave an excellent presentation, stuck to the facts and gave us three options, two of which were very good when compared to the competition. There was zero pressure and Philip could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. All in all, we were extremely pleased with the sales call and would recommend Philip and Freedom to anyone in search of a solar solution for their residence. D.Kinnaird Richmond Tx

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Jared | San Antonio, Texas | 11/28/2022

Paid for absolutely NOTHING

We signed up in September, nothing happened at all for 8 weeks. We tried to get status, nothing. Then we said we wanted to cancel, suddenly they had everything done and all the notes and annotations were "always there for us". We have had to speak with 4 different people to cancel, during which they kept claiming to do work to charge us for "work done" - none of which ever happened as far as I can prove. We still are not officially "cancelled" either, at least one more person we have to talk to. It asks for year installed, it never was installed.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hello Jared, we know how frustrating this can be and we apologize for the extended timeline due to the market's supply chain issues. We would like to escalate your concerns to our customer care team, but we need your first name, last name and email. Please contact if you have any questions in the meantime. Thank you.

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James Raankin | Fort Worth, Texas | 01/10/2023

Don't install a Tesla Power Wall

For the most part I have no issue with the solar installation that Freedom Solar did, but their system does not work with the Tesla Power Wall. I wouldn’t recommend that customers not use the Tesla Power Wall with Sunpower equipment. I have had 3 instances where Tesla (in their infinite wisdom) has disconnected my house from the Grid, due to (I was told) power out of specifications from ONCOR >250 volts. Tesla Power Wall help desk could not give me the specifics, they said it was proprietary, from Power Hub. They claimed their system disconnected me from the Grid, because it might damage the Power Wall. Sun Run may have a better marriage between their system and the Tesla Power Wall. I talked to a neighbor who lives approx. 3 blocks from me, he claimed that he has had no issues with being disconnected from the Power Grid due to power from ONCOR that is out of spec, so Sun Run may have solved the problem. Other Comments: 1. Original Proposal didn’t have the sales agents contact information. 2. The sales agent implied to me that he would provide project status every Monday, He didn’t, I had to ask for project status. 3. Freedom Power sent an email on 30 Nov 2021 for when they could visit to checkout the electrical panel (site assessment), I called the number listed 833-500-0014 and told them that time/date was acceptable. Then someone else called to verify an appointment afterward, on the night before the visit. 4. The plan for the installation was submitted by Freedom Solar directly to the HOA (which was good) however I had to ask for the plan from my sales agent, it should have been submitted to me, without me having to ask. 5. Sydney Turner asked for the HOA project approval, that I had already provided to my sales agent. Why didn’t the sales agent send it to Sydney? 6. City inspection of the installation: -Inspector found there wasn’t a ground for the installation. (Ground wire was cut by the meter and no ground stake could be found). -There was no problem with the solar panels being within 3’ of the roof ridge in accordance with 605., because there are no panels on the opposite slope. 7. The plan and the actual installation defeated the rain gutters above my garage door. I noticed it when we had snow, when it melted it slid off the panel directly on to my driveway. Rain also slides down the panels directly onto the driveway negating the gutters for that part of my roof. If I ever have to replace my roof I will reinstall the panels on my roof landscape instead of portrait, and locate them 18” downslope to reduce the wind load on the panels. (I’m worried about ice off the panels and people walking out my garage door.)

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi James - thank you for reaching out about your concerns. We take your feedback seriously and want our customers to have the best experience when going solar. We are going to implement your comments to improve our process, and we apologize you didn’t have a completely seamless project. & Please email if you have any questions.

Eric | Georgetown, Texas | 01/05/2023

Very seamless process. Everything was done online and via video chat for initial setup. System is working great and I am able to monitor my usage to better understand how I can save money on electric bills.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi Eric, Congrats on going solar! We're so happy to hear that we did such a great job making sure that your solar experience was a positive one from start to finish. Thank you for choosing Freedom Solar!

Shawn | Broomfield, Colorado | 12/31/2022

Solar production has become my new Fantasy sport

Freedom solar installed my SunPower panels and they work as expected. In retrospect I should have put 2 additional panels on but as they are extensible that will eventually occur. Freedom solar's install process was a bummer. It took longer than expected and multiple trips were required to get the panels correct. I don't know if it was the time of year Dec/Jan as I watched my neighbor sign up for install 2 months after me and have their panels operational at about the same time. The SunPower panels on the other hand are fun to watch and analyze.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi Shawn, thank you for the great review! We apologize for the delays with installing. Our goal is to offer you a great experience from installation all the way through to any service needs you may have, over the course of your 25-year solar warranty. We want to make it right by you so I am escalating your account to our customer care team.

Mohammed Hasham | Durham, North Carolina | 12/20/2022

Very happy with the Freedom solar power service. Thank you

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi, Mohammed. We are so glad that you had a great experience with us. Thank you for taking the time to leave us your review!

Jennifer Orr | Austin, Texas | 12/08/2022


Our system was easy to get financed and installed. We received rebates without having to lift a finger. In my opinion, it took too long for the city and freedom solar to get it inspected and up and running. I realize that may be more on the city, but there was also some confusion on who was tracking what with Freedom Solar. That said, I found Spencer with Freedom Solar to always be responsive and we are now very happy with our system.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi, Jennifer. Congrats on going solar! We're so happy to hear that Spencer did such a great job making sure that your solar experience was a positive one from start to finish. Thank you for choosing Freedom!

Happy Solar Customer | Angleton, Texas | 11/15/2022

Great, Great and Great!

Freedom Solar was great to work with from start to finish. Every step, including delays from pandemic shortages, they walked with me, guided me and offered sound advice. I never felt I was "sold" or pushed. They answered what I wanted to know and made sure I understood all my options and their implications. Installation was great. Crew were courteous and knowledgeable. Follow up with paperwork with various agencies was covered by the Freedom Solar team and they kept me informed. I'm super happy with the product and process.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hey there, we're so glad that you had a great experience with us! Congrats on going solar! Our goal is to offer you a great experience from installation all the way through to any service needs you may have, over the course of your 25-year solar warranty. We look forward to continuing to exceed your expectations!

Sung Hwang | San Antonio, Texas | 11/11/2022

Stay Away from Freedom Solar

Installation was okay. Just the installation was acceptable. Anything after installation, you are in for a serious long and excruciating pain dealing with Freedom Solar. NOT one person on the phone or who shows up to your house knows what is going on nor do they sound competent. They failed twice on CPS commisioning which delayed the remaining process of getting the panels to start providing power to home but after 3rd inspection, I had to follow up and begged to move on to next step. Once the commisioning is over, apparently, the monitoring devs needs to get commissioned as well. This process just sat with no progression until I started to call and constantly question why I am not able to verify the solar activity. This process alone took numerous calls and weeks and I'm still dealing with it. I have been calling Freedom Solar and Sunpower and their story never lines up. I don't know how great the panels are but oh boy.....the app the the monitoring device is just a garbage product. The techs from Freedom Solar is garbage and unprofessional and the call tech support is another level below the technicians who installs and configures. Started this whole install process since June and now hitting mid November and I still need to call them everyday and they give absolutely zero care. If you don't mind spending big chunk of money for service like this, by all means go for it. If not, go find different company. I'm not sure how this company has so many good reviews. Never again, will I ever get solar from this company or refer this horrible company to anyone I know.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hello Sung, I'd like to apologize for your experience and thank you for alerting us about these issues. We know how frustrating delays can be and we apologize for the extended timeline due to supply chain challenges. We've looked into your account and know that you have been in contact with our customer support team to resolve some of these questions and to ensure your SunPower monitoring system is operating perfectly. Our goal is to offer you a great experience from installation all the way through to any service needs you may have, over the course of your 25-year solar warranty, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations going forward.

JT Sherrard | Denton, Texas | 11/02/2022

Don't let the sun go down on me....

"Don't let the sun go down on me" those famous lyrics from Sir Elton John were exactly what I was hoping from my new solar system from Freedom Solar Power. Unfortunately, the sun has definitely set and I am wishing I had never utilized them for my service. The problems started nearly from the beginning. My Salesperson John Slavik did a great job of presenting the materials and stats he was provided by his company. His presentation swayed me to utilize FSP when I was still skeptical about going solar. I only wish I had stayed with my skepticism of it. After I signed the contract, it took nearly three months to get the system up and running. Numerous delays in "permits" as I was told, then incompetent installations by FSP electricians, including wiring put in backwards, followed by more issues because things weren't done correctly for the City of Denton to switch over. If that was all that was wrong, I wouldn't be writing this review, but unfortunately that is just the beginning. There was absolutely ZERO training on understanding how the system works. I had a Tesla Power Wall installed and when it wasn't operating correctly, FSP who sold me on the fact they were my only needed point of contact for issues because they manufacturer their equipment. Well, not exactly. The Tesla Power Wall wasn't charging so I called FSP about it. I was then told they didn't have any information on it and I would have to call Tesla and provided me a number. After 45 minutes on hold, I was told the number isn't the right department and was sent to the correct department, where you guessed it, another 45 minutes on hold. Then I was told their system was working correctly, it was FSP who hooked up the wiring wrong. So, after calling FSP back and having to make a threat to climb up on my roof and tear their system off of it, I was told someone was on their way to fix the issue. Several hours later, the problem was solved and again, it was an improper install by their electricians. Again, did the nightmare end ... NOPE. I was told when I signed my contract that my cost for solar would basically be a wash from my electric bill and that I would see savings during the winter months. Well, that wasn't the case. My electric bill is still running $200 after only a $90 reduction due to my solar install. Add in the $100+ cost of the solar per month and I am paying more for solar than I was for City of Denton electricity. So, either they didn't calculate the proper size of my system or something isn't installed correctly because I am definitely not getting the "wash" I was told I would on the cost. At this point I have contacted the State of Texas Regulatory Commission, State Licensing Board, Better Business Bureau and an attorney. My goal will be to go after their business license as well as having their system removed from my property, roof replaced from the damage caused by it, and end the nightmare that I wish I had never started.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: JT, thank you for alerting us to your concerns. We take your feedback seriously, and we'd like to apologize that your experience did not meet your expectations. We have escalated your concerns within our team, and we will be reaching out to you directly in an effort to address your issues. If you have any questions in the meantime, please email us and we will jump to help.

Jfish | Winter Haven, Florida | 10/27/2022

Excellent Solar Offering

I researched solar companies and discovered FREEDOM SOLAR to be the best option for SOLAR POWER. Excellent engineering, customer service, informative low pressure sales engineer.

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: We are so glad to hear about your great experience with the team! We appreciate your business, congrats on going solar!

Rita Trivedi | Hudson, Florida | 10/26/2022

Freedom Solar/ Sunpower

Justin, Agon, Wendy and team are remarkable !!!!!!! Starting with their Quote, Holding hand during whole process, their workmanship, getting the job done, cleanliness, Respect and integrity!!!! This will be the best decision I made with no out of pocket expenses

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Reply from Sunpower by Freedom Solar Power: Hi, Rita. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! We're so happy that you enjoyed your experience and that we were able to meet all your expectations. Thanks for being part of the Freedom Solar family!

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