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Vivian Vejar | Perris, California | 03/09/2023

We appreciate Micayla!

Hello, Micayla has made the entire process very easy. Always communicated with us throughout the process, answered our questions, updated us on any changes on a timely matter and would even check in on us through our application waiting period. Due to the constant interaction I was never frustrated, trusted the people involved in the project and overall felt very comfortable. Tha k you very much for your knowledge and support through the installation process!

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Robert Via | Altamonte Springs, Florida | 01/27/2023

Do not evn think about using this company

In January 2022 I contracted with this company to install solar panels on my roof. I was under the assumption that I would get the correct panels with the layout/design as agreed upon. Three months later they came to install the panels on my roof. Without my knowledge they had changed the LG panels that I had contracted for to Jinko panels. and had re-designed the layout/design of the panels on my roof. I contracted Current home and Urban Solar to ask why these changes were made. There answer was that the LG panels were not avaiable as they had closed the manufacturing plant in Georiga. However, they are still listing them as available on their website. The LG panels were a better quality panel with a higher kw./per month production out put than the Jinko panels. Also, they told me the layout of the panels had to be changed to meet building codes. I argued with this company for over 5 months, two failed inspections and there refusal to compensate me for the lesser quality panel. It then took Duke (our power company to approve the agreement. Finally, the system was activated on October 15th. My orignal power bill from Duke had been running 2700 kw/per month. I was told that with these panels I should only be paying aprox, $100.00 per month instead of the $407.00 before.. Since the activation i have had to pay Duke over $250.00 per month and the fiance company for the panels $200 per month. Thats $450.00 dollars per month which is $150 more than what I was told I would be paying. Since all of this has happened I can not get Current Home or Urban solar to address these issues. They keep saying that the roof is shaded, but they were told not to put panels where the roof was shaded. This is an ongoing battle, but I highly stress that you refrain from contracting Current Home or Urban Solar to provide solar panels for your home. If you do, you do so at your own risk!

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Valerie McKinley | Rialto, California | 03/06/2023

Current Home is the Best

My husband and I purchased our first home. Current Home provided us quality and affordability to convert to solar. Justina helped us through every step of the way. She answered all of our questions . Justina is so professional and nice. Current home took care of our needs. Thank you!

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DarrenO_ | Corona, California | 02/16/2023

Difficult process made easier

Current Home is a good company that has a team of knowledgeable people to help with the whole process of getting solar installed into the home. They take care of pretty much everything that is within their purview. Amiah L. was especially helpful in managing the project. She was very communicative, quick to respond, professional, and knew all the processes to get the jobs done. There were so many steps that needed to be completed and she walked me through it all with no fuss! I recommend going through her to get the job done.

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Vega Perez | Orlando, Florida | 02/01/2023

Saving money has never been easier!

Back in February of 2022 me and my wife were noticing that the electric bills were getting way out of hand with the cost so, we decided to go the solar route. We did see a few different companies for bids... Sunrun, Lumio, Maraki... but a lot of them were just looking to get a sale out of us. They didn't really ask about our desires or our goals for the house and pretty much said "Here's the panels and here's the numbers... sign here." It didn't sit right with us. But then, we had the Current Home solar sit with us and it was phenomenal! They were very specific with what they planned to do, went over what our goals were, and set us up with a system that was perfect for us. We have a 3000 sqft house so we needed a nice big 25KW and even though Current Home did come in a little higher than competition, we decided to go with them because of their excellent service and their sales reps are ALWAYS on top of it. We never went without getting checked up on, it almost felt like having a stellar waiter at a 5-star restaurant. Give these guys a call if you want no-nonsense, to the point, custom-built goodness.

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Auberto | Beaumont, California | 01/10/2023

Amiah was a wonderful person to work with. She was giving update for every step, the way that waiting wasn't stressful. I knew with her that she was in charge. Communication being a key in business, I think Amiah was the key to unlock my project. I cannot thank her enough for being patient with people like me who are not english native speakers.

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Luis M | Temecula, California | 12/05/2022

Finally got our system up and running. Took little over a year for our system to get operational but was no fault of CurrentHome. Most of it was due to battery back order. Worked with Justina and Melanie who did a great job at keeping me updated and the CEO who was kind enough to give us a compensation for the time it took.

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Leo | Moreno Valley, California | 12/03/2022

Customer Service

During my expansion of 11 panels I had Heaven from Current Home as my main contact. She was very courteous and knowledgeable as to what the process would be like. She would communicate with me via phone, text messages, and email. She kept me up to date with any and all updates. Very satisfied with her customer service skills.

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Bryan | Rialto, California | 11/27/2022

I would give this company five stars but I am giving it four due to the lack of communication on Joe's end. He promised me couple of things such as the the way my system will be installed, the date it would be installed, and when he would get back to me. He failed to call me back. I had to learn to use the app myself because he wouldn't answer. He told me he would show up to my house when all of this was set, but he didn't. I had friends and relatives who were interested in installing solar panels but they lost interest because of Joe wouldn't get back to me to give them more information and potentially putting on solar panels with current home and receiving a signing bonus. I do not recommend working with Joe, but current home is great. The process took about three months only because I personally had to repair my roof. After that, it took about a month in a half for the blue prints to be drawn out and another month to get it installed and obtain the permission to operate (solar panels installation only took one day). Heaven was definitely extremely helpful during this process. She would answer all my questions, call me, and text me even when she was off the clock, including holidays and weekends. Her dedication was highly appreciated. She deserves a raise! HEAVEN 5 STARS!!!! Will update my review once it's been a year on how much I saved and spent going solar with current home.

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TWoods | Wildomar, California | 11/22/2022


We had the best experience with Current Home. Between Conner and Amiyah Landin, everything went off without a hitch. Conner was very thorough in explaining everything to us to the point I feel like I could sell solar lol, and Amiyah kept us in the loop about everything from beginning to end. They were both amazing and I am so happy we went with Current Home, and that Amiyah was our project manager.

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Omar Sanchez | San Bernardino, California | 11/01/2022

Solar panel

Current home is a great company,good communication, everything on time , thanks to Victoria she was in charge during the process,

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Robert Malonzo | Menifee, California | 11/01/2022

Hassle-Free Installation

Current Home matched competitors’ prices when it came to solar. So far, it has cut down our monthly electricity cost to 33% of what it was. Their representatives are informative and friendly, and I can tell they take good care of their employees.

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