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Marie N | Madison, Wisconsin | 06/14/2021

Super knowledgeable

We picked Arch to install our solar after shopping around quite a bit. We choose them because they (Stanley specifically) answered my many questions with detail, patience, and was very knowledgeable. There was no pressure like with other companies we got quotes from. Crew was efficient and courteous during installation. There was a small problem with our internet setup connecting with the monitoring system when it was turned on but they came out quickly & had it resolved soon.

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Skyrangerx5 | Stoughton, Wisconsin | 03/31/2021

Professional Installation and Collaboration

I picked Arch Electric because they represented themselves transparently, with a no pressure approach. The crew that installed the panels on my roof went to work, in the snow no less, with diligence and direction. The end product is producing power nicely and I'm pleased with the whole package. I highly recommend Arch Electric to folks looking into to going solar.

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Martha | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 03/25/2021

The Arch Electric team was great

A friend of mine had Arch Electric install his solar panels. He had a very positive experience. I talked to three different companies when I was deciding on my installation. Arch was very knowledgeable about the panels, the installation process and what to expect along the way. I appreciated how thoughtful they were in explaining everything. Their installation team, led by Dennis, were great at getting the job done right. I'd recommend connecting with Arch Electric if you are considering solar.

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Mark D | Waterford, Wisconsin | 01/30/2021

Arch Electric did a great job on our home solar installation

We chose Arch Electric because their proposal was clear and concise while including all the relevant information. The panels they use are highly rated. The panel layout was right for our home and the cost per system size was better than the rest in part because the layout was smarter than other companies proposed.

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mbottum | East Troy, Wisconsin | 01/29/2021

Streamlined, Turn-key Installation

Arch worked with us to design and install our system. They took care of tax rebate applications, as well as scheduling and managing both building and utility inspections. Arch kept us up to date on the job progress, and was always available for questions or additional information. Overall this has been a very enjoyable and transparent experience.

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Zieroth Residential Ground Solar | Brookfield, Wisconsin | 12/11/2020

Great company! Professional, reliant and experienced!

Arch Electric is very competent in their entity with solar install and production. We initially had difficulties with communication with one staff person, but Angie was quick to jump in and assist in answering any questions we had. She was excellent with follow through. The project was postponed for two months, only to find out it was due to the need for an updated survey, requested by the City of Brookfield, which was not anticipated. Once the survey was completed, communication happened regularly and all aspects of the install began. Our decision to go with Arch Electric was from their first impressions. Angie was very respectful on the first call, did not assume and treated us as knowledgeable potential clients with minimal sales pressure. We had another bid from a competitor (Sun Badger Solar) who was the exact opposite, talking down and only addressing the conversations to my husband. Even though we BOTH were FT employees in our careers and partners in marriage, spending "our money" was something I felt should include me in the decision making and negotiations process. Being in middle management in healthcare for half my career, I consider myself an intelligent person. Once the install team arrived, they ALL were very respectful, personable, professional and quite fun to have around. It was good to see a young group of guys clean up after themselves, work as a team and communicate with us if any anticipated noise level was expected or a timeframe when the power needed to be out for a bit. They always left the property cleaned up as it was, when they first arrived. We upgraded the amperage and had an outlet installed for the anticipation of need for an electric car, thinking progressively. They also drug a hose, along with the underground tubing that they put the wires through, so we could have an extension of water access for our garden and flower beds, an added plus! We have already received the rebate from Focus on Energy and look forward to the positive outcome it will have on our taxes next year. The Enphase app on our phones are quite fun to follow, to see when the production is higher or lower. Our install was in mid August, ending with the final approval by WE Energies on Sept.12th. Thank goodness we were blessed with a lot of sun this past month and a half, as it has significantly decreased our energy bill on the electric side already! Made up for the 2 month delay at the beginning (again, not Arch Electric's fault). Thanks for a great experience in something that was more my husband's goal than mine...:) For pictures, check the Google review we posted. Do not hesitate to contact Arch will be glad you did!

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UWBadgerfan2003 | Oregon, Wisconsin | 12/02/2020

Top notch sales, service, and support! Ask for Stanley!

After receiving quotes and going through a thorough review of 8 companies who do solar installs in the Madison area, we selected ARCH Electric as our vendor of choice and are super glad we did. First off, our sales rep, Stanley, was amazing. He was patient as I asked many questions and very responsive in tweaking the quotes to my requirements (1st star). He wasn't pushy at all, something that I had to deal with from about 50% of the other companies. Once I had a final proposal, the Arch Electric one fell in the middle regarding assumptions around our predicted system output and on the lower side in regards to cost. After 3 months of generation, I can say we have over-produced vs. the predictions (2nd star). In regards to the installation, Arch had completed the install 2 weeks before we were promised (3rd star), and when I noticed a problem during the install, Arch came back a second day to make sure I was 100% pleased, and did so with a smile on their face (4th star). I can also speak to their post-install service and support in that we had a microinverter fail (no fault of Arch's). After informing Stanley of this, Arch was back to our house within 1 week to get our system back up and running at full capacity (5th star). The fact that they have their own staff of techs really benefited us in this case. Beyond that, I also wanted to comment on one of the other major reasons I chose Arch, and that was the technology/quality they offer in their panels. In doing my research, the REC Solar Alpha series panels are market-leading for the latest technology, highest efficiency, and degradation guarantee. You can only find similar performance with Panasonic or LG panels but the REC panels come at a much lower cost. I recommend you do your research into panels when comparing quotes. This was a big differentiator for me. If you are looking at solar for your home, do yourself a favor and make sure you include Arch Electric in your evaluation. You'll be glad you did.

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Kathleen | Malone, Wisconsin | 11/30/2020

Excellent service

Although we wanted solar panels for our home, we were in the dark about how to go about it. Arch Electric assisted us in acquiring solar panels for our home---estimates, scheduling, installation, inspections, paperwork... and communicated clearly throughout the process. Each person we dealt with from the company was efficient, clean, timely, supportive and professional. Everything was as expected or better. We are very, very satisfied!

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Blake | Blue Mounds, Wisconsin | 08/20/2020

Excellent Work

Arch Electric installed our roof mounted system and we began generating solar power on June 24th. We had designed the house to eventually go to solar, including conduit for the electrical cabling, so the install only took about 7 hours. Arch handled the paperwork and we have already received our FOCUS ON ENERGY rebate check. Great experience all around.

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MikeT | Grafton, Wisconsin | 03/23/2020

Follow through above and beyond

A successful solar project brings together people with a large number of different skill sets. Arch Electric certainly did a great job technically. But I was even more impressed by Dan Steinhardt's ability to connect with all the agencies and organizations to ensure we got the maximum rebate for our project. Dan knew all the players and acted as our advocate to ensure all the government paperwork went smoothly. When we had questions, he was always quick to reply. Customer service really sets Arch Electric apart.

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Eric J | Milwaukee, Wisconsin | 03/09/2020

very happy with service

Arch installed our solar system through the City of Milwaukee program. They were always responsive and prompt. Very happy with the work and the service

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