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Mike | Monroeville, Pennsylvania | 04/06/2022

Panel Installation

They were remarkably easy to work with. The overall process from when they did their initial site visit in late December to when the system was installed on April 4th they contact me about once every week to let me know where they were in the process and always responded to any questions I had the same day. Most of this time was spent with them working with my local electric company and city to obtain the permits, I did not need to do any of this. On installation day they came out and it took them about 6 hours to do all of the physical installation work (5.11 kWh system), the inspection was done the following day and then the next day my electric company came out and installed the net meter and the system went live. I would work with them again on any future projects.

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Jose Valle | Yucaipa, California | 07/29/2022

terrible experience - bait and switch - unprofessional

Terrible experience with this outfit. Under guise and deception of doing credit check, I signed contract not knowing, shame on me. I guess it is common practice for some as this happened concurrently with another solar provider to me while I was quoting solar, two contracts at same time!!! After realizing that I had a contract, I explained the situation and the fun began. An unprofessional manager, DJ of La Mirada, not only hung on me twice informed that I owed $2500! DJ proceeded to threaten me to raise amount to $10,000 if I do not pay the $2500. Also threatened to place lien on my house. Received a call from a Ryan at this company, Ryan also hung up on me, called back to talk to Ryan to be told that there is no Ryan at this company. Roof surveyor was late, no notice. For a disabled veteran with one income, $2500 is alot of money!!! Glad for people with positive experiences and wish I could say the same. There are much better options out there, comparing apples to apples. Shop around and I do recommend POWUR. BUYER BEWARE!!!

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Cathy | Banks, Arkansas | 07/29/2021

I think that they do not tell the truth.

personally, I wish we had never heard of them!!!!

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Jerry | Plainview, Texas | 04/22/2021

Maybe Covid???

We found this company online. We were super interested in investing in solar panels. We wanted to do our part for the environment and lower our electric rates. However, it took over a year to get them completely installed. We wanted to update our breaker box as well. It took the electricians a total of five non consecutive days to complete their part. In my opinion, when you come to do a job you complete it instead of dragging it out. I don't think that was the electricians fault. We went through three reps. That's why it took so long. Their communication was lacking. We were completely frustrated at that point. I wouldn't mind giving an update in the future to see if its really worth it. Maybe covid cause some of the issues? Either way I'd like to wait six months and give another review. Who knows maybe I can give them five stars down the road.

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Tomeeika dixon | Fayetteville, North Carolina | 04/09/2021


This is tomeeika dixon. American stream solar was awsome to work with and pedro martinez was also great to work with

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Vanterry &Nancy Joseph | Tifton, Georgia | 04/02/2021

America Stream Solar is an incredible team, very Professional .

America Stream Solar is an incredible team and just overall good people , we couldn't be any happier with the service we received from this company . Awesome benefits as well , like up to $500 electric bill payed while equipment being installed , to the $10000 rebate you get after it's setup and a $500 referral for anyone who goes solar with this company, HIGHLY RECOMMEND AMERICA STREAM SOLAR

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Chuck Hurlbrink | Kannapolis, North Carolina | 03/10/2021

American Stream Solar made going green easy

I would recommend American Stream Solar because they put customer satisfaction first. My project had many challenges such as permit delays due to Covid-19 and homeowner association restrictions, but their staff didn't make excuses, they found solutions. They made going green easy and I couldn't be happier with the money I am saving every month on my energy bills. Chuck Hurlbrink Homeowner North Carolina

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Daniel | Saint Simons Island, Georgia | 03/02/2021

Found the company to be open. honest and they seem to care.

Searched many companies and even though we did business from west coast to us on the east coast, everything went well. They arranged an installer from our general area and the installation went well. The equipment was top notch and with 18 panels and a top of the line battery back up, we are up and running.

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Cory Franklin | Modesto, California | 01/31/2021

Terrible support, do not buy from this company.

Initially I discussed at length with American Stream Solar's salesperson (Shafiq) my desire to reduce my utility bill as much as possible. He said he would sell me a system that does that. Proceeded to have a $16,500 system installed. My utility bills did not come down at all. I called support and "Pedro" said to send copies of the utility bills. Nothing happened. I called and emailed for support for 3 months trying to get my monitoring link so I could see what was being produced... no response. Finally I obtained my monitoring link (from the installation subcontractor, not American Stream), and discovered my system was producing about 30-50% of what I was promised I would get. Multiple weekly calls and emails to support... no response. I finally contacted the Contractor's Licensing Board and the BBB, that's when they discovered that my contract with American Stream Solar states "We make no representation or warranty about the kilowatt our generation of your System..." which lets them off the hook. Even though I still believe my inverter may be defective, they use this disclaimer to avoid the in-person system inspection I requested. What good is their 10-year warranty if support will not return calls or emails? DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, they don't engineer their solar systems to the customer's expressed needs, and they do not care about after-the-sale support AT ALL.

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Carl & Connie Hatton | Hillister, Texas | 06/13/2020


Is it strange that the only reviews are at least 2 years old? I had American solar come out, give us an estimate, they listed all of the benefits that we would receive by the savings on our electric bill. They quick to get us signed up, quick to install, quick to get our electric company to install a new meter, was told we could even monitor our savings online.(but no one could tell us how to log on and view it)etc. Then we waited to see the savings. AND WAITED AND WAITED,....We called them , explained our problems, they said they would send someone out to test our system. They came and said there was an error reading and now everything should be okay. Again I asked how I coould go online to monitor...(they would get back with me) saving showing up on energy bill. This continued until evidently they got tired of me calling and sent more people out to check unit. Again, an error reading, card put in...then we waited, waited...again someone came out and FINALLY someone could tell me how to get on to the monitoring system......Out of the 16 months that we have had solar panels, it did not produce ANY for 8 of those months, very little for 4 of those months and 4 months that were between 300k and 400k.. The very best month saved me $8.05 a month (Now mind you I have to pay $73.00 per month FOR THE PANELS.....So, IS IT WORTH IT? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!

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Stewart-Z | Lakewood, California | 12/07/2018

great experience

I showed interest in a solar system for my home and American Stream Solar quickly responded to help me on my search. They talked me through the process and benefits of solar. Their customer service/sales team was such a pleasure to speak and work with. They even took care of calling my elec company to get the info we all needed to design the proper system. after receiving cost and savings information from American Stream Solar, i started to shop around, more! their pricing and financing was very competitive. Although i havent pulled the trigger since I still need to talk this through with my wife, the professionalism and how comfortable they made me feel, i will definitely give my business to them. Hope to sign with them next week!

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Zaana | Fullerton, California | 02/28/2018

Very Good

Did amazing job. Very professional and reasonably priced. I would recomend this company.

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