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Latest good review thumbs up

Shana Gorski | Studio City, California | 01/24/2023

Great Experience

I found out about AMECO through online research. I decided to go with them. Everyone I worked with was as thorough as they come and extremely knowledgeable. I had two crews for installation. The first crew reroofed a portion of my existing roof. From the get-go I would receive daily updates from the project manager. He always called to keep me posted about the progress after the crew left for the day. I am very knowledgeable about home construction and when they were finished with the installation I would never have known that they were there at all. They were very clean and I am very happy with the work that they did. The crew that installed my solar panels was also very professional. I asked them lots of questions and they patiently answered everything and took time to explain how everything works. I 100% recommend AMECO

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Nick L | Rancho Cucamonga, California | 11/24/2022

Good at first, then the problems started.

They are not c39 or solar licensed with CSLB. My solar was installed by them on Aug 2021. I had no idea this was the case because frankly, I am a first time homeowner and their salesperson (Robert Sarai) who worked for them for 4 years at that time was excellent. The last two time it’s rained since the installation, I started to notice water marks on the ceiling. At first it was a small mark I so assumed it was something I simple never noticed. Then the 6 inch watermark/ ceiling damage became about 2 feet in diameter this past Oct 2022. The damaged area is directly below the solar panel and installation area. I decided to contact them to come by and they send someone out. I wasn’t home and had a neighbor come over. The person who came appears to be a subcontractor who related information to the company. They started moving the panels around without asking and also went into the attic to check. They denied anything was wrong with the installation and said the damage was not from them. They failed to mentioned that their was a broken panel. As soon as I got home, I went onto the roof to check and noted that their were multiple roof tiles that were poorly repaired around the solar area. I also noted 5-10 nails around and under the solar. I bought the house in Aug 2019 and all broken tiles were replaced. This was checked by our inspection guy. The last people to be on the roof were the Ameco solar team, so clearly they had broken these tiles. Also, I realized because I had a been on the roof or had anyone check their work, there idd as no way for me to know if the broken solar panel was there from the beginning. I asked ameco solar to send me a quote for the leak and panel repair and they sent me a quote for a full re-roof, $49,979 and said the panel would cost $1000 if done with the reroof, if not it’s $1750. Basically, they are unwilling to take ownership of the roof leak and broken panel. I’ve had three other quotes for the repair and was quoted less than a tenth of the cost from c39 licensed roofers. Ameco solar according to the CSLB are B and C10 licensed (general contractor and electrical). Unlike a company like Sunrun, ameco does not have c39 or solar licenses. Imagine that a solar company that does not have a license specializing in solar and in roofing. Wow. I can’t believe I trusted them to do work on my roof! You live, you learn. I am still awaiting for this situation to resolve and hope in the meantime, it doesn’t rain, so that my ceiling and attic doesn’t continue to be damaged from the leak!

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linda khols | Paramount, California | 12/11/2022

They did an amazing job on my solar panels, the process was faster than I expected and I love my solar panels!! They were nice and very helpful and made the process super smooth.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Linda, thank you for sharing your AMECO experience. Fast, smooth, and effective service is what we aim for when meeting our customers' needs, and happy to hear you're satisfied with the outcome.

Dan H. | Long Beach, California | 11/04/2022

Ameco installed our 8kw system earlier this year. Great communication and they installed the system in a day. They used a sub contractor for the actua install, but all went well.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for your feedback, Dan. We're happy to hear your needs are properly met and always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

JH | Morgan Hill, California | 11/01/2022

Completely Inept and unresponsive

Contracted 6/22/22. Took until 10/13/22 to pass inspection. Made 4 trips to site to install, each time the crew showed up without the necessary parts so they had to come back again. Destroyed the concrete tile on my roof. The installers were in fact subcontractors qualified to do electrical work but not roofing. Ameco did not advise that they were going to use a subcontractor. After inspection and final pmt. on 10/13/22 Ameco failed to get the Permission To Operate certificate from PGE leaving me with an inoperable system. Ameco also failed to set up the Enphase app leaving me unable to monitor my system and see if is working as specified. Ameco also has failed to repair the window broken during installation as of 10/31/22. My conclusion is that Ameco is unprofessional, unqualified and untrustworthy.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback, JH. We're here to ensure your needs are properly met and tried to contact you several times to discuss your concerns. Please let us know what time best works for you so we can reach out to you.

Roy | Rancho Santa Margarita, California | 10/21/2022

Ameco Solar

I was connected with AMECO through the SoCal Edison Marketplace partner Electrum. The project manager, Angie, kept me informed with regular updates from start to finish. The installation did a great job and answered all my questions about the installation, they also did a great of clean-up afterwards, which was much appreciated, Very happy with results and would recommend them to anyone considering a solar installation.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Roy, we really appreciate your feedback. Our team is here to ensure you get the needed assistance from A to Z, and we're happy to hear you liked your AMECO experience.

Danny Coorsh | La Canada Flintridge, California | 10/12/2022

Smooth and on-time project!

I was connected with AMECO through the SoCal Edison Marketplace partner Electrum. Everyone I worked with at AMECO was reliable and friendly. The project manager, Angie, kept me informed with regular updates as my project worked its way through planning, city permitting, installation, and utility approval. We are very happy with results and would recommend them to anyone considering a solar installation.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Danny, thank you for trusting us and sharing your AMECO experience. We're here to make your solar journey smooth and stress-free, and our team is happy to hear you got your needs properly met.

K. Walsh | Wrightwood, California | 09/21/2022

Ameco Solar - I would recommend!

After interviewing six solar companies, we purchased our solar system (not a lease) from Ameco. From our initial sales call with Thomas, to the prompt & polite follow up emails with answers to our many questions, to the installers, and to the final emails, instructions and calls with Angie, everything went very well. Ameco matched the price of a competitor we were considering, and moved as quickly as they could to get everything handled. It can feel like a slow process as you wait for permits, inspections, and Edison to turn it on - but our system was complete within the estimated time frame. We've only been connected to Edison for about 2 weeks, but so far so good! I would recommend this company for Solar.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for your feedback, K. Walsh. The AMECO team is always there to ensure your needs are met properly, and we're happy to hear you liked your experience with us.

Ameco Terrible | Pasadena, California | 09/15/2022

Terrible; Fails to Produce Suff Energy, Warranty Ignored

Awful, nightmare. Started this July 2021, broken promises, refusal to honor warranty, unprofessional, energy production promised but unmet. Told that panels would cover my year's electricity, in full. Only covers 1/2 to 2/3. Energy production suddenly drops by 50%. Call Ameco, given excuses, useless info, refuses repeated requests to send out tech to examine, resolve. Told nope, but we can sell you more panels. Feel totally ripped off, abandoned. Took so long to install, started this July, installed end of Dec. Their main tech speaks nary a word of English, so never knew what was happening. The "project manager" never even came to my house. When finally installed and ready to activate, they made me, disabled guy w/ cane, with no knowledge of this stuff, go out, push buttons, levers, etc, and of course, didn't work properly. So unprofessional. Now I'm screwed, paying monthly on $29,000 loan for about 15 yrs, with a system that isn't working and Ameco has basically told me to go screw myself. Heartless. Cruel.

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Theresa Nguyen | Paramount, California | 08/18/2022


The solar panel is incredibly simple to schedule and install. I purchased a wonderful solar panel for an affordable rate. The installation process was quick and simple. The staff service was outstanding. They walked me through the pricing thoroughly.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Theresa, we're happy you're satisfied with your AMECO experience. Our team is here to ensure you get the best solution meeting your needs most effectively, and we're always ready to assist you.

Barney Stinson | Santa Ana, California | 08/17/2022

It was a great experience working with them. 10/10

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Barney, thank you for your feedback. We're happy you enjoyed your AMECO experience and looking forward to assisting you further with any questions you may have.

Nicole | Paramount, California | 08/10/2022

They gave amazing service and the employees were very helpful. When I had questions, I received very quick responses and was never left waiting. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for solar and roofing!

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Nicole, we appreciate your feedback. Our team is always there to assist you. Thank you for recommending us.

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48 Years of Solar & Roofing Experience Matters: AMECO is the solar and roofing contractor you can trust when looking for high-quality and cost-effective solar energy solutions for your home or business. We partner with the industry's bests, so your system operates effectively, and you make the most of your solar journey. Being a family-owned business, our knowledgeable employees understand the importance of a relationship. AMECO team takes care of all the processes, from designing the solar array and installing the system to pulling permits, arranging the inspection, filing rebate and incentive paperwork, as well as continuously monitoring the system and ensuring it is up and running as expected.


In the end, we want to ensure that you are happy enough to recommend our services.

We are here so that your profits will no longer disappear by paying your energy bills. Instead, our innovative approach will help you increase your savings and, at the same time, reduce your ecological footprint. On top of that, AMECO prioritizes the long-lasting energy production of your system and has a list of comprehensive equipment, production, and labor warranties, which you can learn more about on our website.

To make quality solar affordable for everyone, AMECO Solar & Roofing offers the options to purchase, loan, or lease your solar installation, so you choose the one that fits your budget and needs. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will help you figure out what system solutions and financing options work best for you.

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