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K. Walsh | Wrightwood, California | 09/21/2022

Ameco Solar - I would recommend!

After interviewing six solar companies, we purchased our solar system (not a lease) from Ameco. From our initial sales call with Thomas, to the prompt & polite follow up emails with answers to our many questions, to the installers, and to the final emails, instructions and calls with Angie, everything went very well. Ameco matched the price of a competitor we were considering, and moved as quickly as they could to get everything handled. It can feel like a slow process as you wait for permits, inspections, and Edison to turn it on - but our system was complete within the estimated time frame. We've only been connected to Edison for about 2 weeks, but so far so good! I would recommend this company for Solar.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

B Crowell | Fullerton, California | 04/12/2022

bizarre behavior

I've dealt with Ameco twice, once in 2007 and once in 2022. If this had been based only on the 2007 experience, I would have given the company a four- or five-star review, but today, I think what people would actually care about is what the company is like now. In 2007, I got a PV system on my house built by Ameco, and it was a fine experience. In 2022, I wanted to expand my system, so Ameco was the first company I called for a quote, and I fully expected to end up hiring them, after getting at least one other proposal for comparison. I had two zoom calls with one of their people, and everything seemed fine. They showed me a diagram of the expansion, told me a price orally, and said they would email me a proposal before the weekend. It's now two weeks later, and they have totally ghosted me. Pretty bizarre. I can't imagine why they would go to this much trouble to make a sale, but then go completely silent. No reply to emails. We were communicating by email before they ghosted me, so I don't think it's just a technical glitch or something.

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Theresa Nguyen | Paramount, California | 08/18/2022


The solar panel is incredibly simple to schedule and install. I purchased a wonderful solar panel for an affordable rate. The installation process was quick and simple. The staff service was outstanding. They walked me through the pricing thoroughly.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Theresa, we're happy you're satisfied with your AMECO experience. Our team is here to ensure you get the best solution meeting your needs most effectively, and we're always ready to assist you.

Barney Stinson | Santa Ana, California | 08/17/2022

It was a great experience working with them. 10/10

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Barney, thank you for your feedback. We're happy you enjoyed your AMECO experience and looking forward to assisting you further with any questions you may have.

Nicole | Paramount, California | 08/10/2022

They gave amazing service and the employees were very helpful. When I had questions, I received very quick responses and was never left waiting. Would highly recommend for anyone looking for solar and roofing!

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Nicole, we appreciate your feedback. Our team is always there to assist you. Thank you for recommending us.

Reba Liggett | Tujunga, California | 08/10/2022

Wonderful, thorough, and competent solar company!

Our solar adventure started with a couple of mishaps and when I figured out that DWP had a solar marketplace I went through them to find Ameco Solar. This team is wonderful! Angelica was our project manager and was incredibly communicative and helpful throughout the whole process. They moved through the permit process quickly and with ease. I was told to expect the permitting to take 5 weeks to a few months and they were ready to move into installation three weeks after the initial permits were submitted! Angelica took care of everything for us. From the permitting to the scheduling to requesting the permission to operate from DWP. We just sat back and watched them work! I can't recommend Ameco highly enough. 5/5 would recommend them to anyone looking to add solar to their home. The other companies we had looked at before going onto the marketplace were shady and trying to get the tax benefits for the equipment. Angelica and the rest of the Ameco team just wanted to provide us with a high quality, working solar system. I'm so happy we ended up choosing them from the bids we received.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Reba, thank you for taking the time to share your opinion. Finding the right solution for our customers and ensuring a hassle free solar journey is what Angelica and the whole AMECO team aims for. We're happy you're satisfied with your experience. Looking forward to helping you make the best of your solar panel system.

CP | Chino Hills, California | 07/21/2022

A+ Service!

The ameco team was professional every step of the way. They're definitely not the cheapest and certainly not the most expensive Solar company out there. However, one thing is you won't find any other company with more years of experience than ameco and it shows in their work and their customer service. Thomas, Angie, Yazmina, Ovsanna, and the installation team did a wonderful job.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for such a feedback, CP. The years of experience we've managed to built throughout those years is there to ensure how professional we are in meeting our customers' needs, and the AMECO team is happy to hear you liked your experience with us. Always there to further assist you in making the most of your solar panel system.

Clint and Louise Taylor | Glendora, California | 07/15/2022

Thank you, Ameco!!!

We have recently completed our home solar project, including roof work and solar panel installation. We applaud and appreciate the assistance we received throughout the project from our Ameco support team. We remain especially grateful to Evelyn Ramon and Yazmina Hooks, our project managers, for clear explanations, for patience and responsiveness to our multitude of questions and special requests, and for easing us successfully through the surprises of any such major project. They were endlessly cheerful, encouraging, informative, and responsive. We loved having their expert guidance! We also thank Tom Amitay, Ameco’s Founder and CEO, for his personal attention and support through our project. Tom is truly dedicated to his Ameco mission. We heartily recommend Ameco for its solar project services. Ameco provides the expertise, guidance, and individualization we sought for our project, and we, thanks to Ameco, now enjoy our negative electrical bills! Clint and Louise Taylor Happy Ameco customers

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for sharing your AMECO experience, Clint and Louise. We're here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for you, and our team is happy to hear you have your needs properly met.

Russell strong | Tehachapi, California | 06/05/2022

Great experience

Ameco took us through every step of the solar installation process from beginning to end. The project was on time and everyone involved was helpful and professional. The cost was better than expected. Thanks to our project manager Yasmina and everyone else involved.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for your feedback, Russell. Yasmina and our whole team is happy to hear you're satisfied with your experience, and we'll be always helping you make the best of your solar panel system.

Albert from Ojai | Ojai, California | 05/11/2022

AMECO Solar and Roofing Project Evaluation in Ojai, CA

My experience with AMECO Solar began January 28, 2022. Happy to say that we are now generating electricity effective, May 10, 2022 - 102 days in total. The needs for our 60 year-old home included repairing and replacing the roof as well as installing a solar array with enough capacity to cover our power needs for the next 20-30 years. We had just secured a Reverse Mortgage, having decided we are living in our "forever home". Our goal included locking in the lowest fixed costs that match our projected fixed income over the long-range planning horizon. The combined solar and roofing solution provided by AMECO satisfied this goal perfectly. I began speaking with AMECO as I neared the end of my initial data collection phase. (See detailed explanation of my overall experience further below). I initially worked with a gentleman named Tash, who guided me through the initial project engagement phase, answering all my questions in a timely and professional manner. The AMECO process was very straightforward and easy -aided by Tash’s support. He was able to answer all my questions regarding the roofing project as well as the solar array. If he didn’t know something real-time, he followed up very quickly. The initial engagement phase included scoping out the details of what would be included in each project contract (one for roof and one for the solar array) as well as the financing agreement. Once the contracts were signed and the loan arranged, I was handed over to the Project Coordination Team at AMECO. They guided me through the construction and inspection phases for both the roofing project and the solar project. I thought that Yazmina was really effective in this role for AMECO. She was very proactive in her communications and responded very quickly to every question/concern I raised along the way. She communicated via email, phone and text in a very pleasant, professional manner throughout. She helped to make the process problem-free and moved quickly to conclusion. I think the key to Yazmina’s role was that she was proactive in anticipating the next step and prepared me very well for key decisions and inspections along the way. As a point of background, I had located AMECO through a fairly extensive research process including: 1. Collecting information, insights and recommendations from my son and son-in-law who had each just completed solar-only projects in Camarillo, CA and San Diego, CA respectively. 2. Using their insights, I identified a couple of prospective candidate companies from the internet and conducted a couple of "fact-finding" zoom calls to collect information. (AMECO was not one of these initial companies). Here is what I learned from that initial research: 1) Our projected electricity costs could be 100% covered by a solar array on our roof. We had enough roof square footage to hold the required number of solar panels needed. 2) Our existing roof would need to be replaced. Because of its age, solar could not be installed before bringing the roof up to code and new shingles installed. 3) A solar battery/storage option is available if we chose to install along with our solar array. (We chose to wait before adding to our system). 4) Government-backed financing is available to cover all of the solar panel installation along with some of the roofing costs: • Our rate ended up being 1.45% • No money down up front • Payments don’t start until the system is up and running • Extended pay-off period. Our loan payments will last 40 years or at time of sale of our property. This timeframe works well for us as we do not intend to move. We are both retired and have no family or work ties that will pull us away from our home. • No prepayment penalties • AMECO did all the heavy lifting – they provided the finance company options along with the financial terms options. All we had to do was select the options we wanted and sign the e-documents sent to us. Truly hassle free. 5) The internet is an amazing tool and should be leveraged by prospective solar and roofing buyers!  Solar and Roofing providers can do their initial estimates/assessments by using publicly available satellite maps. They can turn around estimates in a few hours and in some cases provide real time feedback on your property while speaking with them.  Using your favorite browser, you can sign-up with “Finder Sites” that broadcast your request for quotes out to candidate Solar providers who contact you - versus you having to contact multiple companies on your own. This is a HUGE TIMESAVER – recommend using these sites!  Solar and roofing projects involve unique technologies with terminology not commonly understood by most of us. I personally follow the rule of “Trust, but verify.” I want to believe what each professional I speak with has to say, but I also want to have a solid reference point to ensure I both understand what is being said and to also verify that it based in fact. I used these sites to help accomplish this goal for me. • My “Finder Site” experience yielded 10 companies who each provided comprehensive bids that were easily comparable. • I used these bids to build a spreadsheet to help select the best providers. Some of the relevant criteria I was able to glean from this analysis included: o The type of panels and inverters each company uses. Some companies use only one brand of panel while others, such as AMECO, offer multiple manufacturer options. There are different variables such as “25 year degradation curves” that are worth comparing between manufacturers. o What size system each company would recommend, using my SCE (Southern California Edison) billing history. Recommendations for us ranged from 6200 KW to 8800 KW. We ended up going with a 7200 KW system installed by AMECO. o Cost data that I used to compare all bids. AMECO’s proposal was amongst the top 3 companies when comparing solar quotes. o In addition to costs, it is important to consider other “soft” factors such as:  Customer Service and support capabilities – AMECO scored high on this front.  Warranties offered on the equipment as well as the installation. Again, AMECO ranked amongst the highest firms in these areas. For example, if we get a leak in our roof where the solar panels are installed 20 years from now, AMECO will stand behind the products and the workmanship involved.  And because we are talking about a 20-40 year time horizon, it is important to select partners that will be around awhile. AMECO has been around for nearly 50 years and I am confident they will succeed over many recent start-ups who do not offer the full package of services they do. In summary, I highly recommend AMECO as your Solar and Roofing project partner. You will be very pleased with the results. I will feedback later as needed on satisfaction with the system and the support from AMECO in future posts. Al from Ojai May 11, 2022

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Albert, thank you so much for taking the time to give us such a detailed feedback. It reaffirms the hard work AMECO team puts in every day to help our customers meet their needs most effectively. We're happy you reached your solar and roofing goals, and our team is always there to help you make the most of your journey with us.

Iggy | Canyon Country, California | 04/28/2022

Excellent Service

Ameco Solar, the company was very professional, accurate and timely. Strongly recommend Ameco Solar for solar panel installation.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for recommending AMECO services, Iggy. Meeting our customers' needs most effectively is our number one priority and we're happy to hear you're satisfied with your experience.

PD | Westlake Village, California | 04/22/2022

Happy Customer

Ameco installed my solar panels recently. I explored many options and got multiple quotes from all the major companies before I chose to go with Ameco. They were not the cheapest(nor the most expensive) and were very upfront about that fact. I still chose to go with them because of of their excellent reputation and customer service. When investing in something that is supposed to last many years and when that installation is something on my roof, that could potentially impact its integrity, I wanted an established local company that would stand behind its work. I was not disappointed, with my decision. Their customer service was superb throughout the whole process. Pernille was my project manager and she did an excellent job keeping me informed of every step, worked with me when I had questions or concerns. If she was ever unavailable, he colleague Yazmina stepped in.
The design, permitting and installation both went very smoothly and quickly.  I'm very pleased with the final result and the overall process and would highly recommend Ameco.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us, PD. We're here to take care of your whole solar journey and ensure you make the most of your solar panel system.

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48 Years of Solar & Roofing Experience Matters: AMECO is the solar and roofing contractor you can trust when looking for high-quality and cost-effective solar energy solutions for your home or business. We partner with the industry's bests, so your system operates effectively, and you make the most of your solar journey. Being a family-owned business, our knowledgeable employees understand the importance of a relationship. AMECO team takes care of all the processes, from designing the solar array and installing the system to pulling permits, arranging the inspection, filing rebate and incentive paperwork, as well as continuously monitoring the system and ensuring it is up and running as expected.


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To make quality solar affordable for everyone, AMECO Solar & Roofing offers the options to purchase, loan, or lease your solar installation, so you choose the one that fits your budget and needs. Contact us for a free consultation, and we will help you figure out what system solutions and financing options work best for you.

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