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Emily L | Castro Valley, California | 02/27/2024

I recently had a wonderful experience with Ameco Solar and am so happy I chose them for my solar project. The entire process was great from beginning to end. First, their salesman, Tash, gave us a very detailed and transparent quote, which made us comfortable working with them from the start. Their price is quite reasonable. The communication with Tash and Emili was easy, and they were always very responsive to my questions over email, phone, and Team Meetings. Second, the installation team was clearly very experienced and worked efficiently to get the job done. The entire project with Ameco Solar was very smooth, with each step following the other without any delays.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Happy to hear about your wonderful experience with us, Emily. We're delighted Tash and Emili provided detailed communication, making the process smooth for you. Our experienced installation team ensures efficiency from start to finish. Thank you for choosing us for your solar project!

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R Gray | Mission Viejo, CA | 10/09/2023

Buyer beware - Don't buy from Ameco

We are seven weeks into our solar installation and we're tired of being told 'we're on schedule" when we never were told what the schedule was. Our roof had the tile removed on August 22nd and the Amerco representative said we'd be inspected in a day or two and then the electrical work would be done. Tomorrow will be seven weeks with tiles sitting on our roof. Communication is nearly impossible to reach the office or the so called "project manager" as no one is ever available when you call the home office. We had to have one project manager removed from the project after we got lied to. The inspector from Southern California Edison showed up one with paperwork showing the Ameco had requested that day for the electrical work to be inspected and the work hadn't even been started. It took several days of inspectors coming out from the City Building Department for the electrical work to finally be approved. A competitor started last Monday and finished the whole installation on Thursday with all of the inspections approved. We sadly picked the wrong company to do our installation.

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Tony | Paramount, California | 02/11/2024

Have a amazing experience with this company! Customer service was top-notch, product exceeded my expectations.I highly recommend them to anyone looking for high quality solar panels and excellent service. I couldn't be more happier with the results and how hard they work. I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you, Tony. We're glad you had a great experience with us. Your recommendation to family and friends means a lot. We're here for you!

David Blaustein | Tarzana, California | 10/10/2023

Great company

Highly recommended. Easy to work with super professional and competitive price.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: David, thank you for your feedback. We value your feedback and appreciate your support.

John B | Altadena, California | 07/25/2023

Great company to work with

AMECO delivers on what they promised. Very satisfied from initial planning, design, installation and start up. They took care of all inspection issues, and tie in to SCE. Staff was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend them yo others.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for your fantastic feedback, John. Our dedicated staff always strives to deliver on our promises, providing friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable service. We truly appreciate your recommendation to others. If you have any future needs, don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for choosing AMECO!

Victoria | Los Angeles, California | 05/04/2023

Job pretty much done but frustrating process

I'm in the home stretch of getting a full roof replacement and new solar system installed in a single family home in CA. AMECO has been ok. I was hoping for a better experience, but the communication side of the experience with AMECO has been very frustrating. Gus, who was my first contact, was great. Super easy to schedule with. Very clear and answered all my questions. Very patient as well as I had to put the project on hold for a few months. But he picked things up right where we left off a few months later when I was ready to move forward. He explained how they work and highlighted how efficient and communication is one of their strengths. Efficient is accurate. The roofing sub and solar install sub teams were fast and seem to have done solid work. My biggest frustration and reason for the 3 starts is communication. This is not their strong suit to say the least. My project manager for the roofing section has been incredibly frustrating to work with. While he would reach out when items or decisions were needed, he would frequently leave out important information or just not answer my question. Not a big deal until we found out that we need a full redecking of our room. The cost quoted was significantly higher than our original contract which include a price/plywood sheet. Our PM explained that this is because our contract was speaking only about a few sheets being replaced... not a complete redecking. I let him know this is a bit disappointing but I understood as the total price still remained fair. He later texted me and offered to upgrade our plywood to a higher quality, thicker type of plywood to "keep our customers happy". I didn't ask for this and definitely didn't expect it. But I was appreciated the gesture greatly. I really lost trust in his word and abilities the next morning when the supplies delivered where the minimum thickness plywood and OSB. Not only did we not get the upgraded plywood, more than half the roof was being redecked with OSB (not per contract or my expectations). I immediately reached out to my project manager and he said he would get back to me. It wasn't until later that afternoon after they had finished the redecking that he confirmed it was not in fact the plywood we had agreed upon. I guess I shouldn't have let them do the work, but I am not a contractor and was confident that I knew what plywood vs OSB meant (I only learned later when my husband explained it to me). Also impending rain scheduled for later that evening left me feeling like I had no choice. Solar install was fine and super fast--done in one day! The solar project manager has been better about communication. I really appreciate how she answers all my questions eventually and seems to quickly addresses next steps. For example, when we passes inspection for the solar, within a business day she notified and filed for PTO with LADWP. I was shocked LADWP came the next day and we got our PTO! But even with her, there is a struggle with communication that I suspect is related to either disorganization or lack of communication on the back end. We are done with all the actual work. I am very eagerly waiting to pay my final bill and turn my system on. But I'm waiting for AMECO to get me signed unconditional waivers which our sales person brought up himself as something they are good at doing. The one from the roofers took about 2 weeks, which is fine. Our solar PM got the one from our install within a day, which was surprisingly fast. Unfortunately she's getting a lot of push back from the solar panel parts supplier. And I still am a bit confused if I need just one waiver from AMECO that could encompass the whole project or two --one for roof and one for solar. I've asked everyone I could think of--our roof PM, my solar PM and some person who randomly emailed me one day saying they were from accounting. There is no clear answer. I know this will eventually all get settled. It's just been frustrating and reminds me why I hate working with contractors who use subs. The work seems solid. Price was good value. Communication is just horrible.

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Anny Pham | Paramount, California | 03/28/2023

Since covid I have been wanting to get solar panels for my house. Getting recommended by my friend, I chose Ameco Solar, and I could not be any happier. The customer service was phenomenal, along with the installation process. Since it was my first time, I was unsure of many things, but they explained to me the different system sizes and made sure I knew what i was purchasing. I would recommended choosing Ameco for their excellent communication and how they run the business.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for taking the time and giving us feedback, Anny. We're happy to hear we got your energy needs met properly and look forward to helping you make the best of your solar journey.

Shana Gorski | Studio City, California | 01/24/2023

Great Experience

I found out about AMECO through online research. I decided to go with them. Everyone I worked with was as thorough as they come and extremely knowledgeable. I had two crews for installation. The first crew reroofed a portion of my existing roof. From the get-go I would receive daily updates from the project manager. He always called to keep me posted about the progress after the crew left for the day. I am very knowledgeable about home construction and when they were finished with the installation I would never have known that they were there at all. They were very clean and I am very happy with the work that they did. The crew that installed my solar panels was also very professional. I asked them lots of questions and they patiently answered everything and took time to explain how everything works. I 100% recommend AMECO

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Shana, thank you for sharing your AMECO experience. We're here to meet your needs in the most effective and professional way, and our team is happy to hear you're satisfied with the results.

linda khols | Paramount, California | 12/11/2022

They did an amazing job on my solar panels, the process was faster than I expected and I love my solar panels!! They were nice and very helpful and made the process super smooth.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Linda, thank you for sharing your AMECO experience. Fast, smooth, and effective service is what we aim for when meeting our customers' needs, and happy to hear you're satisfied with the outcome.

Dan H. | Long Beach, California | 11/04/2022

Ameco installed our 8kw system earlier this year. Great communication and they installed the system in a day. They used a sub contractor for the actua install, but all went well.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for your feedback, Dan. We're happy to hear your needs are properly met and always ready to assist you with any questions you may have.

JH | Morgan Hill, California | 11/01/2022

Completely Inept and unresponsive

Contracted 6/22/22. Took until 10/13/22 to pass inspection. Made 4 trips to site to install, each time the crew showed up without the necessary parts so they had to come back again. Destroyed the concrete tile on my roof. The installers were in fact subcontractors qualified to do electrical work but not roofing. Ameco did not advise that they were going to use a subcontractor. After inspection and final pmt. on 10/13/22 Ameco failed to get the Permission To Operate certificate from PGE leaving me with an inoperable system. Ameco also failed to set up the Enphase app leaving me unable to monitor my system and see if is working as specified. Ameco also has failed to repair the window broken during installation as of 10/31/22. My conclusion is that Ameco is unprofessional, unqualified and untrustworthy.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback, JH. We're here to ensure your needs are properly met and tried to contact you several times to discuss your concerns. Please let us know what time best works for you so we can reach out to you.

Roy | Rancho Santa Margarita, California | 10/21/2022

Ameco Solar

I was connected with AMECO through the SoCal Edison Marketplace partner Electrum. The project manager, Angie, kept me informed with regular updates from start to finish. The installation did a great job and answered all my questions about the installation, they also did a great of clean-up afterwards, which was much appreciated, Very happy with results and would recommend them to anyone considering a solar installation.

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Reply from AMECO Solar & Roofing: Roy, we really appreciate your feedback. Our team is here to ensure you get the needed assistance from A to Z, and we're happy to hear you liked your AMECO experience.

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