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Updated: 28 April 2020

Installing solar since 2009

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Jeff from Aberdeen | Boynton Beach, Florida | 09/28/2021

A Job Well Done.

Dominick designed a system using a combination of solar panels and lithium batteries to power parts of my house in case of a blackout. Dominick is very knowledgeable of the workings of electricity. He loves sharing his passion and helped me understand how the system works. The system is working perfectly as panels are powering some of our house daily. Dominick was very neat and deliberate with all of the work that he did.

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Eddy | Pompano Beach, Florida | 04/28/2020

were you abandoned by a fly by night solar company?

We purchased a solar system from a company called Priv Energy group out of Arizona on Nov 14 2017 at which point we financed the loan. by April they installed the panels and at that time told us that if we refinanced thru a different company that it was a better rate and that the new finance company actually made the panels so we would be in a better position. they took the money from the second company and kept it never paying off the first loan. so now we had an electric bill and 2 loan payments from April 2018 till middle of 2019 and we called them everyday and their was always an excuse or lie. we began legal action to stop both loans and had requested the financial institutions to do a charge back. but now we have solar panels that we had been paying double on for 2 years that were doing nothing. we reached out to Lg and Solar Edge in January 2020 and was given the contact information for A National Electric Service and spoke with Dominick. he came out assessed the situation and put together a plan to correct our system and get it up and running, while working with Lg and Solar Edge. he is now our go to guy for the future of any repairs we may need. He is a great guy, very helpful and professional. after 3 years of run around, stress, aggravation, lies, etc. we are finally stress and worry free. if you have been put in the same situation that we were here in South Florida do your self a favor and reach out to him. we also found out that he has other systems that he installs that don't have as many bells and whistles as the one we purchased but just as effective and efficient with less of an investment so if you were looking into having a solar system he is your guy.

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Quincy | Pompano Beach, Florida | 03/22/2016

A Passion for PV

A National Electric Service Co team of Nick and Dominick Porretto has a genuine environment preservation advocacy mindset towards using sources such as photo voltaic power generation that limit carbon emissions, and is a cut above the typical, greedy/profiteering attitude most solar contractors exhibit. This team is thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the solar power generation game, and are equally skilled in obtaining city permit for installation of the system as well as arranging net metering from the power utility (FPL). They are professional, courteous and a joy to work with. They listen to your suggestions regarding PV panels, inverters and back up power units, and are more than happy to do their own research to supply positives and negatives with respect to your particular installation location and price points. I am very pleased with the installation, timely finish (within 4 weeks) and their follow up. I highly recommend "A National Electric Service" for your Solar System work - don't waste your time looking elsewhere.

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Greg FL | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 11/24/2015

Great Experience!

I'd like to share the great experience I had with A National Electric Service. <br /><br />Dom, the owner, worked with me to come up with the best system (10KW Grid-Tie) for my needs. He really listened to my comments and concerns. I had done a lot of research before calling, but he was able to provide the real-world experience that made the project such a terrific success.<br /><br />After the installation was complete Dom kept himself available and helped me get the most out of the system with a few minor adjustments.<br /><br />I don't believe any other company could have done such a fantastic job at such an exceptional value. The project stayed perfectly on budget. Now my electric bills are 1/3 of what they were.<br /><br />Best of all, from the day the contract was signed until the installation was completed and inspected was less than two months.<br /><br />Thanks Dom, for all your hard work!

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2of5 | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida | 09/03/2015

Great problem solving!

The installation of our system took place in late 2012. We have an older residence, which was a bit of a space and design challenge. I understand it is more typical to install under new construction conditions or when there is a garage with available space for equipment. Nick came through with an innovative solution for our situation, without adding costs. This has worked quite well for us. Thank you, A National Electric.

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mc | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 02/12/2015

Solar Project in Fort Lauderdale

We had the pleasure of working with Dominick and Nick Porretto on the installation of 39 panels (approx 13.5kW of power). They did a great job on the installation. As the project progressed, I asked my GC to check on the progress and the roofer said it was well done. Also, the city inspector had nice things to say about the quality of the work. I recommend using them.

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Oli | West Palm Beach, Florida | 04/12/2014

Great Company, Great Product, Great Service

I was very pleased working with Dominic, he explained very well what I was getting and the overall process was very smooth. The crews showed up on time and the project was timely completed.<br />They came back later to do some touch ups so the solar panels look like there are part of the roof.<br />I would recommend Dominic to everyone looking for this type of project.

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SolarDog | Pompano Beach, Florida | 08/26/2013

Hire the Best

A National Electric is a hard working father and son team that takes pride in their work. They improved my design without increasing cost, estimated and installed the items as required, tested everything thoroughily and stand behind their work. They are busy guys, so be patient if it takes a few days for an answer to your inquiry, its a worthwhile wait for technicians who understand solar and deliver everything that they promise.

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Jeff E. | Boynton Beach, Florida | 08/10/2013

Boynton Business PV Installation

I have been very impressed with A National's knowledge, timeliness, and abilities with respect to the planning, design, permitting and construction of my office's solar PV system. <br /><br />A National:<br />- Sized my PV system appropriately to virtually eliminate my power bill <br />- Helped me through the FPL rebate process<br />- Got the system built in a timely manner without disrupting my business<br />- Partnered with roofers who did an excellent job providing a secure and <br /> trouble-free installation<br />- Built the system on-budget<br />- Backed up their work when we experienced a problem<br /><br />I plan to use them again when I put panels on my home, and would highly recommend “A National Electric” to anyone who wants to build a solar PV system.

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Anonymous | West Palm Beach, Florida | 12/05/2011

A National Electric provides exeptional service. They are true professionals and experts in Solar.<br />

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Anonymous | Fort Lauderdale, Florida | 12/03/2011

this is an extremely complex battery based 32kw off grid sytem in the Bahamas. They did a great job and are very committed to doing everything to the best quality and durablity. All the work was done to a highly professional level, including internet monitoring and battery management.<br />

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