Boulder Commits to 100% Clean Energy

Boulder Commits to 100% Clean Energy

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Yesterday (Aug. 31) Boulder, CO, Mayor Suzanne Jones announced that her city will source all of its electricity from clean energy sources like wind and solar power by 2030. Jones made the announcement at a Ready for 100% event which was hosted by the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter, Environment Colorado, Google Project Sunroof and the Climate Reality Project.

"Boulder is committed to achieving 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, as part of our strategy to achieve 80 percent greenhouse gas emission reductions by 2050,” Jones said at the event. “Climate change is the issue of our time, threatening to fundamentally change the way we live our lives.…Yet, it is increasingly clear that Congress is not going to address climate change; cities like Boulder need to take the lead. We can act as a model for cities across Colorado to craft a sustainable future by shifting our energy model from the dirty fossil fuels of the past to clean, renewable energy.”Boulder Commits to Clean Energy. Courtesy Sierra Club

In making the announcement Boulder joins 17 other cities across the country that have now announced plans to source all their electric from clean energy, according to The Sierra Club, which is spearheading the Ready for 100% campaign. Other cities that already have made the pledge include Aspen in Colorado (which is now powered solely by clean energy), San Diego and most recently, Salt Lake City. 

“Our cities are once again inspiring the world by paving a path toward an economy powered by 100 percent clean energy. Today, Boulder joins major metropolises like San Diego and Salt Lake City—along with small towns like Georgetown, Texas and Greensburg, Kansas—in committing to 100 percent clean energy,” said Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. "The Sierra Club applauds the City of Boulder and Mayor Suzanne Jones for this historic commitment and we look forward to working with more community leaders across the U.S. to accelerate a just and equitable transition to 100 percent clean energy for everyone.”

During the event Denver's Climate and GHG Program Administer Thomas Herrod stated that Denver also will examine how Denver can transition to 100 percent clean energy. "Denver recognizes that our goal of 80 percent reduction in GHG emissions by 2050 will require big shifts in how we power our buildings, homes and transportation sector," he said.

"A world powered by 100 percent renewable electricity is getting closer and closer every day. In fact, leading cities across the US," said Ken Berlin, CEO and president of the Climate Reality Project, said. "Local commitments to a renewable energy economy play a critical role in ensuring the U.S. meets the emissions targets created in Paris last year to address climate change,” said Ken Berlin, CEO and president of the Climate Reality Project. “Just as important, they help create a healthy environment where citizens and businesses alike can thrive, as Salt Lake City and Boulder have proven. Like these outstanding communities, The Climate Reality Project's 100% Committed campaign is dedicated to building a brighter, cleaner and more prosperous future.”

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