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Types of solar panels: which one is the best choice?

Find out which of the main types of solar panels are right for your home. We explain the costs, how much power they produce, and how much you will save.

Written by Catherine Lane

What happens if you have solar and the power goes out?

Typical home solar installations shut down during a blackout, but you can keep the lights on in 1 of 3 ways: a generator, battery, or a special solar inverter.

Written by Ben Zientara

How to understand and compare solar panel specifications

Solar panels explained: cells type, cell vendor, snow load, wind load, temperature coefficient, module efficiency, power tolerance, pmax and more.

Written by Andy Sendy

The ultimate guide to DIY solar panels

The complete guide to DIY solar panel installation for homes. Here are the exact steps to follow to design and install a solar power system on your roof.

Written by Zeeshan Hyder

How to find and claim solar panel rebates

Depending on your state and utility company, you may be eligible for solar rebates that can reduce your cost to install solar panels. See if you're eligible here.

Written by Ben Zientara

How long do solar panels actually last?

Do solar panels go bad? What is a solar panel's typical life expectancy? Can you do anything to make them last longer? We answer these questions - and more.

Written by Andy Sendy

What is a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)?

A Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) is a law that requires electric utilities in a state to generate a certain percentage of electricity from renewable sources by a certain date. The RPS is also used to determine the amount and type of incentives available for solar buyers. That's about as simple as we can put it.

Written by Ben Zientara

Explained: lithium-ion solar batteries for home energy storage

Find out why lithium-ion solar batteries are popular for home solar storage. We reveal popular brands, their costs, and pros and cons.

Written by Catherine Lane