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Table 1: ENPHASE ENCHARGE 10 electrical specifications
Detail Value
Is a current model? Yes
Has management system? Yes
Has inverter? Yes
Has charger? Yes
Country of manufacturer CN
Battery chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP)
Nominal voltage (volts) 67
Usable energy (kWh) 10
Max energy storage (kWh) 11
Min output (kW) 4
Inbuilt inverter? Yes
Recommended max depth of discharge (%) 100
Width (inches) 42
Height (inches) 26
Weight (lb) 341
Installation options Indoor and outdoor, Wall mounting
Warranty (years) 10
Voltage range 240 / 211 — 264
Solution type Lithium iron phosphate
Can be DC coupled? No
Warranty details 70% capacity, up to 10 years or 4000 cycles
Other information The Enphase Encharge 10 all-in-one AC-coupled storage system is reliable, smart and safe. It is comprised of three base Encharge 3™ storage units, has a total usable energy capacity of 10.08 kWh and 12 embedded microinverters with 3.84 kW power rating
Enclosure protection rating NEMA 3R
Certification battery cell UL 1973, UN 38.3
Max output (kW) 10.08

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