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Updated: 25 August 2023

Installing solar since 2011

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Latest good review thumbs up

Chasin Griffin | Jacksonville, Florida | 09/17/2023

Fast Process

Vivint Solar reached out to my wife and I since we have their security system to see if Solar was something we wanted to consider. During our first meeting our sales rep, Eric, had a full breakdown of our average electric with JEA and provided a comparison if we were to switch to Solar. He was extremely informative and made the process of signing up so easy! The panels have already been installed, now we are just waiting on the final inspection snd for them to get turned on!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Charles | Lawton, Oklahoma | 10/28/2023

Misleading and corrupt company

My sales representative Adam Sadler that works for Vivint was very dishonest. I was told that I would have enough solar panels that I would never have a electric bill again. THAT WAS A LIE. Also I would get 6,000 dollars back from the IRS as a rebate check. THAT WAS A LIE. Also I was told that if I had to get the panels removed and replaced for any reason that it would only cost me a total of 100 dollars. THAT WAS A LIE. It actually cost me 2400 dollars. So for the first year it actually cost me about 250 dollars a month. Before the solar panels my average monthly bill was 88 dollars a month. This is the worst mistake of my life. This is the most corrupt company that I have ever dealt with. I stopped paying for the panels so my service was turned off. Please stay away from this corrupt company.

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Lori Lee | Henderson, Nevada | 08/25/2023

Explain an $800 power bill when you have solar

I regret the day I signed any contract with Vivint! Being told you’re going to save money in your electric bill when the only difference you’re saving goes straight to leasing the panels. I’ve called constantly, only to be told the panels are working great! 5 yrs in and 15 yrs more to go with a current bill for the month of July being $800 and $100 for leasing the panels. I’ve even contacted the attorney general to make a complaint with no luck either. I just want these panels off my roof as I’d be paying the same amount anyways and without being locked into a contract.

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Cassie | Willard, Missouri | 07/01/2023


2 months in, panels in place and not functional. They contracted out the installation and BOTH Vivint and the installer have seemed to disappear. So, highest usage of energy for the year and we are paying on panels and our a full utility bill. Several calls back and forth with promises they'll have someone get in touch... Nothing. The guy that set it up and "guaranteed" a smooth process, not return call. Completely terrible experience, regretting making this decision. Should have known it was going to be the worst decision when it took over 6 months just to get them installed after we signed up. Horrible.

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Marc Teeples | Wickenburg, Arizona | 06/01/2023

If my solar ever gets going, it will be a miracle.

I am not quite sure where to begin. After six months, I am still sitting here with nothing. Panels have been installed and they can’t seem to communicate between my city. 30 minutes on the phone and I had my meter approved myself. My friend is the inspector here. Now, three weeks later, I can’t get a response from anybody as to when I’m going to get the meter installed. Nobody ever knows anything, and the managers don’t even bother to answer calls or texts. I would definitely go back and do it through somebody else if I could, fuck you Vivint .

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Vivint lied to me | Benton, Arkansas | 05/18/2023

Vivint solar sucks

I was lied to, from the very beginning both sales people told me my electric bill would be next to nothing. As it turns out that was a complete lie my electric bill combined with the cost of this crap that they put on my roof, nearly doubled what I was paying before this crap was put on my roof, I hear people talking about you’re saving the Earth. I don’t give a duck fart about saving the Earth. I wanted to lower my electric bill which it did not anybody that is considering getting Solar she’ll look away and not do it because they lie.

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Matt Jones | Katy, Texas | 04/27/2023

Misleading communication

I am disappointed in how I have been treated since I bought the solar panels. I bought the panels and was “recommended“ to use a buyback plan to “best” take advantage of using solar panels for my house. Instead, I find out that I HAD to switch to a buyback plan after receiving a bill from reliant with no credits for my solar panel usage. Also I was told by the salesman that he would reimburse me for the cancellation fee for switching to an electric plan he recommended. However, once I asked him how to get the reimbursement, he said that Vivint doesn’t reimburse customers for switching plans anymore. I also didn’t receive my close out packet until I finally called for it 2 weeks later. The service since receiving my solar panels has been atrocious.

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St Pierre | Lakeland, Florida | 04/27/2023

Misleading and not worth it

I started my solar journey in May/June of '22. Our solar was just installed in Feb of '23. This has been a grueling progress. I'm still unsure if the fault lies at the feet of my city or with Vivint's team. In the beginning we were sold on the idea of not relying on the grid, in an event of a power loss we would have the battery to power our house overnight and during the day the panels would produce what we needed. We live in FL so our PRIMARY purchase decision was based on the fact of having A/C in the event of a grid outage. We were told some stuff about being locked into some deal with the city electric for 15-25 years for getting some sort of better rates and other things that have proven untrue. After SEVERAL months of conflicting information and getting closer to buyers remorse came the install date. Freedom Forever nailed it, they were on time, super polite and did a great job installing everything. FF's electricians informed me that my AC, Stove and Water Heater were not on my battery that I purchased. Upon learning more from that electrician I found that I would need a second battery to operate the AC during an outage. This is the literal reason we decided to go solar, and upon more conversations I found that in the event of a grid outage, the solar would ONLY power things linked to the battery even during the day. So not only were we sold on the fact we would have A/C in an outage, we were sold on the fact that we wouldn't need to rely on the grid unless we over used our panels/battery. This turns out to be completely false. In the event of an outage ONLY breakers linked to the battery will be useable AND the panels can't power non-battery linked devices during day light if grid is down. The sales rep claims "Your power will work, the main thing that I always tell people does not work on a battery is the air conditioning, so that’s something I would have gone over with you regardles of whether it’s on a separate breaker not, typically batteries are not going to power an air conditioner as they draw way too much power, it keeps the important things on like your lights, Wi-Fi, fridge, etc." I know this is not true as we would have full stop not made the solar purchase if we knew there would be no A/C in an outage. Living in FL that completely defeats the entire purpose of solar for us. I reached out to Vivint regarding this and they pushed me off to Freedom Forever in regards to essentially being lied to and not being given the items needed that we were sold on. Freedom tried to be helpful however there is nothing they can do as they are just the installer and they agreed Vivint needs to supply us a 2nd battery and FF will gladly work to have it added onto our system. Freedom told me to contact the Regional Sales Manager regarding this lack of transparency and poor sales tactics and we are going on 3 weeks of no answers or call backs from this Vivint associate. The most devastating aspect of this whole scenario is that we've had Vivint Security for over 6 years now and they have always been good to us, anytime we have any device issues they are very helpful and great to work with. When we found out Vivint offered Solar my wife was excited stating that she TRUSTS Vivint to not rip us off like you hear so often about solar companies taking peoples rebates and then filing bankruptcy to get out of warranties. So we were very glad to be going through Vivint and after this near year of issues and the end product not even what we signed up for leaves a very bad taste about Vivint in our mouths. I have stopped recommending friends and colleagues to Vivint Security as well due to this entire issue. I do not recommend Vivint Solar to anyone and for anyone looking to Solar companies, get what you are expecting in writing and read EVERYTHING they give you prior to signing. Vivint makes you sign a form that essentially claims you are buying solar because it is what you want and NOT based on what the sales rep is telling you what you will gain. Had I noticed that in the beginning I would have walked away. Very shady tactics and willing to withhold information for the sake of a sale. Vivint is not the company I thought they were.

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Vivint Sunrun SUCK | Abingdon, Maryland | 02/03/2023


Trying to save money and be a eco friendly family we decided to use Vivint for solar. The only thing we were paying for was our electricity usage that solar didn't cover. At first I was just a little disappointed that the panels were not providing nearly enough electricity. A few years in, we discovered we had roof damage from a hail storm and there was a leak. We had to have to roof replaced so we contacted Vivint and paid our $500.00 charge to have them remove/return the panels. I tried to get in touch with them to have the panels removed for over a month and I was getting no where so I got on Facebook and trashed the company. Seems that was the golden ticket to get on the schedule. Finally the panels were down and the roofers immediately replaced the roof. It took over a year to get Vivint/Sunrun to schedule the return of the panels. During that time they were charging me for usage every month... THERE WERE NO PANELS ON MY HOUSE! I called several times about this and was told it would all clear up once the panels were put back. That was a lie. If they are charging me for usage when the panels aren't on then were the panels actually doing anything when they were on the house. How did they come up with these numbers? I don't think the panels were actually solar. I told them not to put the panels back on the house. After all this I don't trust them and they weren't saving me any money. It was actually more expensive. They said they had to because I signed a contract. I told them that they didn't honor their part of the contract so I didn't have to honor mine. They finally forced me to let them put the panels back on house but apparently they didn't turn them on. Recently I started getting calls and emails to set up an appointment to do that I have refused. I told them I wasn't authorizing them to come to my property. Yesterday I noticed a van from Paradise Energy Solutions. It was parked across the street in front of my neighbors house. I thought maybe they were getting solar panels on their house until my Ring alarm went off and I saw the guy coming from the side of my house and walking through my front yard. He must have done something to the solar box. I called the company to tell them they were trespassing on my yard and found out that they were a third party company that Sunrun hired to update the system AFTER I specifically said they weren't authorized to come on my property. I'm in the process of getting an attorney. I don't want the panels and I'm not paying for any fake usage.

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Andrew | Moreno Valley, California | 12/31/2022

Deplorable service!

After paying 26k for our solar to be installed back in Summer 2022. Our solar panels are still NOT operational and it is now December 2022 going to 2023. Called customer service which takes an hour just to talk to someone, we were told that we would case manager assigned to our case and someone to come check until NOTHING! We’re so sick and tired with dealing with these people because for the amount of money that we’ve paid we’re getting pittance in service! DONT GO TO THIS COMPANY AND TAKE YOUR SOLAR NEEDS ELSEWHERE! I would give 0 stars if we could but no such luck!!!

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Patricia Catanzaro | Stoneham, Massachusetts | 08/03/2022

vivint solar was fine. Not so much for sun run.

Not a happy customer. I changed emails over 2 years ago but you didn’t change it. No phone calls my telephone. Number never changed. You let this go for 6 months. Not acceptable. If I could at this point give you all my Edison bills including the 400 bill I just received. Where did solar help me?

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Vincent Sapochetti | Watertown, Massachusetts | 06/23/2022

This is why you should absolutely avoid VinScam!

So when I got my first set of panels I was totally impressed. How quick and honest they were. So when I got my second set of panels. I was like why so long? They said unfortunately we didn’t do these. So many lies to me. When I thought that it was as S.R. I was told since my tenants don’t have C.A. That theirs would be free! Lie number 1. And I was relieved that S.R. Was taking over for VinScam! However because I thought they wouldn’t stand for this. But unfortunately because I sold my Soul to the DEVIL. I’m screwed. And because in Ma. It was hotter than Arizona. My May bill was just 248% higher than SunRun! $78.59 versus $194.17. So now if you get the chance totally avoid this one. It doesn’t matter that SunRun has taken over. But because I got gouged. I got charged by my bank.$30 because of VinScam!

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