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Updated: 03 October 2020

Installing solar since 2005

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itang | Newark, California | 11/25/2020

Great experience with Travis + Sunwork team

Thank you so much, I've been wanting solar panels for years but they were so cost prohibitive. I'm glad it's gotten a lot less expensive and that Sunwork nonprofit offers solar panels at a low cost for those who can qualify. Appreciate it!

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Vijay L | Fremont, California | 10/03/2020

Awesome Quality work with fantastic customer service

SunWork is a not for profit organization, which has very few employees and rest of the (wo)man power comes as volunteers (like you and me), who get trained both in classroom/zoom and on-the-job. Great guys to work with and very friendly at every step of the process. Everyone I had a chance to work with are highly professional, flexible, spend time to explain all the questions I had. They are not only nice to the owners, they are also very nice to the volunteers. It's a Win-Win-Win.

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Renais Winter | Oakland, California | 09/30/2020

Excellent consumer relations, education, performance and price

My husband and I recently had a solar installation by SunWork. We are both very happy with our solar system and with the entire process working with this company. Travis Moe was the main contact. He did the site survey and supervised the installation. Travis was professional, personable and enthusiastic. He answered my questions thoroughly and in language that was easy to follow. Our system has 8 solar panels and was installed mostly in one day by Travis and Fernando, a terrific volunteer. Travis walked us through every step of the way. During our inspection, Travis displayed extensive knowledge of electrical code and was able to pass an incredibly detailed and perfectionist inspection with flying colors. I recently got an email from Travis to advise me on how to manage maintaining my solar panels during the recent fires which have left troublesome ash on the panels. I was impressed that Travis was thoughtful enough to reach out to customers with sucj helpful unsolicited followup. I am very happy to decrease my carbon footprint and that SunWork was able to make installing solar on my house affordable. I appreciate how committed the SunWork staff are to being Green. I highly and enthusiastically recommend this company.

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happy | San Mateo, California | 04/26/2020

Amazing Experience!

Sunwork was great to work with. Right from the first discussions to the completion - they were extremely professional, very informative and just a pleasure to deal with. Al Keyes did our installation alone and he was just fantastic! Highly recommend Sunwork.

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Mike | San Luis Obispo, California | 03/21/2020

Gave me exactly what I wanted at a great price

If you qualify, I can't imagine you can find a better deal than Sunwork. They worked with me to determine what would best fit my current and future needs at the price I could afford. I never felt pressured in any way to get something more or less than what I wanted. They were flexible and handled my specific installation and feature request with no issues. The team lead is a professional contractor and the volunteer installers are trained and supervised well. My installation is exactly what I wanted, the way I wanted, at a significantly better price than the other options I explored. The system has been performing reliably to my expectations for several months and I'm having fun watching the generation increase as the days get longer.

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Ron S. | Cambria, California | 08/05/2019

Capable and reliable installer of solar energy system

My wife and I were introduced to Sunwork at a presentation in San Luis Obispo on March 30, 2019 From that time on we worked with Project Lead Bryan Noel, regarding the feasibility and size of a solar energy system for our home. As we met the first criteria of an electric bill of under $100 per month, we scheduled a site inspection by Bryan. He patiently offered various configerations of the panels to take advantage of sun exposure and followed with recommendations regarding panels' efficiency, pros/cons of the various inverters and equipment warranties. After deciding on the number of panels, Bryan selected an optimal layout on the garage roof which took advantage of the proximity to the main (PGE) service panel and minimized the use of conduit for wiring. A major hurdle was scheduling the installation of the panel support mounts after the tear off and before the installation of a new composition roof on the house and garage.Bryan and his volunteer crew worked well and there were no conflicts with the roofers. Brackets and panels went up after the new roof was finished, followed by the installation of the solar breaker box and connection to the main electric service panel. Bryan handled the permitting and scheduling of the SLO County electrical inspection and assisted with the application to PGE for their Permission To Operate (PTO) the system and access the grid. Sunwork's invoice was detailed and came slightly under the quoted price. We highly recommend Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects as a capable and reliable installer of a solar energy system and commend Bryan Noel for being a knowledgeable and well organized Project Leader.

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Sara | Atherton, California | 05/07/2019

Reliable, respectful, resourceful and a really great team!

Sunwork staff (Reuben, Al, Sonya and John) considered our needs and educated us about our energy options, literally down to the nuts and bolts of installing. After reviewing 3 estimates (they patiently considered and adjusted to potential variables of our future energy consumption), we made a financially and environmentally prudent decision and installed 14 solar panels and a Solar Edge inverter. Sunwork accommodated our schedule for installation, thoroughly explained the rebate program, the associated costs and handled all required permits, responded promptly and courteously to us, our renters, and the inspectors. They allayed our concerns about the duration and expense of our installation; when we received the invoice, it was meticulously detailed and ultimately below the estimated cost, a pleasant surprise indeed! We were so enthused by the experience, we’ve since volunteered on other installations, and Sunwork project leads (Al and John) remained cheerful, prompt and focused, and communicated efficiently and effectively with clear with instructions and explanations, and showed transparency and respect to colleagues, volunteers, residents and neighbors. We hope solar panels continue to gain popularity, and more financial incentives expand the feasibility and popularity of rooftop installations. There are many solar installers competing for business, but few provide the customer service and expertise that we found in abundance with Sunwork.

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Brian | Hayward, California | 04/21/2019

I would highly recommend Sunwork for any solar project.

SunWork was a very smooth and easy contractor to work with. I worked with John Beard to ensure my new roof was unobstructed for the foot print of the panels and my service panel was upgraded to the current code. John gave me all of the options available, sizing, and micro inverter vs. string inverter. The work was scheduled for 2 days but completed in 1!! The install crew was prompt, knowledgeable, and cleaned up when they were done. The project came in $442 under budget! SunWork took care of the permit, drawings, meeting with city inspection and PG&E Solar agreement. System: 8 panel 2.25 kW mirco-inverter.

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S PANELS | San Luis Obispo, California | 02/16/2019


The Pricing is AWESOME!<br /><br />The workmanship in my area was SUPERB!<br /><br />Their business model explains it all.<br /><br />Bid them! You won't regret it.

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Matthew Pattoim | Hayward, California | 02/13/2019

18 kW system at our meditation center

Really enjoyed working with them - from planning to execution. We had them install an 18 kW system at our meditation center. Being a non-profit ourselves, we had to go back and forth many times to ensure our money was well spent. They were very patient with our queries. They were very knowledgeable and gave us the best price. The actual cost came less than what they quoted. Would definitely recommend them!

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Brian O'Kelly | San Luis Obispo, California | 12/28/2018

O'Kelly Project - San Luis Obispo

I could write a long review with all the superlatives but it boils down to this...<br /><br />If you qualify to have Sunwork do your project, it's a no brainer to go ahead with them.<br /><br />I saved 28% over the nearest commercial bid and the work, planning, and project was FIRST CLASS.<br /><br />I would be glad to discuss them in more detail if you want to email me.

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About Sunwork Renewable Energy Projects

SunWork's model lets us deliver solar power to homeowners with already modest electricity use (and correspondingly low electricity bills) for significantly less than the conventional cost, allowing more people to make the switch to solar and enabling broader adoption of this clean, safe, and renewable alternative to the sources of energy that contribute to climate change.

SunWork takes care of every aspect of a solar installation, from site analysis and system design, to permitting and rebate paperwork, to installation, inspection, and continued support. We also provide a 10 year workmanship warranty with our installed systems.

SunWork is committed to creating a safe, energetic, enjoyable, and meaningful experience for its volunteers, and to achieving the highest standard of quality and convenience for its customers.

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