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MGuns over 1 month

What a FANTASTIC company!<br />When we decided to go with Sunstore Solar (out of 5) we were hoping we would not be let down once they had a signed contract and deposit. Sunstore has more than exceeded our expectations. We did not have to worry about any paper work dealing with Blue Ridge Electric Co-op, tax forms or county regulations. Sunstore did not pressure us into more wattage than we were looking for (50% offset) or a ground mounted system. Sunstore LISTENED to what we wanted and why. They were always able to answer our questions and continue to do so. <br /><br />Ashley Edwards (our sales rep) is extremely knowledgeable. He heard our concerns/wants assuring our energy needs were met with no problems or delays. He took the time to talk instead of just trying to make a sale. Ashley gave us several options, explained what was required for each and let us decide, not right then but a couple of weeks later.<br /><br />The installation crew were outstanding and very professional. They showed us during the install on site, what they were planning to do and why. Pre-Pictures are great but before someone does work on your roof it was nice to have that "wait a moment" minute and have it shown again. <br /> <br />We have very, very good looking aesthetic system (pictures online), no gaps from vent pipes and no electrical piping running all over the roof.<br /><br />Sunstore made the entire process exciting and enjoyable.<br />Use Sunstore for your solar needs, you will not regret it.

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CactusLady, over 1 month

Sunstore solar installed a closed loop solar water heater in my home. It was put in in 2008 and died in 2013. I was told when I purchased it that the system should last at least 25 years. When I contacted them they wanted to charge a fee to come and look at it. And, more cost to fix it. The tech said he thought that the expansion tank had rusted thru and allowed all of the glycol liquid to drain out of the system. They said one of the two pumps was also burned out . The cost of repairing it could never be recouped from the savings it produced. Bruce Wood told me that they do not sell or suggest this system any longer and stated unless your someone who likes to tinker with mechanical things, it is not for the average person but I wish they had stated that before I gave them 5500.00 for a unit that only lasted five years. I told him I wanted to take the unit off of my roof and get rid of the the pile of junk. No one has offered to come and help us take it down and we don't know how to drain the system and there it sits three years later. We don't even know if the systems fluid is drained out, we never saw any liquid under the rusted out expansion tank. I don't think the tech really knew for sure that the liquid was gone. The glass in the collector has turned a rainbow color now, not sure WHY and you cannot see through the glass any more. I think it has something to do with the unit getting over heated when the pump was not circulating the liquid properly. I tried to call Bruce Wood several times to ask questions about how to drain and remove the thing but he doesn't answer or return my calls. I would not recommend this company to anyone. <br />If you sell or promote something that you find out in a few years it is not a good product the least you could do for your reputation is help the people who bought it and are stuck with it.

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14,847 kWh

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