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Mavtecho 16 hours ago

I had been investigating installing Solar in our home and did significant research and interviewed several companies. I selected Solar Bear as the company I went with and was extremely pleased with the process and most importantly the result of the end product with our Solar Installation. What they promised they did -- their communication throughout the process was thorough, timely, and accurate. They were extremely professional and courteous and most importantly you always could reach someone. Hats off to all that I worked with at Solar Bear! Great experience and result.

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Andrew, over 1 month

Initially when Solar Bear came and gave my wife and I a 2 1/2 hour pitch, it sounded like a good deal. They pushed REALLY hard for the sale, but they were the first that I dealt with. I had 3 other companies coming for quotes in the next 2 days and the rep, Jaime, said I had 3 days to cancel. He offered a bunch of day of deals that I figure no harm no foul to me if I sign up with them now in order to take advantage of these perks. They swore up and down that the other companies were more expensive than they are. Come to find out, out of all the other companies I got quotes from, Solar Bear is the most expensive and sell you more than you actually need. So we called them to cancel and Jaime was VERY rude and seemed angry that we decided to cancel. They swear up and down they are customer focused and it's all about the customer, but then will turn around and push a sale after we told them we have other quotes coming, sell you more than you need as every other company quoted us for 29 panels vs the 34 Solar Bear claimed we need and pushed for getting a battery where every other company said wait since a new better product is coming out next year and it's not necessary anyway, and then got angry at us for canceling within the allotted 3 day grace period. Not to mention through Solar Bear in order to get a lower interest rate, we needed to sign up that day. Again, the company we talked to the next day has that very same interest rate available any time. So that was fishy. They should have done what the other companies did and sell me what I need and tell me I can always add more panels later. I basically feel cheated and lied to and my initial review as glowing as it was is no longer how I feel. They were informative and nice during the pitch, but god forbid you ask them to wait for other quotes and god forbid you decide to cancel. They sell the same products that all the other companies sell too. They will try to push the bracket as a selling point for Florida hurricanes as being one of the things that sets their hardware above and beyond the competition, but it's just another unnecessary addon. Other companies had pictures of houses in states and countries that get hit by hurricanes on the regular and everything BUT the solar panels blew off the roof. So having more screws doesn't necessarily mean better. If you like all the extra unnecessary bells and whistles, then you'll like Solar Bear. But if you want honesty, patience, and a necessary sale, you won't like this company.

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$17,548 - $21,448

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Annual power production

16,998 kWh

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Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

5¢ kWh

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17¢ kWh

Forecast average FL electric rates over the next 25 years

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With Florida’s Big Power Companies rallying for rate increases across the state, the cost of electricity is going to continue to rise. You can protect yourself from this trend for the next 25 years by making your home efficient and going solar, with Solar Bear, all while significantly lowering your energy bill through solar energy!

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