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Felicia Darrisaw | New Smyrna Beach, Florida | 06/27/2024

Thank you Katie

Thank you Katie for doing a great job as my sales representative. You were knowledgeable, patient, and responsive. More front loaded information on customer responsibilities needs to be addressed.

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NC | Winter Haven, Florida | 06/15/2024

Person who did the presentation Manny is phenomenal. How everything else played out has not been great. 1. They explained to me they submit all documents to HOA and they take care of the process with the HOA MY MISTAKE IT BELIEVING THIS. January 3rd I email Courtney Smith with my credentials. They submitted the forms required by HOA which should have included the most important part of the project Solar panels. My HOA approved it within days however the person in charge of my project was fired or changed whatever the case. The HOA approved everything within days however project was to start sometime in March like I mentioned to Manny because I needed to wait until my insurance company sent my roof replacement check which is what I mentioned to him since the beginning nothing will be started until then and he said it was ok. We decided to change the roof color and they submitted paperwork and was approved within days. They installed the roof and everything went smoothly then we scheduled the solar and that was another smooth installation. Of course within days of the solar installation my HOA sent a notice that the project was never approved aka whoever submitted the forms never submitted anything in regards to solar of course I contacted them and Erin Fishburne contacted me and insinuated that I made the mistake and that their company rules are the customer contacts them once they received approval which I never contacted them to notify them of any approval. Erin proceeded to say in other words that it was my fault which of course I told her it wasn’t and if it was her company fault and that it is ok we are human and make mistake but what is not ok to blame me and say it was my fault. I emailed her all the proof of everything from the HOA and how the forms didn’t have the request for solar. Erin didn’t bother to apologize for blaming me Manny did. 2. Exit survey Patricia emailed me the person number who was going to do the exit survey she mentioned he would contact me 3 days passed and he didn’t which is ok. I contacted him no response maybe it could have been because I have a NY are code. I finally got ahold of him we scheduled an appointment for Friday. I took the day off because of course I had to be home. Friday came hours went by no phone call or message from the person who was supposed to the exit survey. I called the guy and he said hey I’m no longer working with solar bear. I called Patricia and mentioned what he told me he was no longer working for solar bear and I asked why couldn’t no one contact me to let me know so I wouldn’t waste my time . She proceeded to tell me she didn’t see me on the scheduled and she didn’t know we left it at that. She said they will contact me as soon as they get someone . Let’s not forget the solar were up for one month roughly not on which of course I ended up with 2 teco bills and the solar payment . hopefully next month it is on track . 3. Despite my explicit communication with Kiara about my availability and the arrangements I made with a friend to accommodate the Friday, June 14th appointment, your team failed to show up today, June 15th, as promised.I had specifically mentioned my out-of-town schedule and the inconvenience it would cause me if the appointment was not kept. Moreover, my friend took time off work and drove two hours to be present for the appointment, only to be left waiting unnecessarily.The lack of communication and reliability from your team is unacceptable. I expect a higher level of professionalism and respect for customers' time.

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Vikki Valentine | Saint Petersburg, Florida | 06/27/2024

Foam Bear

Josh and his crew were wonderful. The price was very fair for a quality product.

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Matthew Bradham | Port Orange, Florida | 06/25/2024

Solar Bear is the best. I have always been hesitant about going solar but after meeting with Andrew I was sold. All of my concerns were alleviated and I could not be happier. I was constantly updated and kept informed throughout the entire process. I highly recommend solar bear to anyone thinking about going solar, you won’t be disappointed!

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Unhappy | Tampa, Florida | 05/21/2024

Very poor Services

I got Solar panels installed in my house two years ago and with it there was a once a year panels cleanings, at the 1st year I'd call them to set an appointment and they never came to clean the panels and never called me to cancel or to update me, I called them with no luck of getting them to get my Solar panels cleaned. Two and half month ago I called for service again and they gave me an appointment for 3 weeks they called me 2 days before to cancel the appointment and gave me an appointment for 3 weeks later, they never came or called me to update me. Today May 21 2024 I called them again and they scheduled an appointment for the 29th, I'd let them know that if service is not done by then I will file a Lawsuit on the 30th. I've been very patient with SOLAR BEAR but not any more.

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Irina | Naples, Florida | 05/18/2024

Very satisfied

We are very satisfied with our overall experience. The representative was clear and helpful with protecting on how many solar panels would we need. Then Installation was fast and seamless. The team was so professional and efficient, they didn’t leave any mess behind and had the job done in day in a half and that is because of heavy rain on the first day, otherwise it would have been even quicker. I have only good things to say about whole Solar Bear team. So far they been very responsive and helpful in every step of the way. And we excited to see benefits of having a solar system in our house.

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Pat | Englewood, Florida | 05/16/2024

Satisfaction = A+

Starting with my first contact with Solar Bear, under the guidance and expertice of Manny Santiago, I have been and continue to be very satisfied. Manny understood the process and was able to explain to me and my wife in terms that we understood. He was able to design the system that we needed, and it has worked beautifully. My last few FPL bills have been for the basic minimum charge. Manny explained the financing and billing procedures, the install process and the final procedures. And all went as determined. I've told my friends, "if you're tired of paying those high utility bills, go solar. Solar Bear."

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Louis Hill | Orlando, Florida | 05/15/2024

We interviewed 7 Solar companies looking for the right combination of quality and price. Tom from Solar Bear was able to rise to the top with his knowledge and experience and we realized we could rely on him to guide us through the process.Thanks to Tom for getting us into the system that made the most sense for us.

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Vale | Orlando, Florida | 05/15/2024

Tom the sales was very professional informative and really knows his stuff.

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Miguel | Homosassa, Florida | 05/14/2024

Staff was very knowledgeable and helpful. We encountered an issue during install and the team responded quickly to the problem. Installers kept us informed the throughout the process. Great experience!

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Martin | Pinellas Park, Florida | 05/13/2024

Erica, the saleswoman did a great job very friendly very professional knows her stuff very happy with the entire team at Solar Bear. I would highly recommend them.

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Lisa Woerner | Spring Hill, Florida | 05/07/2024

Great insulation and solar installers! They were great and quick! Looking forward to seeing how it works out for us.

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With Floridas Big Power Companies rallying for rate increases across the state, the cost of electricity is going to continue to rise. You can protect yourself from this trend for the next 25 years by making your home efficient and going solar, with Solar Bear, all while significantly lowering your energy bill through solar energy!

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