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Installing solar since 1979

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About PPC Solar

"Paradise Power Company (PPC Solar) is New Mexico and Southern Colorado's premier Solar Electric and Renewable Energy Installer. Founded in 1979 in Taos, New Mexico, PPC Solar has 40+ years of local presence & expertise in the development, design, installation & upkeep of residential, commercial and utility photovoltaic systems, specializing in battery based PV systems. Now a ChargePoint Partner, we've expanded our services to include the distribution, installation and O&M of EV charging stations. Our service area is expansive, extending from southern Colorado to southern New Mexico. We have an Albuquerque office and our headquarters are located in Taos, New Mexico."

Office locations

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New Mexico - Taos

245 Paseo Del Canon East, Taos NM, 87571

New Mexico - Albuquerque

2815 Broadbent Pkwy NE, Albuquerque NM, 87107

New Mexico - Taos

245 Paseo Del Cañon E, Taos NM, 87571


Colorado - Colorado Springs

409 N Tejon St, Colorado Springs CO, 80903


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Head Office
245 Paseo Del Canon East, Taos NM, 87571
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