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Ed M | Annapolis, Maryland | 05/15/2024


We are now up and running with solar energy courtesy of Gabriel Shabtai and the Lumina Solar team. It was so easy, no disruptions and everything happened on time. So, now our utility costs have plummeted to near zero and we didn't have to do anything, including getting all the incentives. Lumina looked after us perfectly.

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Andrew | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania | 03/02/2024

Helpful - but Solar production 30% below target

Installed February 2023. Price seemed good (in the middle of bids received) and the process went smoothly (although it took a lot longer than expected). BUT here we are a year later, and the first years production is less than 10,000 kWh, instead of the 13,600 we were told to expect. Needless to say, that makes for some very expensive electricity. It’s nearly a month since we told Lumina, and we still haven’t heard from them what they’re planning to do about it. Unless something changes, it seems like we made a $15,000 mistake by going with Lumina

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Patrick Welch | Annapolis, Maryland | 05/10/2024

Smooth from start to finish. Clear/comprehensive explanation of program, timeline & benefits by Catie Meck. Installation of panels & associated infrastructure was professional & minimally disruptive.

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C E | Laurel, Maryland | 05/08/2024

We had a few challenges during the process and that is why I’m glad I went with Lumina. They are responsive and resolve issues quickly. They communicate during each phase of the process and have support teams for different areas. They also help getting set up with county tax credits, SRECs, and state rebate. In general they make the whole process easy. The sales guy was also the project manager so he knew what he was proposing as far as timelines and expectations. He (Andrew C) was available during the entire process and incredibly helpful whenever I had concerns or questions.

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E Francois | Parkville, Maryland | 05/07/2024

Great company, excellent results, happy customer

I recently had my solar system installed my Lumina Solar. I went with a 20kW system that consisted of 50 REC Alpha Pure 405W panels with Enphase iq8+ microinverters. Since I'm located in Maryland, I opted to forgo battery storage and may add it at some time in the future. My system was installed in December 2023 and I waited a full 6 months before posting my review of the company and the outcome of my installation. Cost - First and foremost on everyone's mind. Lumina did no disappoint. They were THE best priced local company out there with no haggling necessary. Only Tesla was cheaper, but they had issues with meeting my schedule and use string inverters. Customer Service - This should be next on anyone's list. I worked with Alison Sanders and would recommend anyone contacting her and having her work on with you through the process. She made this whole, very confusing, process so much easier. I did not have to do anything but agree to their design and sign. She made sure my HOA, utilities, county, etc were all out of the way for me. Her team did an excellent job with arranging site visits from all necessary entities. I just had to agree on a time. Whenever I had one of a million questions, she was quick to respond. While I am happy with my customer service experience from Alison, I am quite confident that the folks at Lumina ensures everyone gets this same level of service regardless of who is helping you. Installation - absolutely no complaints here. No leaks, contractors were prompt and on time. The work completed was extremely neat. I have white walls where they installed my disconnect inside, I did not even have to repaint. Additionally, they went the extra mile to ensure I had no exposed conduit on my roof by using a preinstalled flexible cable in my attic. Outcome - the final touch. I have been getting my bills and so far I have not had to pay anything except the minimum delivery charge of around 9 dollars. It's been 6 months and there have been no issues with leaks on my roof, which I did not expect anyway. If you are on the fence about installing solar and you can afford to do it without financing. GO FOR IT! If you are looking here for the best company to use, in my opinion that would be Lumina Solar.

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Richard | Potomac, Maryland | 05/03/2024

Gabriel Shabtai made everything easy. The process was quick and painless. And the panels work great. Thanks,

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Carol Roman | Kensington, MD | 05/01/2024

Great Experience

Gabriel Shabtai was extremely professional and very dedicated to helping us through the process of getting our Solar Panels up and running. As a senior citizen and someone completely new to this program I would like to say that I could not have asked for someone better to walk me through the process. Gabriel was always available for my many questions and if he could not help me always directed me to some one who could. We love our new system and thank you very much Gabriel, it would have been much more difficult without you. I hope your company knows how valuable you are to them!

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Reply from Lumina Solar: Hi Reid Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our solar panel installation services! We're thrilled to hear that Gabriel provided excellent customer service and that our team was able to assist you every step of the way. We appreciate your feedback. If you need any assistance in the future or know of any family or friends that are interested in solar, please send them our way. Thanks again for trusting Lumina with your solar project! All the best, The Lumina Solar Team

Reid Detchon | Bethesda, Maryland | 05/01/2024

Good customer service

Lumina made our solar panel installation easy. Gabriel was a friendly and helpful customer representative, adjusting the initial proposal to reflect our preferences, and throughout the process email questions were answered quickly and thoroughly. The team followed up and made sure that we got our state rebate and renewable energy credits. Well done.

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Reply from Lumina Solar: Hi Reid, Thank you for sharing your positive experience with our solar panel installation services! We're thrilled to hear that Gabriel provided excellent customer service and that our team was able to assist you every step of the way. We appreciate your feedback. If you need any assistance in the future or know of any family or friends that are interested in solar, please send them our way. Thanks again for trusting Lumina with your solar project! All the best, The Lumina Solar Team

Jaffar Syed | Macungie, Pennsylvania | 04/26/2024

Excellent Service from Start to Finish

Hello Courtney, Thank you very much for the excellent service provided. You went over and beyond after the sale. Your follow up in all stages and you made sure that all your other teams were on the same page to get the Job done. Thank you. It was great working with you. -Jaffar-

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JLF | Rockville, Maryland | 04/11/2024

Very satisfied

Lumina installed my solar system about three weeks ago, and it is already up and running. The experience from day 1 -- sales representative, schedulers, installers, etc. -- was excellent on all counts. Installation went according to schedule with no hiccups. I chose Lumina as the first among three firms that I investigated, and received bids. In addition to be the best value for the money in terms of the quality of panels, microinverters, installation hardware, critter guards., I found them to be the most honest regarding estimating real production given shading cover on the south side of my house. Another firm suggested that their proposed system would deliver 100% of capacity, which was not the case. Still another firm wanted me to cut down some trees (a non starter). Lumina also used the Aurora solar modeling software in which the Lumina representative worked with me (interactively) to develop the best design given the tree cover, roof angle, etc. We were able to test different designs in which we varied the number of panels, their placement, etc. There was no hard sell pressure, and the sales rep. explained with detail and clarity all issues related to warranties, risks, solar bonds, Maryland grants, and federal tax credits. The price paid was the price quoted. I should state that my goal was never 100% coverage of my electricity consumption. I will be happy with 70%. Finally, as the case with all solar companies Lumina runs a financial model estimating the number of years until payback of the investment (due to savings in one's electricity bill). While Lumina's model is sound, it does not account for the cost of money (discount rate). However, this is not a criticism. I know of no other company that uses a discount rate in their modeling.

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RTaylor | Ambler, Pennsylvania | 03/29/2024

Outstanding at all levels. Do biz with them, you won't regret

I made a request for bids and Lumina did a really nice job of presenting and sharing my options and how to think about things. The representative was Courtney and I was super pleased with her. I never felt I was being pressured to make a decision. She took time to answer my 1seemingly 1000s of questions even the most probing ones. Just an awesome person to work with. Once I agreed, they had a representative come and thoroughly review my roof. It was at the time that I found out that I needed to replace my roof. While I was skeptical once the roofers started work it turns out Lumina was correct and I am grateful for their thoroughness, because I would have had big problems in the not too distant future had I not acted. Everything they promised, they have delivered. I cannot be happier and I would recommend them to anyone, especially my family and friends.

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Dan G | Leesburg, Virginia | 03/24/2024

Great experience with Lumina

After about 6 months of research and about 8 quotes collected, I finally settled on Lumina solar for my home solar project. With so many door-to-door pushy salespeople coming by with bad info, it was great to chat with the reps at Lumina (Gabriel was awesome) who were super knowledgeable and provided me with honest information and a great quote. Once I signed the contract for my 33 panel installation, Lumina was right there every step of the way. They kept me in the loop on all details around permitting, and did a thorough roof/attic inspection before anything started. When install day arrived, the crew got right to work, and did an amazing job, finishing the work in one day. The master electrician was very accommodating, and was able to land the inside breaker near my panel and out of sight. The whole crew was very professional and did a full cleanup before they left. I received PTO about a month after install, and was able to energize the system myself using the clear instructions from Lumina. Its been operating perfectly since day 1, and could not be happier with the overall process and service from Lumina. Highly recommend Lumina, they exceeded my expectations and continue to be available for any questions I have.

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