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Bob Steckbeck | Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania | 05/31/2023

Project Simplification Through Lumina Solar

Our project for moving to solar energy involved six different companies who install solar panels. Using the information I learned from my personal research on the topic, a questionnaire I configured to pull out the details from each company, and a spreadsheet where I was able to store both objective and subjective information I was able to get a quick summary of the information and data I received from each company and do a visual comparison. Knowing which manufacturers produce the best solar panels and microinverters, and which products the installation companies use in their systems are certainly major factors in making the final decision. But reading detailed reviews from their clients and discussing the facts with the sales person should play an important part in the process. I found Christopher Richardson, our sales person, to be both knowledgeable and forthcoming in the information he provided. After looking at all the pieces from the potential installers I found that Lumina stood out both in terms of using top-rated equipment and simplifying the process through to the time of activation. My work as a customer ended at the point at which we selected Lumina and signed our contract. Afterwards their team carried the project to site survey, obtaining all necessary permits, installing the panels and electrical equipment, working with our local power supplier, and setting up warranties and certificates. In our observation we found that all employees of Lumina (salesman, system engineers and designers, schedulers, installation and inspection teams and project administrator) worked together seamlessly. We are now truly basking in the sun and seeing our solar production meet and exceed our electrical consumption.

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Curtis Martin | North East, Maryland | 12/16/2022

Half good - Half bad

The sales and contracting process with Lumina was quite good but they did push for a quick decision to beat a pending price and financing rate increase. Could have been legitimate or sales tactic but I elected to proceed regardless. The rest of the sales process was efficient and relatively fast. The issues came with installation. The job was challenging due to roof pitch and a 2 array configuration. The 4 person crew was undersized to get the job done and properly cleaned up in one day with short, late Fall daylight hours. The electrician was competent but seemingly gave little direction to the mechanical technicians. Of that group, 1 seemed to know what he was doing, 1 was able to follow instruction and the 3rd just stood around a lot. The first real problem was the hole that the electrician accidentally punched in an interior wall. He did notify me but did a very half-hearted clean up in the interest of getting back to the install. Accidents happen... The second issue was the volume of debris left after they had supposedly cleaned up at the end of the install. Leaving wire, wire nuts, chunks of u-frame, knock out plugs and self tapping screws in the driveway, back yard and patio for my tires, dogs or mower to run into or over is pure negligence. A huge problem? That depends on how those things are found and the eventual outcome - certainly unwelcome and unexpected for a nearly $50,000 purchase that needs to last 20+ years. Next on the list - the electrician never reported the wall damage, so I had to contact the company to arrange repair. After that, the repair company scheduled the repair for ~6 weeks after the initial damage so I elected to fix it myself to 1) get it done and 2) not face the problem of an unknown contractor creating another problem and or mess. Back to the good side - the permitting, interconnection agreement and SREC setup were all simple and painless. Bottom line - if their A team shows up to do the install - likely a good overall experience. If the crew that did our work shows up... see above.

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Sean Griggs | Lancaster, Pennsylvania | 05/28/2023

Absolutely great group!

Courtney is my consultant! She led me through every step of the process before we even started. All the possible ups and downs etc. first class! The crews that came to my house were 100% professional and really loved their work. They were very proud of the job they do as well. I would 100% recommend them and will be using them in any solar builds I do from now on!

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Scott Kirby | Glen Rock, Pennsylvania | 05/23/2023

Lumina Solar provided a great experience from start to finish. At my the first introduction to my saleman, Andrew Cimino, all my questions were answered. Andrew was very knowledgeable of the process and very professional. The install team was great as well, led by Jason Larkins and electrical lead Devin Jones. The install team was very friendly and answered all my question during the install process. All the trash was cleaned up prior to leaving after the install was complete. As my trench was done in early March, I had trouble getting grass to grow where the trench was dug while the temperatures were still on the cold side. Andrew stopped by in April on his own time and brought with him enough seed and straw to redo the grass seed. All in all, Lumina made the process seamless and were very friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend Lumina Solar to anyone considering adding solar panels.

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Justin | Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania | 05/16/2023

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Lumina did a good job at providing the service recommended. They talked us through our concerns and put our minds at ease. I felt comfortable trusting them with the numbers and managing the mechanics of the installation. Ultimately, we installed solar panels and have a much more efficient running house. In addition, the software allows me to view how much energy we spend and produce. The installation went smoothly, and they did a very thorough job. However, there were times when communication was lacking, and our sales rep embodied professionalism to maintain the company's appearance instead of showing us authenticity and truthful responses. Overall this was a great experience where they delivered excellent customer service and the requested product while making accommodations for our situation.

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Brent A | Orefield, Pennsylvania | 05/11/2023

Couldn't have been happier with entire process from start to finish. Pete Hayes walked thru the design, specs and cost and answered all questions without any pressure. Installation crew was fantastic and reviewed everything upon completion. Highly recommend Lumina and Pete.

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Christopher S | Pottsville, Pennsylvania | 05/09/2023

Great experience!

Great experience with Lumina solar!!!! From our initial introduction/ first experience to installation everything has been positive. Our sales rep, Fanus Coetzee, was honest and helped design a system perfect for our needs unlike other companies who simply tried to upsell us. He answered all my questions and was always available. As the first contact with the company, he made a positive impact. The installation process was positive as well. The installation team and electrition were punctual, polite, respectful of our property, cleaned up for themselves and were efficient. I have seen other solar installs with metal conduit all over ones roof and it looks sloppy. We have only a small piece extending down from soffit and nothing visible on the roof. I would highly recommend.

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Frank P | Hanover, Pennsylvania | 04/29/2023

Best Service from start to finish!

I called around to several solar providers to get info about our investment into solar. Lumina stood out so far beyond the other vendors immediately when they reached out and sent Courtney to come to my house and discuss everything with us. She answered all of my questions completely and honestly which I respected so much! I was left with a way better understanding of how it all worked and what would take place in this process. She remained / still remains the person I can call or text if I have any questions and responds quickly back. If she doesn’t know the answer she’s been able to find the person that does. I wish I remembered all of the names but the surveyor, to the installers, and electricians that did the inspection and install were incredible. All of them extremely kind and knowledgeable. I enjoyed getting to talk to all of them through the process.

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M | Bel Air, Maryland | 04/27/2023

Great product, better customer support

Strongly recommend Lumina if you are considering solar. They were incredibly competitive, offering top tier materials while meeting or beating other respected installers (price per watt). As important as price, the company's customer service is top notch. The company and team were incredible throughout the entire process; you can tell the team takes great pride in their work. The sales team was great, working through options and questions without being pushy. The installer team was prompt and worked through all questions and details, including taking additional time to try to accommodate our installation preferences. Of particular note, we had a very challenging time with our HOA to gain approval for solar installation. Lumina went above and beyond in that extended negotiation, and they reflected great integrity in maintaining our contracted price vs. renegotiating to account for inflation. (Our HOA approval took almost a year to approve installation.) If you're looking for a highly ethical customer-focused company, look into Lumina.

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Dale | Northampton, Pennsylvania | 04/26/2023

It's Great

I'm very satisfied with my new solar system. From my first contact with Pete Hayes to the completion of the work, including all the legwork with my utility company. It was very satisfying to see my electric bill drop to $15.00 as promised by Pete. His help through the entire process was encouraging in a time where customer service often seems to be difficult to find.

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Bobby Hunter | Rockville, Maryland | 04/21/2023

Lumina provided us one of the most competitive prices we could find for the specs, with an impressive warranty and, most importantly, superb customer service from top to bottom. We worked with Andrew Cimino as our project manager, but had a full team of support along the way: Caitlin, Bethany, Brooke, Cara, and Spencer all were part of the process while always feeling like they were unified. We met with a lot of solar contractors before deciding to move forward with Lumina, and the #1 reason we didn't move forward with those options was because the customer service was obviously lacking from step one. Lumina's communications, guides, response times, project plans, checklists, etc. were all perfection, and that made the difference, and I'm glad that we made this choice, and I would recommend the Lumina team to anyone who was interested.

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Shairna Curtis | Burke, Virginia | 04/19/2023

Smooth Sailing

Everything went exactly as expected. The representative took time to answer all of our questions and thoroughly reviewed financial options. The installation crew was fantastic. Highly recommend.

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