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americanuck over 1 month

Jig Patel answered my inquire for answers to my home solar concerns. After about half a day of texting back and forth, I decided to meet him and get it done. As he is an independent contractor, he was able to give me the best deal amongst several competing companies. We decided to use SunRun to manage my solar and Bright Planet to install the hardware. Everything Jig promised turned out to be true. Bright Planet kept me informed every step of the way on the installation and SunRun sends out an email periodically to keep me up to date. The installation began within 3 weeks of signing the contract. Due to the weather, it was completed on 2 separate days, but the crews that came out were very friendly and knowledgeable. The installation is done very professionally and my city inspector only had good things to say about it. After signing the contract, I didn't have to do a thing. It was all taken care of by Jig, SunRun and Bright Planet. I'm more than pleased with my experience adding solar to my home.

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This installer does not publish their standard system prices on the net.

As such we have used average pricing from the installers service areas as a proxy for what this company would most likely charge for a solar system.

System size


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Net cost of system

$19,031 - $23,261

Average payback time

Annual power production

14,627 kWh

Levelized cost of solar energy

Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

6¢ kWh

If you don't get solar

20¢ kWh

Forecast average IL electric rates over the next 25 years

Installers description for their business

We are a group of professionals who have devoted our lives and careers to helping people benefit both environmentally and financially from converting to renewable energy on their home or business.

We LOVE what we do and we are passionate about finding the best solution for each and every family that we help in this process.

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