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Susan and David Easterday | Cody, Wyoming | 04/05/2023

Commitment to quality and value

We cannot say enough about the quality of our solar system, the customer service we received and how it has exceeded our expectations! Coming up on one year in service now and the array with all components have worked perfectly throughout all the extreme seasons we experience here in northwestern Wyoming. It has endured very high +80 mph winds and temperatures ranging from -35 degrees with heavy snow loads to sweltering +100 degree heat waves with absolutely no problems. We are sold on the LG, SolarEdge and many other products that combine to make this system a winner! Finally, the Green Solar staff is always available to explain and guide you step by step through your project and is there to insure that you have a quality installation. The company stands by their commitment and we highly recommend them based on the quality and value of a job well done! Susan and David Easterday

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Anthony Kloehr | Roy, Utah | 12/07/2023

Non existent customer service

They don't answer calls; you can't get anyone on the phone. Avoid this company; they're scammers.

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Sergio | Kaufman, Texas | 11/10/2023

They never return my calls.

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Robert Carroll | Yreka, California | 10/27/2023

Time for Class Action Lawsuit

Since 2016 after install, the customer service has been terrible. I have been without monitoring since July 21st 2021....hundreds (yes 100s) of calls and broken promises, still no resolution. In addition 3 panels have failed, and each one replacement has been a nightmare! After reading reviews, and after speaking several times with the apparent CEO/President/Founder and his broken promises, it is time for legal action. Please contact me at so that the many unhappy customers can finally do something about this horrible companay. Thanks Robert I will not share your information with anyone, just need for these people to honor the warranty and service we were promised. My $28,000 investment should ensure service and warranty promises!

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Chad | Fountain City, Wisconsin | 10/09/2023

Horrible Company to Work with

First they lied to me about the monthly payments when I was first talking to them. They told me the monthly payment would be $250/month. Then my bill jumped to $358/month. Three months after install, the inverter started giving me troubles. They said they would change it out because it should last longer than that. Never was changed!!! Then 3 years after the system was installed, the converter completely stopped working, so no solar energy what so ever. Had a different solar company come and help me diagnose the problem. Sent info to Green Solar, they told me I would have to pay more money to get a new inverter installed. Ever time I call Green Solar, they brush me aside and give me an excuse not to help me. Now I have a solar system in my front yard that I cannot pay for and use.

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Jacob Marquez | Midland, Texas | 08/28/2023


This has been the worse experience I have had with a company, nobody calls you back when there is an issue, it takes weeks for an answer, it took two months to get my inverter replaced and a month in the replacement and the inverter is not talking, been sending emails and no response, they subcontract company’s and its not worth it, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!! I wish I could put a ZERO!!! SCAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!

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Jasmine | Spring Valley, MN | 07/19/2023

Terrible Customer Service

Bought and installed the system in 2019 and the only worked for 11 months before the solar edge app stopped working and the system is not collecting energy anymore. It's been 35 months that there has been no contact from Green Solar technologies. I have 28 panels. They are not holding up to their promise of 25 year labor and part warranty.

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JC Salinas | McAllen, Texas | 06/19/2023


By far the worst customer service that I have ever had to deal with. Not only do my panels only work a month at a time it takes green solar months before they will even call me back to schedule a service call to look at the problem. i have gone as long as six months without my panels producing. SO BAD!

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JC Solis | McAllen, Texas | 06/19/2023


They SCAMMED ME! After installed never showed up! The system no longer works and no body answer on the phone provided! Just complain Attorney General!

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Jason Auffurth | Fernandina Beach, Florida | 05/18/2023

No monitoring for 18 months!!!

When they installed my panel everything seemed to work fine, but shortly after my 3G was outdated and I have been waiting for 10 months for a replacement. They never answer their phones nor do they every call to update where the new modem is. They have the absolute worst customer service.

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Karen A. | San Pedro, California | 05/17/2023

They don't even deserve 1 star - NON-EXISTENT CUSTOMER SERVICE

You can basically read everyone else's comments and mine will be the same. My roof has been leaking since January and finally last week they sent a roofer to look at it and now crickets again. Got my electric bill and it was almost $700. Apparently my inverter stopped working in February and they never told me (the contract says they monitor the system for this exact reason). Inverter has a 25 year warranty. I;m told they have to send the new part to me and then I have to call them to have someone install it. I can't get a call back, and I can't get any information. Supposedly they are going ot reimburse me for the electric bill. Yeah... right! The frustration is through the roof with these people who don't answer calls, don't return messages, NADA. From everything I am reading on the various review sites, including F Grade on BBB, I expect these guys to be out of business before long. And this isn't the worst of it. Because the first install initially went well, I had them install on a second home, which also needed an upgrade to the electric panel and a new roof. The roof has leaked 3 times, the electrician... I won't even get into that in detail, but they blew up my AC compressor (I have not been compensated), and numerous other issues that I had to pay another electrician to fix. Just massive incompetence all the way around. I have finally contacted an attorney, but I don't know that they will even care. They are likely out searching for their next victims.

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Sick And Tired | Big Spring, Texas | 05/08/2023

By far the worst customer service that I have ever had to deal with. Not only do my panels only work a month at a time it takes green solar months before they will even call me back to schedule a service call to look at the problem. i have gone as long as six months without my panels producing. definitely would recommend them for solar panels.

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