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Fred | Littleton, Colorado | 09/26/2022

Amazingly responsive

Generally, I am skeptical of all contactors based on their sales techniques and performance. However, this company is absolutely the exception. In fact, I wish that all contractors were as attentive as this company. We first contacted them over one year ago and learned what we needed. However, we weren't quite ready to pull the trigger. A year later, they had all of our information and were able to schedule us right away. They outlined the specific steps in the process, provided realistic timeframes and performed as promised. Every step of the process was met with high energy, competence and attention to detail. This was true from the engineer, the production manager and every employee. They have a wonderful team. In the end, we are not only satisfied with the work performed but have also referred them to others. I am proud to have them on our side AND on a side note, I feel like I can call them my friends. It is not often that you fall into a groove with a person/team. They have such a genuine approach to fulfilling expectations. And at the same time, willing to share their personality with you.

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Ben | Colorado Springs, Colorado | 09/05/2022

The BEST Solar Company that won't cheat you

I spent 2 years researching solar companies and doing my due diligence with regard to whether I'd need them or not. Given that Colorado—demographically—produces the most sunshine with less atmosphere and that they were shutting down the coal plant near our home, it seemed a no brainer. The rest of the companies we looked at were... sketchy at best. Jenn and Matt (the owners) are both veterans and straight shooters. They do NOT finance, but only do install and were able to explain everything in layman's terms. They were able to compare other bids and point out the issues. We've had our system now for a month and have no electric bill and actually rolls over onto the grid to save us money in the winter months. Point being, is that you shouldn't waste your time on other companies. I researched them all for you already, and Complete Energy Solutions/DenSolar is, hands down, the best!

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Dave and Malia | Broomfield, Colorado | 07/15/2022

Excellent Company!!!!

Most knowledgeable and excellent experience from beginning to end. We met with several different potential solar installers including a couple very well known solar installers. No other company we could find in the Denver Metro area would even consider doing a ground mount system. Our house is surrounded by trees, and our roofs face the wrong direction (east /west). The other solar companies that we spoke with only wanted to put the panels on the roof. The problem with the roof option was that so many more panels were needed for our kw consumption because of the trees and wrong roof orientation that it raised the price by 50%! I cannot express enough how amazing Jennifer, Matt and the team are at Complete Energy Solutions. We had our solar panels installed in May of 2022. Their professionalism and knowledge of the systems are very apparent and they communicated clearly on what, when and where things would happen. Matt's expertise in solar and electrical engineering is exemplary. Not only could he answer any technical questions I had , he allowed me to assist in the installation so I would be very intimate with our setup. We also had to upgrade part of our electrical system for the way we wanted to configure things. They have a dedicated electrition that works with them on their team that was able to assit in getting this done. They are all very friendly and pleasant to work with. I personally have recommending them to friends, family and neighbors who are interested in solar. Thank you so much Jennifer and Matt! Dave and Malia

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Christine | Englewood, Colorado | 07/13/2022


Getting solar panels with Complete Energy Solutions was awesome! They were able to walk us through the proposal with such patience, answering all of our questions. And working with them as the installation happened was great, they were always incredibly easy to get in touch with and they did an AMAZING job! They were actually able to get things done even sooner than initially estimated, which is always a bonus.

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Rebecca Pichon | Colorado Springs, Colorado | 05/07/2022

I cannot express enough how amazing Jennifer from the Arvada office and her team are at Complete Energy Solutions. We had our solar panels installed in May of 2021 from a different solar company, and that company went bankrupt and never completed our project. So our solar panels were just sitting on our roof, not getting used, while the company we financed our solar loan through had to start charging us! So we were paying DOUBLE for our utilities for almost a year. And to be honest, we had given up hope that they would ever be turned on since company after company tried to come in and fix the problem and failed. It wasn’t until Jennifer and her team came in and fixed this colossal issue with ease, professionalism, confidence, transparency, and just the best communication I could have asked for. She was prompt about giving us updates and letting us know what was going on, and she did everything in her power to fix this awful situation we were in and we couldn’t be happier. If we could redo it all over again, we wish we would’ve gone through Complete Energy Solutions in the first place. Thank you Jennifer and everyone else who came to our house and worked behind the scenes so this small family could start saving money like we were supposed to in the first place! You guys rock!

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Colin CG | Littleton, Colorado | 03/30/2022

Most Knowledgeable By Far

I met with 4 different potential solar installers, including SunPower and several local installers. Matt and Jenn were far and away the most knowledgeable people I talked with. Every question I had, every recommendation I asked them to explain, they were able to fully and thoroughly answer. Their pricing was competitive, they were very experienced and helpful working with a credit union to take advantage of a ReNu Solar loan. They were also very friendly and pleasant to work with. I am going to be personally recommending them to any friends, family or neighbors who are interested in solar.

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Scott | Westminster, CO | 12/04/2021

Enthusiastic, effective, competent

My inverter went bad. Called the company that took over the original installer's company. After several transfers, finally got to someone who told me someone could get back to me in 3-5 business days to schedule a time to come out and look. Called a few local places, and got hold of CES. Described the problem to Jennifer and Matt over the phone. Within an hour, had a proposal for work. This was on a Monday, Wednesday Matt and James came to do the work. While there, Matt answered any questions I had, showed me the website to get reports, etc. He and James did efficient, effective work. In fact, shortly after leaving, Matt called back because he thought of a way to make the system a little more efficient. Came back shortly and implemented that change. Also very friendly people and easy to work with. Strong recommendation.

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Corey & Deanna | Boulder, Colorado | 10/04/2021

A wonderful, local CO company

We couldn’t be happier with the work of Complete Energy Solutions. From start to finish, Jennifer and Matt were extremely communicative and responsive. We are very satisfied with our system and are glad we went with a local CO company. Even when there were unexpected delays on our system due to the global pandemic, CES worked tirelessly to get things back on track and were communicative the entire time. They are a great company to work with and we can’t recommend them enough.

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Jack and Connie | Colorado Springs, Colorado | 09/27/2021

Couldn't be happier with Complete Energy Solutions

All the proposals we received were nearly identically priced per kW for the solar array. Matt and Jennifer at Complete Energy Solutions, however, were easier to work with, provided the pros and cons for various options while explaining their proposed design, and were far more knowledgeable about the battery backup that we also wanted than the others. They answered all our questions before, during, and after installation and we're very pleased with the resulting system. We highly recommend Complete Energy Solutions.

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Geoff McHarg | Palmer Lake, Colorado | 09/26/2021

Great to work with

The folks at Complete Energy Solutions were great to work with. The permits take quite a while, but CES was in contact with me while we waited to let me know progress with the different permitting groups. Once the permits were in place, the install was done in a day and a half. Very happy overall. I would pick them again.

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Paul Gibes | Loveland, Colorado | 09/24/2021

My Solar Experience

By the time I called a few solar companies I knew I was getting solar panels. Didn't need to be sold anything, just looking for difference of price and ability to answer my questions about the system. Only Complete Energy Solutions responded. So I got back to them, asked a few questions, and told them I'm still looking around for a price that best fits me. They actually encouraged it. In hindsight, it was wasted time. The rest of the process went smoothly. The first day I met with them was reassuring. We talked through the rest of the process, they answered questions, and brought a page with some of the most important info. Their estimates were positively shy. Estimated solar production was lower than actual solar production. Lucky weather perhaps? At this point I brought up my HOA and they said they would help with that. Not only did they help me provide the required HOA graphics and plans, they helped with city requirements too. It took 1.5 days to install the 14 panel system. Going so far as too match the paint color of the pipe to the side of the house. And at the time of inspection from the city I didn't even have to go outside. Truthfully, I completely forgot about it. The system passed and a few days later we got our meter replaced. Flipping the switch to turn on the system was incredibly satisfying. Knowing concerns over my energy needs are, essentially, over. Because I'm doing something good for the environment and my wallet. Half of the time I can independently get electricity and most likely sell some too from a product I'm confident in. The cherry on top is, I have a federal tax rebate coming in. A serious purchase requires a serious review. Simply put, I've only had good experiences with this company and the system they installed.

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About Complete Energy Solutions, LLC

Complete Energy Solutions we've been in business for 18 years; providing top quality solar-photovoltaic systems, energy storage systems, demand mitigation systems and micro-grid battery inverter systems across the western United States. We install residential, commercial and utility scale systems; both on and off grid. We are one of the few installers who can engineer and install a battery based remote site system of a quality level such that visitors will never realize there is no utility power on site. Both roof-mounted and ground-mounted systems are available. Please contact us for all your renewable energy and sustainability needs.

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