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Dave 5 days ago

I was referred to Boston Solar by my t-shirt. We had been seriously considering solar and had a few interviews with companies and I just didn’t have a good feeling from them. Then I noticed that Boston Solar was a sponsor for a 5K race I ran in my small home town and figured if they cared enough to sponsor our tiny charity race then I should do some research and give them a call. The reviews were good and we set up a meeting with their solar consultant. We met over Zoom due to the pandemic and it was fantastic. I hope they continue the Zoom option because it was a lot more low pressure than the in person meetings. Rick was our consultant and it didn’t feel like a sales pitch at all. It was all about problem solving. He had a plot of our house ready to go and put together a rough outline of how everything would look, went over the cost, the ROI, the incentives, and so on. Everything that we went over in terms of cost and array size lined up with the research that we had done on Project Sunroof and meeting with other companies so that was reassuring. We knew we wanted solar but we wanted to find the right company to do the work. I think the tipping point for us was the fact that Boston Solar does everything in house, they have no subcontractors and everyone you work with is employed directly by Boston Solar. Many of the other companies use subcontractors and I was concerned I might have the “lowest bidder” putting holes through my roof. Once we signed the contract we were assigned a coordinator Olivia who guided us through the process and who answered our emails and questions often within the hour. The installation took 2 days with supports/conduit being run on day 1 and the panels installed on day 2. I spoke with the foreman and the electrician and they were really knowledgeable and answered my questions about future projects. We may want to add an electric car charger and are panels someday in the future. They also worked with us to make a change to the plan as once they were on site they saw a better way to run the equipment than originally planned. I also appreciated how Boston Solar treated their team. The installation was in the summer and it was a hot day on a hotter roof and I noted that they were cycling people out, giving breaks, and drinking lots of water. It’s the right thing to do for people’s health and beneficial to the homeowner, if you are tired you are more likely to make mistakes. The day after installation we had torrential rains which was a good test as we observed zero leaks to the roof. The project passed inspection without issue, national grid swapped out meter, and we just turned the system on and are producing power. We are really happy with our decision to install a solar array. It will save us a significant amount of money long term while helping our community by taking demand off the grid and generating renewable energy. Definitely check out Boston Solar if you are considering it for your home.

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Nickhatesbostonsolar , over 1 month

I would like to re name this company ...Boston solar of broken promises...after delays of installation...this gem of a crew drove over rain soaked sod and rutted up approx 75yardsof green grass ..a poor adjustment of them trying to fix it 200 ish bucks ...then there "most advanced " controller shorted out leaving me with over a week of no production..and almost burnt down my house .. .then replaced ...shut down again and they claimed it was normal .. after showing up with a random girl in the truck smoking cigarettes until he realized he had no clue what was going on ...surprise surprise 👎🏽.fast forward to "Srec minting" all of a sudden my array didn't produce enough for them<br />To pay me what they owe ...keep in mind I'm in 100% sun all day and payed a disgusting amount for these ...they said it's state regulations and they are doing everything right .... to say they will tell you whatever you want to hear to sell a product would be an understatement ..."molly" is less than courteous ... she could have been condescending due to me calling around lunch time I'm not sure....either way just save your self some trouble and conserve electricity by shutting of a light or two

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42¢ kWh

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We are proud to power Massachusetts, a state that continues to lead the nation in solar installations. We are 100% locally owned and operating; we have the highest customer satisfaction ratings; we have a 25 year system warranty; a 10 year workmanship warranty; AND, a 10 year production guarantee on residential PV systems. Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money, while improving the environment and supporting our local community. Every member of our team is focused on delivering the best experience for every customer. Are you ready to join your neighbors as they take part in the national drive toward energy independence? Learn more about why Boston Solar is the best choice for your home or business.

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