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Bruce Wenthworth | Northborough, Massachusetts | 12/18/2023

Repeat customer of Boston Solar

We had our first solar system installed by Boston Solar in 2014 and it has compensated for our electrical use by about 50%. Together with the SREC system we are well past the pay-back point and so decided to add a second system to our roof and it should take us to the net the zero point when in addition to the first set of panels. To get this new job done we had to employ part of the roof in front of our house and we love the look of the jet black panels. The two systems are now up and running and work together very well. You should definitely give Boston Solar a call as solar power is a great investment.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Merrifields | North Andover, Massachusetts | 08/09/2023

Still waiting for activation

Installed 2 months ago. Didn’t show up on day as scheduled. Still haven’t scheduled the inspection so it can be activated. Terrible communication.

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SDeLuca | Beverly, Massachusetts | 11/27/2023

I have already referred friends.

I interviewed three companies before deciding on Boston Solar. It was a great decision. the project started and was completed on time. They left the site clean. Everyone I dealt with was professional. I have already referred friends to Boston Solar.

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Thi Chu | Medford, Massachusetts | 09/14/2023

Boston solar just finished my house project. Everything was good done. They have experience, knowledge, caution with their jobs. The only thing, they took too much time for being done. They said it will be done around 4 months but they took 10 months to finish. Otherwise, everything is good.

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Jeffrey J | Norwell, Massachusetts | 09/12/2023

Outstanding work from A-Z

Our rating is a full 5 stars on all categories (Sales, On Schedule, After Sales Support, Price charged as quoted, Installation quality).. after interviewing and learning about solar with 7 different solar vendors, Boston Solar was the very clear #1 front runner Yes I would highly recommend their services and expertise... All of our questions were answered Outstanding work from A-Z and truly Appreciated. My only recommendation is to please offer our first Responders, Military Active Duty and Veterans a discounted price or rebate offer. Thank you for considering that. :)

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Monica O | Hanson, Massachusetts | 07/15/2023

Fantastic work crew!

The staff from sales to completion were all extremely professional and courteous. Came in early, did the work & left no trace in the yard. Would highly recommend Boston Solar.

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Cheryl Sargent | Dunstable, Massachusetts | 05/21/2023

Terrible customer service

No one responds and the system isn’t working!!!They suck!!!

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Jonathan Rappaport | Westborough, Massachusetts | 04/23/2023

Good work but frustrating communications and delays

I contracted with Boston Solar for installation of a comprehensive solar system of 34 panels in August, 2022, with a promised installation by December, 2022. My down payment was in September. No communication was forthcoming for months. Permits for the job were not submitted to the town and National Grid until mid December, making it clear their verbal promise of a December installation would not be met. After strenuous complaints about the lack of communication, one person was assigned to be a liaison from Boston Solar, and communication improved drastically. The system was not installed until February, and activated in early March. Thus I lost all federal tax credits for 2022, much to my frustration. The system is working great, and I am very satisfied with the product and workmanship of the installation.

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Joan C. | Beverly, Massachusetts | 02/22/2023

Go Solar

The sales person was very knowledgeable and we had several meeting discussing our options. There was no sales pressure. We asked a lot of questions and all were answered. Once the contract was signed, the process was bumpy and I needed to stay on top of things. Communication could need some improvement, but if I called or sent an email to our service manager, they were answered in a timely manner. The process took a little longer than expected, but Boston Solar did make sure everything turned out to my satisfaction.

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JFan | Franklin, MA | 02/19/2023

Painful and slow process

We had an excellent experience with the salesperson. He sold the product and process very well. We were pleased with the loan rate and proposed timing of the project. The first snag was that the panels we were supposed to get were backordered (these were going to be all black). We received a new quote with another panel, approved it, and were told they were to be all black as well. We were aware that there had been issues with panel production, so we were not surprised. Six days before the scheduled installation (in August) we were told that the panels were not being delivered and there was no time schedule as to when they would arrive. I called to ask for clarification and was told that Boston Solar would be in touch when the panels were available and to anticipate a November installation. I received zero communication in September and I initiated contact in October to see if there was any update. I was informed that there was not and to anticipate a December install. I am in the construction industry and run our company's projects. Even if there is no news or bad news, I inform the customer periodically of the situation, every 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the conversation is difficult, but we feel the communication piece is paramount. No communication in November and again I initiated conversation in December. At this point, I was seriously considering breaking the contract and I shared that news with my contact. My contact provided me with the list of fees associated with the job thus far, per my request. Within 4 days, my Boston Solar contact told me they had found some panels that they could set aside for my project and that they would make sure the installation happened before the deadline for our loan rate. The timing did work (not without some stresses) and the installation went very well. The crew was fantastic and answered all of my questions. The panels, however, were not all black. I decided to keep the panels and not go through any more headaches. Now for the inspection...I was told to wait to hear from Boston Solar when the inspection would happen. I waited 2 weeks and when I heard nothing, I contacted Boston Solar to see what the delay was. I know inspections sometimes take a while, but not to schedule and to receive a date, that takes a phone call. Within an hour, I had an appointment. The inspection was scheduled on a Friday between 9-12noon. The inspector was there at 9:15, but the Boston Solar representative did not arrive until 9:27. Then the rep did not have all the necessary photos and Boston Solar had worked with this particular inspector prior. The inspection did pass and the certificates were sent to National Grid. Within a day of everything being approved, National Grid changed my meter, and the agent told me to contact Boston Solar to figure out next steps. I called my contact and left a message and did not hear back. Fortunately, I knew what breakers to switch on and my panels are producing. I have had zero luck with the mySunPower app as it is not connecting to the reader or I don't' have all the information I need. I'm not sure of the problem because Boston Solar has not returned my call. This has been a most frustrating experience.

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James Mc Coy | Winchester, Massachusetts | 02/06/2023

exceptional service and quality system

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DK | Woburn, Massachusetts | 02/06/2023

Started out good, but install and post install had some issues

Sales process was pretty harmless and generally they've had responsive service. However, there were some issues with the install that were uncovered when the building inspector showed up to do the inspection. Sadly he was left hanging by the Boston Solar team - no one from Boston Solar showed up. The inspector proceeded to pick apart pieces of the install. Boston Solar then had to come out to assess what the inspector said and then return a second time to correct those issues. Both of those post-inspection installs were done without notifying me (the homeowner) that Boston Solar was coming by - not exactly convenient. Lastly, I had requested "critter guards" on the panels and realized after the install that they they were never put on. I have since asked that they be removed from the quote as I don't want more people on my roof.

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We are proud to power Massachusetts, a state that continues to lead the nation in solar installations. We are 100% locally owned and operating; we have the highest customer satisfaction ratings; we have a 25 year system warranty; a 10 year workmanship warranty; AND, a 10 year production guarantee on residential PV systems. Boston Solar is dedicated to helping customers save money, while improving the environment and supporting our local community. Every member of our team is focused on delivering the best experience for every customer. Are you ready to join your neighbors as they take part in the national drive toward energy independence? Learn more about why Boston Solar is the best choice for your home or business.

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