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Latest good review thumbs up

Sue | San Diego, California | 07/27/2022

Excellent company & service

I give Baker Electric 5 stars and would give them more if I could! They are a first class outfit. In business for almost 80 years and I can see why! I chose them partly because of that and partly because I was so impressed by their salesman Wamidh Shamoun. He was knowledgeable, honest, not pushy and helpful from the first call thru the entire installation process. He took the time to check and explain my pool pump and how it functioned. I increased the number of panels (my choice) and signed the paperwork. All virtually. I was given a ‘portal’ to track my progress, a payment schedule etc. I was quoted up to 3 months for install and completion because of possible delays with permitting and inspections – which they have no control over. Wendy Wilkes was my project lead and very responsive throughout the entire project. I signed the contract on June 7th by June 10 my site inspection (first step) was completed. Then the plans were drawn up and sent for my approval. Next, the permit application. Once it was approved the installation date was set. It would have been July 1, but I was out of town so it had to be July 14. Sergio was my contact for that step and I was provided with a date confirmation and details explaining each step of the install. The install team (Jose, Fernando, Kiance and Luis) were on time, worked every minute they were at my house and cleaned up as if no one had even been here. They arrived with their own trailer that contained all the equipment and even had a portable toilet delivered so once I met with Jose, who explained everything step, I never had contact with anyone again until the project was done – all in one day! I have little to no attic, so the entire installation was outside – no one had to come into my house! The next step was for the City inspection. It was estimated to take up to 2 weeks and took place long before the 2 week estimate. The City inspection was completed on Friday afternoon and by Monday morning SDG&E contacted me saying “that your City/County inspection has been received and is being processed by San Diego Gas & Electric's Net Energy Metering Department. The next step is for SDG&E to inspect your Solar system. We will conduct your inspection within the next two weeks.” By 3:08 pm Monday (that same day) I received this notice from SDG&E “Congratulations on going solar! You've been approved for "Permission to Operate" (PTO) and your Net Energy Metering billing will begin on 07/xx/2022. We want to help you make the most of the renewable energy you generate. Start with successful solar tips in our attached guide”. In less than an hour Baker Electric connected me to the Enphase app and website and I am happily watching my system produce energy. It is fascinating to watch! I HIGHLY recommend Baker Electric to anyone looking to add Solar!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Ryan | Encinitas, California | 06/29/2023

Too Busy to pay attention to their paying customers

We did our research, received several bids for solar, and went with Baker even though they were slightly more expensive because they came across knowledgeable and professional. We signed our contract on December 16 of 2022. (When writing this it is almost July 2023 and we still do not have an active system). It took over two months for SDGE to approve the project and only when I called in April did they actually take the first set of installing our new electrical panel- April 11 (which they did a great job with). Then the waiting.... after a month I called our salesman to ask what was happening and magically they scheduled to do our roofing upgrades and install our panels for the end of May (clearly they forgot about us). The panels were dusty and smudged when installed and they did not wipe them down... the did tell me the rain will clean them off. So hopefully next January in San Diego we will get rain. We were told they would do the inspection in a couple days, then get it turned on once SDGE approved. Then the waiting... four weeks later I called and asked why we haven't gotten our inspection and magically it happened that week. (Clearly they forgot about us again). SDGE approved our solar within a day of the inspection and then..... nothing. I called to tell them we were approved and they reached out to say they can come turn on our panels in 3-5 weeks. The problem is they have no system to track their customers. They say the "Baker way" is respect, honesty, and doing right by their customers. They might be honest, but they have not respected us or have done right by us. We are on our second payment for solar so they have their money and no incentive to "do right by their customer". I want to like this company but for some reason we are not a priority for them. If you use this company for solar you must be diligent and advocate for yourself or you will be lost.

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Azeem Dingankar | San Diego, California | 08/18/2022

Baker asking for $1200 to turn on PV monitoring

Bought a home that had a Sunpower system installed by Baker Electric. The owner had subsequently had a Tesla Powerwall system installed and disconncted the PV Monitoring solution. Baker rep Miguel quoted me $1200 to have a person come back and hook the monitoring back up

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Rick | San Diego, California | 03/14/2022

Transfer from Sullivan to Baker

I was looking for another company when Sullivan stopped doing business (and my home battery was in hibernation). I reached out to Baker and over the next 4-6 weeks, they made this happen and took my battery out of hibernation. That may seem like a long time, but they communicated up front that they were very busy helping a number of former Sullivan customers, and they executed step-wise with the necessary documents, etc. I don't have any experience with Baker installing or repairing my system but should I notice that my system isn't performing, I'm confident that I can call on them.

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A very disappointed customer. | San Diego, California | 02/28/2022

Don't use Baker. They will drop you once they are paid.

Folks, Solar was a strange industry to try and pick the best vendor. Amazed me that consumer reports doesn't even try to rate solar panels not to mention solar installers. I though I did my due diligence well but in the end ended up with a headache trying to get consumption data added to my solar portal and when I contacted Baker support team was informed they didn't know much about my energy provider. Why don't you contact LG your solar panel company or SDG&E. Now don't get me wrong my utility company doesn't make this easy but that's exactly when you need the company you provided thousands of dollars to support you. My end impression is Baker nationally knows very little about the network side of the solution they are selling, doesn't care after they received their last payment (which is due the day they install your last panel and before the SDG&E inspection is preformed. After all of this, did I receive a phone call from anyone who was not involved in the installation? No. They apparently didn't even care after the fact. If you are installing Baker now... tell them will not make your last payment until after they have verified all the proposed functionality including Smart Phone apps and usage data from your utility. A very disappointed customer.

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CC | Corona, CA | 11/17/2021

They Don't Care

I signed a contract with Baker Electric in July, and gave them a deposit. Since that time, they have done no work. It has been 4 months. They have sent incorrect permit applications to the city several times. Even after the city contacted them to correct their mistakes, Baker Electric did not correct the permit application until I checked with the city. They don't seem to care to check their work or if the project is moving. I spoke to Brian Gaeta who convinced me that Baker Electric had experience and would complete the project when other companies would keep me waiting. Instead, Baker Electric has done absolutely no work in four months. I'm very disappointed. I should have chosen another company.

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Reply from Baker Electric Home Energy: A message was sent to Theo on November 23, 2021: Theo, we are happy to hear that you are currently working with our leadership team to resolve the issues you have experienced. We appreciate your business and look forward to a resolution.

Mike Isaacson | San Diego, California | 05/08/2021

This Company is the best !

We had our panels installed on a Monday and had City inspections by Thursday. We had PTO from SDGE that same day! We also required roof repair and the Sequoia team is the best ! Communication with Baker is top notch, we will only recommend them to family and friends.

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Reply from Baker Electric Home Energy: Dear Mike, thank you for taking the time to write a positive review about your experience. Our organization is happy we earned 5-stars back in 2021. If you have additional home energy projects, please consider Baker Electric Home Energy to support you.

Mitch R. | Escondido, California | 01/06/2021

Baker Solar can become your worst nightmare!

BAKER SOLAR CAN BECOME YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE!! THEY CERTAINLY BECAME MINE IN 2020!! I did my research to a reasonable degree and concluded that Baker Solar sounded like the best choice for solar. They “sounded” that way because the salesman, Donald I., made false and inaccurate statements to us when we were in his presentation. Specifically, he assured us that our new Baker Solar system would be “monitored” 24/7 and even if some leaves covered a portion of 1 panel and it failed to produce properly, their company would immediately notify us and we or they could address the issue. THAT IS A LIE! Baker Solar DOES NOT HAVE EVEN ONE PERSON OR ANY IN-HOUSE SYSTEM THAT WATCHES ANY OF THEIR SYSTEMS. At that time we did not know that, so we signed the contract and Baker designed and installed our $52,000 system. All appeared to be doing well until this past December when we received a final adjusted bill from SDG&E for $3,800! When we called Baker to ask for their help in understanding how this could be, They tried to communicate with our solar system from their office but could not….the system was broken. IN FACT, AS WE ULTIMATELY FOUND OUT, IT HAD BEEN COMPLETELY BROKEN AND COMPLETELY INNOPERATIVE SINCE JULY 2020! 4 MONTHS AND NOT A WORD FROM BAKER SOLAR! So they sent a technician, who found that their 60amp breaker had EXPLODED, CAUGHT FIRE inside our electric panel and had destroyed several other breakers for our house. I have what is left of those breakers….which is not much! WE ARE BLESSED THAT OUR HOUSE DID NOT CATCH FIRE AND BURN BECAUSE OUR ELECTRIC PANEL IS IN THE PANTRY OF OUR HOME….RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERYTHING FLAMABLE. The original technician replaced their solar breaker but did not have a clue as to why the explosion and fire took place. I WAS VERY UNCOMFORTABLE WITH THEIR LACK OF AN EXPLANATION AS TO HOW THEIR SYSTEM HAD FAILED SO SPECTUCULARLY. So they sent a second technician. He cleaned the contacts a little but he did not know why the system caught fire and stopped working….maybe a bad breaker he told us. But the third technician never even came to our home…he just looked over the reports of the previous two technicians and declared it was absolutely an oxidized (corroded) bus bar…end of story….close out the complaint….nothing more going on here! Except he forgot to factor in the fact that I spent my entire working career as a master metallurgist and his explanation was totally bogus and untrue. I called him out on it and explained why he was wrong, but he never responded. So I ASKED BAKER SOLAR TO CHANGE THE LOCATION OF THEIR 60 AMP BREAKER TO THE OUTSIDE LOCATION WHERE THE REST OF THEIR SYSTEM IS LOCATED. FOR TWO WEEKS THEY TOLD ME THAT WHAT I WANTED WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AND THEY WERE NOT GOING TO DO IT WITHOUT CHARGING ME! I am no electrician but I had to tell them how it was easily possible to do. Finally they came out and did what I had asked for. It took 1 man 30 minutes to make the correction.

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Reply from Baker Electric Home Energy: Baker Electric responded to the customer on 1/6 at 6:14 pm with the following message: Dear Mitch, We are sorry to hear you are not satisfied with the service we provided. The failed breaker has been replaced and your system is properly operating again. Despite the production loss, your home consumed an estimated 4,500 kWh's of energy beyond what the system was designed for (the systems designed production was 106% of prior year's consumption, the 2020 total consumption was 129% over 2019). If requested, our Service Manager, whom you have been in direct contact with, is willing to continue to assist you with consumption analysis in the home. We appreciate your business and look forward to a resolution as our intention is to always provide excellent customer service.

tkthompson | Escondido, California | 11/20/2020


Baker mentions that they have a monitoring of your system through SolarEdge. Baker Electric does not do any monitoring. If your system goes down for 6 months and you do not know it, they will not inform you and will not reimburse you any of the $$$ SDG&E would buy back. I had a 3K electric bill after two years of bills being $140. I had believed they were monitoring my system. They would not do anything about it but paste their contractual agreement.

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H.S. of Ramona, CA. | Ramona, California | 06/20/2020

the savings just keep adding up ;->

Hi. I am very pleased with the solar system that I bought from Baker Electric. These 8 solar panels were installed in 2015. I have not had any problems. My reason for writing a review today is that my electric bill continues to drop. I am delighted with power out put of these panels. H.S. of Ramona, CA.

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Reply from Baker Electric Home Energy: Dear H.S. of Ramona, our organization is happy we earned your 5-star review. Thank you for your business and for taking the time to write a positive review back in 2020. Please consider Baker Electric Home Energy for your home energy projects.

Dan loves solar | Escondido, California | 08/09/2018

Solar done right

The whole experience with Baker has been excellent starting with Eric Ramirez my sales representative. I did a lot of reviews on solar companies and panels. Baker had great reviews across the board. Very fair price and walked me through the entire process. Eric didn't paint any false pictures of how long the process would be. It is a long process but it was completed right when he told me it would be. The installation team was also very professional and did a great job and left the site cleaner than when they arrived. I'm very happy I chose Baker and would highly recommend them and especially Eric Ramirez and his professionalism and no pressure sales technique as well as his complete honesty and transparency of everything solar.

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KG92065 | Ramona, California | 08/06/2018

Solar system review

I would like to start by first saying I had almost 10 different solar companies come to our residence for quotes. Baker was by far the most professional and it definitely was the least pushy when it came to selling their product.<br /><br />From start to finish, I was kept in the loop And nothing was a surprise during this process. For several reasons I chose Baker electric and I am extremely happy that my wife and I picked them.

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Built on over 84 years of electrical contracting expertise, San Diego-based Baker Electric Home Energy has provided home energy solutions to over 16,500 customers throughout Southern California.

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Baker Electric Home Energy is a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating and was the Pacific Southwest winner of the prestigious Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics in 2019 and 2021.

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