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How Mass Save can help cut your energy costs

Mass Save's incentives and rebates can help just about everyone in Massachusetts save money on energy bills. But how do you know if you're eligible?

Written by Cameron Bates

The best Energize CT rebates, incentives, and loans in 2023

Energize Connecticut offers several programs to help you improve energy efficiency and save money on your energy bills. Solar in CT is another great option.

Written by Zeeshan Hyder

What is an SREC? Solar renewable energy credits explained

SRECs are excellent incentives for homeowners. Find out how much you can earn just by generating power with your solar panels.

Written by Catherine Lane

Solar panel maintenance: Everything you need to know

Solar panel maintenance is easy. We tell you what you need to do and how often to keep your solar panels in top shape.

Written by Andy Sendy

Is a Mosaic solar loan the best option for financing solar panels?

Mosaic is the top provider of solar loans and offers a reasonable financing option for homeowners with a credit score of 640 or higher.

Written by Ana Almerini

Consumer reports on solar panels: What can I learn from them?

CR endorses solar panels but doesn't offer solar reviews. Here are the best consumer websites to research solar panels and solar companies.

Written by Zeeshan Hyder

Your guide to solar panel mounts in 2024

Looking for a solar panel mount? We look at the pros and cons of different mounting options as well as the top brands in 2024.

Written by Ana Almerini

Do solar panels work on cloudy days or at night?

We explain how well solar panels work when the sun isn't shining, like on cloudy days or at night.

Written by Andy Sendy