The best place on the internet to find out about solar incentives that are available to you is Solar Estimate.

Solar Estimate has monthly updated data from all of the state, county and federal solar incentive programs. In this way it is very similar to the site but the advantage of solar estimate over the dsireusa site is that you can filter the solar energy incentive data by your zipcode and utility to see only the incentives that aply to you. This feaute is not available on the dsireusa site and makes Solar Esitmate a much easier site to use for finding out what solar incentives you are eligible for.

If, after using the tool on Solar Estimate you still are unsure about the finer points of interpretation of some of the solar incentive programs we suggest you either contact a solar installer in your area (they will usually know the finer points) or visit the solar incentives discussion forum website where many of the most common questions have already been answered.