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LONGi Solar was founded in 2000 and is based in China, but they have offices all over the world with a headquarters in the U.S. LONGi has been in the solar photovoltaic business for over 20 years, which is important as you can trust that they will be in business over the lifetime of your panels.

Additionally, LONGi is listed as one of SolarReviews’ top 10 solar panel manufacturers! Our list was compiled based on numerous factors, most notably the financial strength of the company, length of business, and customer reviews. 

We will break down the types of LONGi solar panels available, discuss what makes them unique, what you can expect in a warranty from LONGi, and more.

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    What makes LONGi Solar stand out?

    LONGi Solar, a Tier 1 solar panel brand, offers state-of-the-art solar technology features in their solar modules, including PERC technology. 

    PERC cells allow solar panels to have a high cell efficiency. PERC, or “passivated emitter and rear contact” panels, have an extra layer of glass on the backsheet of the solar cells that helps reduce energy loss and turns more of the sun’s rays into electricity. You can learn more about PERC technology here.

    All of the LONGi Solar panels are also half-cut cell modules, which further increases their efficiency.

    Below, SolarReviews founder Andy Sendy provides an expert review of LONGi solar panels.

    What solar panel modules does LONGi offer?

    LONGi offers two main monocrystalline module series, the Hi-MO 4 Monofacial Series and the Hi-MO 5 Bifacial Series, but only the Hi-MO 4 Series offers panels for residential use

    Bifacial solar panels are not practical for residential installations but have gained popularity in commercial applications over the past few years.

    There are three models to choose from in the Hi-MO 4 Series, with varying wattage and other features.

    A few things to keep in mind when reviewing solar modules: a high efficiency for a solar panel is anything above 21%, with 20% still being excellent. Additionally, the wattage of solar panels generally ranges from 275 W to as high as 400 W per panel

    Hi-MO 4 Monofacial Modules 

    The Hi-MO 4 Monofacial Modules feature both half-cut and PERC cells, with three options to choose from.

    longi 405-425 Hi-MO 4 Series panel

    Pictured: The 405-425 Hi-MO 4 Series panel. Image source: LONGi

    LONGi Solar panel specs
    Model Wattage Efficiency
    LR4-60HPH 355 - 385 W 20.3% - 20.9%
    LR4-66HPH 405 - 425 W 20.8%
    LR4-72HPH 430 - 460 W 20.2% - 21.2%

    Based on the above specs, you can see that the modules offered have high wattages and efficiency. High wattage and high-efficiency panels do a great job at creating electricity from the sun. 

    Solar panel efficiency measures how much of the sunlight that hits the surface area of a solar panel is converted into usable electricity.

    The higher the efficiency, the more electricity the panels can convert into electricity. So, if you have limited roof space, you’ll want to choose the panels that are the most efficient so you can maximize the amount of energy you can produce. 

    With that said, choose the 430-460 watt panels if you have limited roof space, but if that isn’t a concern, any of the LONGi panels are an excellent choice. 

    How much do LONGi solar panels cost?

    While you can find pricing to buy panels from a supplier, pinpointing the exact cost of solar panel installations is challenging. Many factors go into the total cost, from installation costs to shipping costs. But as a ballpark estimate, LONGi solar panels cost about $2.40 per watt

    As of January 2022, the average cost per watt for solar panels is $3.00, making LONGi solar panels a cost-effective choice. If you consider an average 7 kW size solar system, a LONGi solar system will cost about $16,800 before the federal solar tax credit. After the tax credit, the cost would drop to around $11,760; overall - a very practical price for solar panels (especially with such high-efficiency ratings).

    How well do LONGi solar panels perform?

    Because LONGi solar panels use half-cut cells, they perform well in most conditions. Half-cut cell technology allows the panels to essentially operate as two separate panels on the top and bottom, so if one half is shaded or damaged, the other half will be unaffected and continue to supply power.

    Another important factor to consider is the temperature coefficient, which is how much the performance of the panels decreases with each increasing degree in temperature. Because solar panels are a dark color, they absorb a lot of heat which makes them hotter than the outside temperature. The hotter it gets, the less power solar panels can produce. 

    What this all means is, the lower the temperature coefficient, the better. A higher temperature coefficient means that more energy is lost when the solar panels get hotter.

    All of the Hi-MO 4 Series modules have the same temperature coefficient of .048% which is unfortunately on the high end, considering most modules have a temperature coefficient between .3% -.5%. 

    How does LONGi Solar’s warranty stack up to the competition?

    LONGi Solar offers a 12-year limited product warranty for workmanship and defects and a 25-year performance warranty. The product warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or changes caused by normal use of the system: the modules must be installed and used as they are designed to be.

    As for the performance warranty, also known as the power output warranty, LONGi warranties the panels for 25 years. At the end of 25 years, LONGi guarantees that the annual output of the solar panels will be at least 84.8% of their original solar energy output at the time of installation. With most solar panel companies, the range is about 80%-90% of the original output, so this number falls in line with the industry average. 

    Most high-end solar panel manufacturers offer a 25-year warranty for performance and product, LONGi only offers a 12-year product warranty. 

    Are LONGi solar panels right for you?

    LONGi solar panels are a great choice and one of our top recommended brands for solar projects. LONGi is a reputable solar module manufacturer with high-quality panels and with a solid review score of 4 out of 5 on SolarReviews

    Two downsides of LONGi solar panels include their high temperature coefficient and the less-than-impressive product warranty, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide whether or not these (somewhat minor) factors are a dealbreaker. 

    Working with local installers is the best way to ensure that you get the best panels for your specific needs - at the best price. 

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    Key takeaways

    • LONGi Solar is one of SolarReviews top-ranked solar panel manufacturers.
    • LONGi offers 3 types of solar panels for residential use, ranging from 355 W - 425 W.
    • LONGi solar panels cost about $2.40 per watt, which is lower than the U.S. average of $3.00, making LONGi panels a cost-effective choice.
    • With a competitive warranty and a proven reputation, LONGi solar panels deserve a spot on your roof.
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