Talesun USA TP6L60M360 solar panel

Updated: October 22, 2020
Talesun USA TP6L60M360 solar panel

Talesun USA review score

3.75 1 Reviews

Industry average score: 4.51

Table 1: TP6L60M360 overview
Brand: Talesun USA
Wattage: 360
Model: TP6L60M360
Type: Mono PERC
Country of Manufacturer:  flag
Efficiency: 19.7

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Technical specs

Table 2: TP6L60M360 technical specifications
Detail Value
Current Model Yes
Country of Manufacturer CN
Wattage PMAX 360
Power Tolerance 0˜+3%
Short Circuit Current (ISC) 11.15
Open Circuit Voltage (VOC) 40.7
Module Efficiency 19.7
Temperature Coefficient 0.36

Warranty details

Table 3: TP6L60M360 warranty details
Detail Value
Output warranty term 25 yrs, Linear
Output warranty details 98% after first year, 0.55% degradation per year up to 25 years
Materials warranty terms 12 yrs

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