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Table 1: LG CHEM RESU7H electrical specifications
Detail Value
Is a current model? Yes
Has management system? No
Has inverter? No
Has charger? No
Country of manufacturer KR
Battery chemistry Lithium-ion
Usable energy (kWh) 7
Max energy storage (kWh) 7
Capacity (amp hours) 63
Inbuilt inverter? Yes
Recommended max depth of discharge (%) 94
Width (inches) 29
Height (inches) 27
Weight (lb) 168
Installation options Floor or Wall mounted
Warranty (years) 10
Voltage range 350-450
Can be DC coupled? Yes
Warranty type linear3.5
Warranty details 60% of nominal energy for 10 years or 19.6MWH energy throughput
Enclosure protection rating IP55
Certification battery cell UL1642

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