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Aaron over 1 month

Yesterday was an exciting day for us! Why? We got our 1st NEGATIVE electric bill! We were told this would happen after 1 year but it’s been 6 months and last month wasn’t all that sunny all the time. It all started from a friend that told me to get solar. I gave him every excuse under the sun, but I let him get me a bid anyway because he was a friend I would do anything for. I got the bid for our ~13KW system. I laughed. I said thanks, but no thanks. Unfortunately, it did peak my curiosity and I went to one of those sites and asked for bids. I got 4 more bids from all over North East Texas companies. They all gave me similar bids for ~13KW systems for around the same price. I still wasn’t satisfied, so I tried one more local company because I truly believe in buying local small business whenever possible, even if it is a little more expensive. I found Wright Way. Not only did Rudy come to my house, but he answered probably 30 questions I had via phone or email promptly in a straight forward manner unlike the other sales pitches I had received. He came to my house not only to do an full assessment including roof line, tree coverage, attic insulation, and energy usage, but also came back when he delivered me two proposals. One of the proposals I sort of demanded based on my previous experiences, and another one that he had developed. He also proposed to me the same ~13KW system in line with everyone else which I specifically asked for because I was still ignorant and I had been told by over 6 “experts” that is what I needed. What really intrigued me, was that Rudy listened to me. Rudy only gave me that first proposal because I specifically asked for it. He also brought me what HE recommended for our situation, knowing that of course overall cost would be a deciding factor. I open it up, and I see ~7KW system. Again, I laughed… “Really Rudy?” Rudy knew the kind of person that I was, so he explained to me more about our home electricity and what actually consumes the electricity. He gave ME homework to do since I had been asking all of the wrong questions. After doing extensive research, and actually talking to 3 previous customers of his, we pulled the trigger. The cost was still an issue, but after doing extensive math, showing the savings in electricity usage each month would more than cover the loan payments, it was a no brainer and by this point, I trusted Rudy’s recommendation. Before install Rudy came over a 3rd time to check some specifics because what we were going to do was not only install solar strategically to maximize sun, but also replace the water heaters to the hybrid Rheem water heaters of which I had never heard. Installation was quick and the team was great. I would highly recommend them to anybody! (Original review truncated due to length limitations).

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$14,635 - $17,887

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Annual power production

18,874 kWh

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4¢ kWh

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16¢ kWh

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Founded in 1982 as a maid and janitorial service, Wright Way has grown out of necessity. Our first expansions had us entering property management and sales, thus leading us into the remodeling and improvements services. After decades of helping customers find what they are looking for, we have added any service sought by our customers to ensure a one stop shop for all Real Estate Related needs. Buy it, Sell it, Rent it, Remodel it, Tear it down or clean it up, and of course my favorite...Solar Power it!

We do it all the Wright Way!

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Residential solar - Grid tied

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NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
Rudy Wright

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