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Updated: 12 April 2024

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Latest good review thumbs up

Ricardo velasquez | Springfield, Massachusetts | 02/23/2024

Great experience very professional and i have no conplaints

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Latest bad review thumbs down

HA | Wilbraham, Massachusetts | 04/13/2024

Utility Bills did not get lower

Was promised lower utility bills from the salesman but the bills did not decrease they went up, further than that the utility company is telling us the panels do not work! also when we called in to ask to have a technician come out to check the panels they said no because it’s not an emergency on the computer screen they view, poor customer service and no help what so ever

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Reply from PosiGen: Hello, we are sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience. Earning our customer's trust is at the heart of everything we do and we would appreciate the opportunity to make this right. Please reach out to us at reviews@posigen.com at your earliest convenience with your name and service address and we will connect you with a specialist that can best help resolve this issue.

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Jannelliver | New Lebanon, New York | 04/12/2024

Reinstallation after roof replacement

We had our roof replaced in late February of 2024. It is now 6 weeks later and after contacting PosiGen once a week asking for reinstallation, they still have no date scheduled for the work. We were told it would take 2 to 4 weeks for reinstallation and after 6 weeks with nothing even scheduled we are beyond frustrated. As customers we are not even allowed to take to the scheduling department, we are only allowed to leave a message with customer service. When we request to be transferred to the scheduling department we are denied. We have had other minor issues, but this delay is costing me a lot of money in electricity every week. We would NEVER recommend POSIGEN to anyone we like.

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Reply from PosiGen: Hello, we are sorry to hear that you are having a bad experience. Earning our customer's trust is at the heart of everything we do and we would appreciate the opportunity to make this right. Please reach out to us at reviews@posigen.com at your earliest convenience with your name and service address and we will connect you with a specialist that can best help resolve this issue.

Yang | Hammond, Louisiana | 03/28/2024

Hard to Contact PosiGen

It is hard to express our satisfaction about your services. Our solar system was turned on, but the fuse of our solar system was burned out the next day. It is the second time. It happened last year after the solar system was installed. Our house lost power for several days. This time we did not only lose power but also our solar system caused the garage door to fail. We could not even close the garage door for serveral days. We had to pay by ourselves to get it fixed. It is also very hard to contact and get help from Posigen. Now, we are still waiting for Posigen to change the wires. So many neighbors and friends keep asking us about our solar system. But with so many issues, we are not sure how likely we are to recommend this to our family and friends.

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Bryan F. | New Orleans, Louisiana | 03/14/2024


I have contacted the company many times and emailed them about which back up battery to buy that will go with my system with now return calls or email….definitely dont recommend Posigen

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Sick Bus-tactics | Collingswood, New Jersey | 02/27/2024


HELL! DISHONEST. IMMORAL. RUINED MY ROOF! STAY AWAY!!! They offer NOTHING if your roof is ruined after a little over a year. Never gave me an opportunity to repair, before the install of a system that's supposed to last 20 years! 3rd Posigen convo Corporate was snippy and had the attitude that it's my responsibility, yet I don't know a thing about roofs. (House is new-ish to me, flipped) My son's room is wet, molding, requires a bucket. No snow last winter. Tons of rain all summer. It had enough in late September. I thought it was a downspout. Had it fixed. Lasted 3 weeks. The roofing company told me to call Posigen. My 1st Posigen call for help, rep was really nice, "We got you. We’ll have a tech come out." Sent one quickly. The area tech came out IN EARLY JANUARY. I spoke to him after. 2nd Posigen convo. Also made it sound all good. “Panels caused it. Yes, we'll fix it. We'll help you. We'll take care if it. We'll fix the inside, too.” TWO months, nothing. 5th convo Another rep called and was all nice about it. Again. “We’ll, take care of it." Called tech quickly again. 4th Posigen convo I texted and he called, "Yeah ... Yeah … Yeah. All good. Blah blah." 6th convo Now, nope. "Sorry I haven't called you back." His story has totally changed to "You have to pay for it all."... and "I'm blaming it all on the other local dude who isn't good at his job." And “I'll be your friend. You can vent to me." (How does this happen? Why one thing, now another? How? He didn't know? How?) "It's industry standard. We all do the same thing. It's your responsibility. We are going to charge you to remove them. IT'S IN YOUR CONTRACT." (It's not. Sunrun has a 25 year warranty.) They wouldn't put panels on my roof a year earlier unless I got the roof repaired for $2,000! Now, $10k! Including removal and reinstall of the panels. They're going to charge me! None of it is their fault or responsibility. Do not risk having your roof fall in because you cant afford to repair a damaged roof, having mold in your house, having a company ignore you when there's a BIG PROBLEM. Who does this? Who ruins someone's life? The only thing they own? I could have said, “No!” No choice given. How could all of these people not be on the same page? HOW COULD THEY NOT KNOW IT WOULDN'T LAST EVEN 2 YEARS?

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Mike Greene | Deridder, Louisiana | 02/16/2024

So far it has been great. They set up the onsite meeting and answered questions in person and on the phone. They showed up quickly to install the panels and did a great job. They were quick, efficient and cleaned up well after themselves. Now we are just waiting for the service to be connected, which I think will happen at least a month sooner than I was originally told. The rest is yet to be seen.

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Crystal Streater | New Haven, Connecticut | 02/14/2024

Lies all Lies

I first experienced my bad feeling about Posigen when I found out my panels wasn’t on I ask both parties who is liable about this Light Company said the Solar Company because they have nothing to do with the solar Panels being on are off when I asked they tried blaming the Light Company I let that go now I paid off my whole bill and it still high I cant even get a person to have these panels removed I’m very disappointed with this Solar Company I will NEVER recommend this company to no one

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Kelli Magnum | Lansdowne, Pennsylvania | 02/08/2024

Would Not Recommend

Make sure you examine and understand the agreement fully before you sign it. I signed it after a brief overview with the Salesperson initially, but then took a closer look at it before I locked in. They work hard to convince you that what is in writing is not relied upon. This is based on my experience of challenging language in the agreement…..they will give you lip service, but do not be fooled. The signed agreement is what will be legally relied upon at the end of the day. I also had a terrible experience with Quality Control Manager Stephanie Leahy, who they enlisted to try and talk me into moving forward after I asked for a cancellation. She demonstrated unprofessional conduct, freaked out yelling out of frustration with my inquiries which was the last straw for me.

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Amy L Albee-Johnson | Albany, New York | 02/08/2024

Inherited panels Oct 2022

We inherited a solar purchase when we purchased our home from the previous owners. We have yet to see any benefit from our solar panels which are completely in the sun. We have had a reporting issue since we moved into the house in October 2022. Yes,it is February 2024! Their customer service is none. if I could’ve given zero stars, I would have. I do not recommend the company, other BBB reviews indicate much more of the same zero customer service, poor service and nothing but problems with their panels .

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Gilda Charles | Saint Rose, Louisiana | 02/05/2024

Poor customer service and poor product

This is one of the worse decisions I ever made. I want to share this with everyone. Several attempts to get someone to come out and look at my panels for quite some time now and nothing has been done. Reached out to managers on a few occasions and no call backs. I guess if management is worthless why would you expect anything better from customer service. Every attempt to reach someone to lie to me means on the phone at least about 60/90 minutes. Also remember if a hurricanes come through you have to pay out your pocket to have panels removed to have roof replaced or repaired. This is something they never inform you of until you need to have roofing work done. All I can say is don’t do it!!! You will be sorry

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Sinchild87 | Phillipsburg, New Jersey | 01/28/2024

Awesome job!

The PosiGen crew that showed up to do the install was very professional and respectful of the property. Explained everything that they were going to do during the install. I was even out watching most of the time to be knowledgeable on the equipment they used to the purposes for them. I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking to go solar.

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PosiGen is working to implement solar power for all. We want solar to be affordable and easy to access, especially for underserved communities. By making solar more accessible through our solar leasing program, we are making it possible for families in these communities to invest in their homes, reduce energy costs, and take steps toward a brighter future. Founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, the people of New Orleans sought to rebuild. They wanted to make their homes better, more efficient, and more affordable. During this time there were 16 different programs available to help rebuild stronger, but in practice, these initiatives were only accessible to wealthy residents. Families in underserved communities—which made up quite a bit of the New Orleans population—were not able to afford these home upgrades, putting them at an even greater disadvantage compared to wealthier families. PosiGen’s founders saw this disparity and wanted to do something about it. We knew that we could help disadvantaged persons to rebuild their homes and re-establish their lives. So we got to work. Ultimately, we decided that we could bring solar to these communities by selling it in a fundamentally different way than anyone else: we base our sales on savings. If a customer will not save money by going solar, we won’t install the system. Why? Because our focus is on our customer, not on our wallets.

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