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Updated: 21 January 2023

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Latest good review thumbs up

Lisa Shilling | Denham Springs, Louisiana | 01/31/2023


The available plans offered by PosiGen make it possible for everyone to qualify for solar panels at an affordable cost. It seemed too good to be true but, it is all true and all good. Our representative, Alison was (is) the MVP from start to finish in the sales process. And still today, remains on the scene to help in anyway. She is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and made us feel very comfortable and confident in our decision to move forward. The proposal presentation was synoptic and descriptive which was very appreciated. We are positive we made the right decision in choosing PosiGen.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Angela Rosa | Hamden, Connecticut | 12/18/2022

Damaged roof

In October of 2017 PosiGen installed solar panels on my roof. In November of 2022 I discovered leaks on several areas of my roof. I hired 3 independent roofing professionals and each company confirmed that the leaks were caused by the improper installation of solar panel. The companies found PosiGen incorrectly and improperly installed the solar panels. The damage occurs where the solar panel brackets were installed. When I purchased my home my roof was only five years old. I have contacted PosiGen twice a day since. I have also provided PosiGen with the independent reports I received as well as photos taken by the roof inspector. I begged them to work with me to please resolve this issue. I have begged them to please simply correct their error and I have been met with red tape. To add injury to insult I had to pay PosiGen $1800 to temporarily remove their panels given the urgency I had no choice. Mold has begun to form and my rafters that support my roof are weakening. This issue remains unresolved. I granted Posigen access to my home to allow them to conduct their own assessment and evaluation of my roof. Their employee determined that Posigen was not liable for the damage the improper installation of the solar panels caused to my roof. I cannot ignore or be expected to accept the notion that their employee is free of bias and neutral to both parties. This is why entities whose primary responsibilities involve determining the facts of a case are required to be neutral. I granted Posigen access to my home as a measure of good faith, not because I expected any other outcome. At the onset of this complaint, I attested to the negligence and poor workmanship performed by Posigen’s Solar installation. The negligence and poor workmanship was further aggravated by the additional damaged caused to my roof when Posigen removed the panels. They arrived a day early and removed the panels in the rain. They then used a sealant that cannot and should not be used to seal holes on wet surfaces; for example applying to sealant while raining. After they removed their panels from my roof, it was discovered that roughly 50 shingles were broken and/or cracked. PosiGen stated “when they removed the panels, they cracked a few shingles and tried to protect it by covering it with sealant”. Posigen’s employee never informed me of the additional damage the removal of the solar panels caused. To add injury to insult, they forgot to fill several bracket holes with sealant leaving these areas completely exposed to the elements. I have provided photos of the area of my roof untouched by Posigen and their solar panels. As you can see, that portion of the roof is free of all damage and defects as a ten-year-old roof should be. Posigen conducted their own assessment when my roof was only five years old. their own reports and affirmative act of installing the solar panels are testimony to the condition of my roof prior to the installation of their panels. The panels would not have been installed if the integrity of my roof including the existence of damaged or cracked shingles were present prior to installation. Posigen has completely ignored the independent roofing inspection report that concluded the following “The only area that is having water filtration is the area directly below the solar panel Installations, suggesting the brackets and solar panel installation are the cause of the water intrusions. All other penetrations on the roof have flashing and functional gaskets. Thermal reading confirmed a uniform temperature on the entire roof suggesting there isn’t any discrepancies in any other areas than the previously mentioned.When the panels are reinstalled, the brackets that penetrate the roof need to be flashed and sealed adequately in addition to this; the fasteners that attach the brackets need to be inserted into the rafters to not only guarantee a secure fit but to reduce the chance of leaks” NOW THEY ARE CLAIMING THE DAMAGE WAS CAUSED BY SQUIRRELS

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Karen Chandler | Tuckerton, New Jersey | 01/21/2023

Great choice and excellent service

We have had our solar system installed a few ago and are very great ful each and every month when our electric bill arrives. David at Posigen far succeeded our installation and all customer service ever since. They always promptly answer our questions and concerns. Thanks to David and his team we are so blessed to have met your company.

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User in New Orleans | New Orleans, Louisiana | 12/15/2022

A hot mess

This has taken forever and isn't finished yet. After signing the contract they pretty much disappeared. Have not been able to reach the sales rep since then. They did two partial installations rather than one. Set my breaker box on fire and just told me it's fine. Never respond to any calls. Like literally never. "I'll have someone contact you" was the consistent response from the customer service that must be outsourced because they know nothing and have access to nothing. Only got of their asses once I involved the city. Last I heard from them was them robocalling (with a person) my telling me everything is done and ready....when it actually isn't. When I told the person on the phone that it wasn't done, the response was. ..yes you guessed it "I'll have someone contact you" and as with previous promises nobody ever contacts me.

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Brian | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 11/11/2022

Happy to breach a signed contract

I signed a contract with Posigen for $20,000 to install 12 solar panels. 4 months later they said the project would now cost $60,000 without providing any paperwork to back up their claim. Don't trust a word they say

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L Stevens | Wayne, Oklahoma | 10/18/2022

Solar Hot Water Heather

It is one month now that my solar hot water heater in leaking in the dip pan and no one has come to my house. I have called several times to get this solar hot water heater removed. It will be Ten Years in March this Solar Hot Water Heater was installed. It doesn't seem like no-one at that company wants to help. I would not recommend this company. Very poor management.

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Sylvia Castellanos | Glenside, Pennsylvania | 10/13/2022

Didn't even reach first base

This is the experience I had with the Plymouth Meeting PA office of PosiGen. The technicians were supposed to come to my house today at 11:00 for an initial meeting. In preparing for this, I had sent them copies of my PECO bill and some recent photographs of the roof. Google Maps, which these companies use, do not update photographs very often, and it displayed a lot of branches around the roof which I have since cut down. Thus I sent photographs showing that the roof was bare and there were no branches around it. So when at 11:10 I called in to verify that the men were on their way, I was in for a big surprise. The woman told me that the technicians only use Google maps photos to assess the suitability of the roof, and this is a step they follow rigidly. She had to positively plead with them to use my updated photos instead. By the time they agreed to do this, there wasn’t enough time for them to conduct the needed studies before coming to my house by 11:00. Thus this morning they had told her to cancel the appointment…but she’d forgotten to let me know. We have not even completed the first step in the process and they have displayed breathtaking rigidity and carelessness about something as simple as changing our appointment. Installing solar panels is a complex project calling for flexibility and high professional standards of performance. This is not a company I want to put to the test if it cannot even be trusted to use updated photos and keep the customer abreast of scheduling changes. There are many solar companies. I am passing on Posigen.

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Gemma | New Orleans, Louisiana | 10/11/2022

System Broken, No Repairs or Contact, Back to High Entergy Bills

Surprise, back to high Entergy bills again. Posigen said (after many frustrating attempts to get through) that they flagged it not working a month before. Never called or came. After I called many times, disconnected many time (don't use their call back - no one ever calls back) I got a customer care manager. She put me on hold a long time to tell me she knows nothing and will call me back. They keep getting new customers, installing old used shoddy material and cannot maintain the system and have the worst customer service (not the people the system). They need to be stopped from getting new customers until they are able to service their existing customers.

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Paul Atwater | Meriden, Connecticut | 09/25/2022

Great company to work with by far the best prices nice low profile panels 1 day installation clean and neat highly recommend

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Derrick Chresfield | New Orleans, Louisiana | 09/17/2022


No contact person No communication No follow-up

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Ab | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 09/01/2022

Installation is not yet completed.

I am waiting for a reschedule date and time for the installation guys to return to complete the installation of my solar system at 5416 Market st Philadelphia PA19139. Thanks, Abubacar Corneh

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Captain Roger | Windsor Locks, Connecticut | 05/13/2022

The Good The Bad and The Ugly

The Good: 356KW is my break-even point. I save $50 - to $60 a month. Initial contact was professional 1st year savings exceeded expectations App provides basic info The Bad: Leaky Roof - Months to resolve The Ugly: Forever to repair damage to ceiling and paint (Great job when finally completed) Get the right person and they can make it happen. All are great to work with, so the problem lies with corporate structure.

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PosiGen was founded in 2011 with one simple goal: give low and middle income families access to affordable solar and energy efficiency to dramatically cut their energy costs and improve their lives. In post-Katrina New Orleans, our founders shared the rebuilding city’s frustration that thousands of homeowners wanted to install solar and energy efficiency improvements in their homes, but were shut out due to the lack of significant income and high credit scores that traditional lenders require. In post-Katrina New Orleans, our founders shared the rebuilding city’s frustration that thousands of homeowners wanted to install solar and energy efficiency improvements in their homes, but were shut out due to the lack of significant income and high credit scores that traditional lenders require. So PosiGen was created with a mission to make clean energy available and affordable to all, to deliver meaningful savings to these families, and to prove that lower income homeowners are not a credit risk, but rather an outstanding opportunity for visionary investors who can appreciate the vast, untapped market that is waiting to be served.

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