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Updated: 19 September 2023

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Latest good review thumbs up

Paul L. | Norton, Massachusetts | 08/28/2023

Great service. Clean work and very professional. They also updated me along the way as far as the project completion. Would recommend them to anyone. I even had a neighbor comment how great the panels look on the house.

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Janet Franklin | Springfield, Massachusetts | 09/20/2023

I signed up for solar in December of 2022, it’s now September or 2023 and I still haven’t gotten hooked up yet. I feel like it’s a waste of time and I’m very very very disappointed.

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NOPOSIGEN | Stratford, Connecticut | 09/19/2023

Use any other solar company

It has been over a year and my system is still not activated. I did everything Posigen asked, when they asked. They screwed up the permit process, and that cost an additional month. Then after the installation- they failed to put the required signs on the electrical equipment, causing the system to fail inspection. I called them every 2 weeks for 2 months after the inspection and they told me that the town inspector had not released the inspection report. They told me they called the town over and over again- but no one was getting back to them. I called and on the first call I spoke to the town who informed me that the system failed the inspection. They had to have the system reinspected....and it passed. Then UI came out to install the new meter, and I was told that Posigen did not install the system correctly and the new meter could not be added until that was fixed. Since then, I have made multiple attempts to speak to management and no one calls or emails me. I have wasted a year on this and now I have a roof full of equipment that is not turned on. They obviously do not care about their customers or owning their mistakes. USE ANY OTHER SOLAR COMPANY

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pdxmah | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 09/06/2023

Posigen is a NOPE

If I could do it again, I'd choose another installer. Posigen was ridiculously disorganized and terrible to communicate with. The initial sales process was fine, but once I decided to purchase rather than lease, I barely heard from them again. They kept mixing up my contract and sending me incorrect invoices after I'd already paid. They stood me up for appointments and then would text me randomly that they were on their way, without having given me a heads up. They're customer service could never connect me with someone who knew my account- - I'd have to start all over with explaining, and wasn't allowed to talk to the field supervisor who handled my installation in the first place. When I had issues with my inverter immediately after connection, I had to call them repeatedly and tell the story each time, because they never believed me. Finally, they came out and indeed had to replace the inverter. I had to pester them months after the fact to send me my warranty and contract. They didn't contact me to give me access to the productivity app and had to be called many times to answer my questions about it. Now I'm having more problems with my inverter 10 months later and they refuse to talk to me or come out to assess because I purchased instead of leased- - but the work is less than a year old and never truly worked properly. I'm done with them. I want to recommend people to solar, but unless you have the time and patience and ability to catch their mistakes, you could end up paying them more than you should and with terrible customer service to fix the problem. Get a different installer: Posigen doesn't know how to

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jim kunf | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 08/07/2023

Mr. Jim K

They delivered as promised Now just waiting to see the results

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Its a Ruff Life YATES | Houma, Louisiana | 08/04/2023

Great Customer Service Reps, Not So Great Service

Customer POV: Don't take your frustrations out on the Customer Service Rep, they are doing the best they can to help but it's hard when the Customer is misdirecting their anger/irritation at them. Use a little common sense and courtesy people! Dorinne Aultman, Ashton Wright, and Gabby Castellon have been absolutely amazing on the other end on the line and have done everything in their power to help resolve my solar issues. Brandon (Technician) and Patrick (Portal support) were efficient, patient, and detailed when explaining everything. Issues: Solar Panels were installed Mid-Late 2021. Shortly after, Hurricane Ida struck and caused chaos. So believe me when I say that the months after Ida hit I was very understanding to delays in response time. With that said, since my panels have been installed (it's now August 2023) they have only worked/produced (max) 2 months out of 2 years. I have contacted PosiGen several times over the years and have been told the system is producing just not reporting or the cell modem needs to be updated, etc. I was told on Oct 25, 2022 that the system needs a new cell modem and it is now Aug 4, 2023 and IT STILL HAS NOT BEEN UPGRADED. A tech came out in June and changed out the Box-Inverter-Reader-Thing (can't remember the actual name) and it worked for less than a month and apparently has gone out again. I have a small 700 sqft cinderblock home, don't have a lot of in/out traffic, I don't even have my TVs plugged in, have a tankless waterheater (gas), and have maybe 1 load of laundry a week. Unless my foster dogs (rescues) are partying while I'm at work, there is abso-fucking-lutely no reason for my electric bill to be $250 - $350 dollars each month!! ESPECIALLY with practically-NEW Solar Panels installed on my home! I've brought this up to my account rep several times, sent copies of every electric bill, even sent a summary in an easy to read table of usage, billing, etc. When I called to speak to her yesterday to find out what is going on, I was told that isn't an account issue and she sent me to Customer Service! (which is the reason for the POV at the beginning of this review - none of this is CS fault and they are limited to what they can do yet do everything they can each time). I had to spend around $300 in labor and materials to fix the broken boards in my roof from the contractors not checking what they were doing and not checking their work after installing my panels. I've had to wait OVER 6 months to get a solar panel replaced that was crushed by the storm. To date I have received $11.28 Total credited from Entergy for Cust to Comp kWh and my electric bills are still OVER $200 (historically my bills - even mid summer - were Max $150).

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Charles Gripper | Waterbury, Connecticut | 07/28/2023

Love this company

Let me just say this. In the beginning things fell apart but my new guy Ryan came through and got everything back on track! Can't wait for the install! It was partly my fault for trying to go with inadequate solar shingles but I'm happy with the system Ryan put together for me! Even was able to make everything work and get me the system I needed to truly offset my electric Bill! Thanks Ryan you the man!!!!

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Ana llanos | North Bergen, New Jersey | 07/25/2023

Best experience

I'm really happy about the Posigen services they came to my house to explain in an easy way how solar works and we decided that Posigen is the company to do business

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Mike | Marlton, New Jersey | 07/25/2023


My experience with PosiGen and my sales guy Rick was awesome. Saving me so much money and it’s great knowing what my bill will be. The entire process was very quick and smooth and I even got a new roof done as well! I highly recommend and I tell everyone I can about their awesome program and the money I get for telling my friends is an added bonus!!!

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M G | Livingston, New Jersey | 07/25/2023

Quick and easy and I am saving money

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Joshua Martínez | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 06/27/2023

Mostly because of how easy was to complete, the project.

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Gordon | Albany, Louisiana | 06/23/2023

Sad just sad

6 months after being told system was active its still not doing what it was supposed to do and after calling multiple times a month still getting nowhere all the while being billed a mo thly fee for something that doesnt work.

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PosiGen is working to implement solar power for all. We want solar to be affordable and easy to access, especially for underserved communities. By making solar more accessible through our solar leasing program, we are making it possible for families in these communities to invest in their homes, reduce energy costs, and take steps toward a brighter future. Founded in the wake of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation, the people of New Orleans sought to rebuild. They wanted to make their homes better, more efficient, and more affordable. During this time there were 16 different programs available to help rebuild stronger, but in practice, these initiatives were only accessible to wealthy residents. Families in underserved communities—which made up quite a bit of the New Orleans population—were not able to afford these home upgrades, putting them at an even greater disadvantage compared to wealthier families. PosiGen’s founders saw this disparity and wanted to do something about it. We knew that we could help disadvantaged persons to rebuild their homes and re-establish their lives. So we got to work. Ultimately, we decided that we could bring solar to these communities by selling it in a fundamentally different way than anyone else: we base our sales on savings. If a customer will not save money by going solar, we won’t install the system. Why? Because our focus is on our customer, not on our wallets.

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