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Updated: 17 August 2023

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LOMBARDO | Naples, Florida | 09/09/2023

Very good company to work with.

Through this whole process I have dealt with Martha Dahl EV Project Manager for PlugPV.This LADY goes above and beyond to help her customers. She has called me many times after hours with updates and even when she is home or on vacation. Martha makes me feel like I'm part of her family and i TRUST what she tells me. this is my second review for her and I'm telling PLUGPV that they should clone here because she's that good. THANK YOU MARTHA DAHL

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Jeffrey Q | Altamont, New York | 08/15/2023

Inadequate Customer Service

Bottom Line Up Front, Buy Solar Panels from another company that can sell, install, and service the system when something goes wrong. PlugPV's customer service fell very short of their customer's expectations when relating to servicing a system malfunction. Multiple no-shows and no callbacks (or late callbacks) require me to call back for the appropriate service to my system, then remind them numerous times who I am and why I need them. PlugPV does not care if their customers pay for the panels and an electric bill or act urgently to get a technician to their house and make it right. Their focus is sell and install not fostering customer relationships. In April 2023, we received a bill ($40) for electricity – no big deal. It happens once a year, then our credits catch up, and we owe nothing. In May 2023, we received another bill ($120) for electricity – something had to be wrong; Monday, I went to call PlugPV, and they called me something was wrong with the system and that they would send someone out to fix it. On 5 June 2023, we spoke and could not get to our house for three weeks; a 28 June appointment is scheduled. 28 June 2023, no one shows, no one calls. 30 June 2023, I called their customer service, and PlugPV said they did not have the right part, so they did not come. I understand that; no need to waste everyone's time, but not calling to tell their customer to tell them, this is very off. They said they couldn't be back for another three weeks; AGAIN, three more weeks in peak production time, and PlugPV puts me off again. I ask them to schedule me immediately, and I want to speak with their manager. In July 2023, we received another bill ($220) for electricity – I have been monitoring the system now, and we are not and have not been producing enough electricity to cover our electric bill (since April). 5 July 2023, I speak to A.J., the customer service manager; he can have someone at the house on Friday; excellent, now we are getting somewhere. 7 July 2023, the PlugPV technician comes as scheduled and runs the line to get back up the monitoring; while running diagnostics, there are other error codes. Someone will call tomorrow to get me a follow-up appointment. 17 July 2023, No callback, no appointment; I call back and talk to someone, speak to another customer service representative who says I have an appointment on 31 July 2023. No one ever told me; I called to see what PlugPV offers under warranty due to the system being down for so long (April partial month through now July); if the system produces, they may reimburse, give or take 10%, ok hopefully, we can make this right (wrong). 24 July 2023, Speak to A.J., who has no idea who I am; they will get someone out there on 31 July 2023, and he asked me to send him all my bills to see what the under-production looks like. 26 July 2023, I send him all the electric bills and a spreadsheet that shows a 6720 kWh deficit from last year to this year. 31 July 2023, No one shows, no one calls, and no response to the email I sent them. On 1 August 2023, I called A.J. back; he still did not know who I was; he would try and get someone there asap, and he did; later that day, they got a technician there and replaced the faulty part. He also says he will get to the email I sent and have a response by the end of the day or tomorrow. 2 August 2023, no information back on the email I sent. 3 August 2023, A.J. responds and says since my system produces well the years before, everything equals out, and there is nothing they will do for me, maybe in July of 2024 if we under produce they could possibly try and make it right. I called A.J. back – four months of the system underproducing, three months of paying both solar loan for the panels and an electric bill ($380, plus this month's bill, maybe some in September), the added stress for two no-calls, no shows, two appointments, a dozen calls to them, and six weeks of delays due to their ability to get to my house and they brush us off. They have not monitored our system for over a year; it is four years old. When everything goes as it is supposed to, the system works great; however, it is evident that PlugPV’s response to something going wrong is inadequate. I am pretty reasonable; if PlugPV had the system fixed in a week, we would have been happy with everything. If I had felt like a valued customer at any point during this process, I would not be writing this. Solar is worth it; find a different company to do business with.

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Bob B | Saugerties, New York | 08/17/2023

Solar Panel Install

Solar Panel Installation I first met the salesman (Nick Azadian) from Plug PV during August 2022. At this time, I was already contemplating a solar panel installation on my roof. My response to Nick was I want solid black panels; 400 watts each, panel life 25 years and it would not be installed until April 2023. Nick’s response; not a problem. My 40 years’ experience was in the building trades, site operation, facilities engineering, and maintenance of a large industrial site. As Nick and I began speaking about my expectations I told him I was anal-retentive and the installation (wiring) would be totally concealed. I wanted all the wiring to enter into my attic, they would use an existing chase (2” PVC conduit) from my attic to the basement where my electric panel is located. The crew arrived on April 10, 2023 at 8:30am. Matt was the foreman and Eugene was the electrician. Matt and his crew of 4 completed the install the same day leaving the site at 5:15pm. The install went active (all inspection and meter swap) on April 18, 2023. Project manager was Chris Hayes, him and I had many conversations about my expectations and he assured me Plug PV would meet/exceed my expectations. As the attached pictures illustrate, I received exactly what I was expecting: a neat clean professional installation. I waited to do this review because I wanted to have history on the reliability of the install. No problems to date (8/17/2023), very pleased with the output overall at 3.62MWH or 3,620KWH. I highly recommend this company.

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Jody Zintel | Colliersville, New York | 08/01/2023

Highly recommend PlugTV for your solar needs

I highly recommend PlugTv if you are thinking of going solar. From the initial phone calls with Matt Gaudin and him guiding me through the applications and paperwork, With him answering all of my questions no matter how small. (he was very patient with me) He guided me through the entire experience. Felix(the project manager) who called or emailed me to update me through every step of the process(even if i was just thinking about the install, he called to update me) And Crew one, was super fast and efficient with their install. They were very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. This company is number one in my book. I wish i had done this sooner. They are amazing!!

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Jessica | Springfield, Massachusetts | 07/31/2023

Excellent Service

It was an excellent experience with Plug Pv. Information provided throughout the entire process was detailed and timely. Staff were patient, respectful but above all very friendly. Process ran smoothly and efficiently during all phases of the project! PlugPv is the best in what they do!

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Melissa | Montrose, New York | 07/07/2023

Excellent Customer - Knowlegeable Team

The Team at PlugPV have been excellent. From Paul Bandriwsky our Solar Consultant, who was there every step of the way, to Martha Dahl our EV Project Manager, who was there to answer any and all questions including g dealing with the permits and regulations from our Town and ConEd. We want to thank them so much for working working with us and taking a chance on us when no other Solar Program would, especially with our tree issue. Today I can say that we have Solar and say Bye Bye to the high ConEd Bills. Thank you so much Plug PV. Your Customer Service skills are on par with the Best!

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Tess S | Cape Coral, Florida | 05/15/2023

Run Away

If I could give no stars, I would. Please stay away at all cost if you want to walk away with a home that is not damaged. I was very excited to get solar on my 2-year-old home. It seemed like the logical next step. While the sale team was very nice the customer service is a nightmare in particularly, Gina Kowalski. I can't tell you the number of times I've had to chase this woman down to get an answer or figure out the next steps of what's going on. If that wasn't the worst of it, I had debris left around my home, their workers use my lawn as their personal bathroom, I had a screw damage a tire, I had a roofing nail go through my foot, and they improperly did the panels in a section of my home which led to my roof leaking. They refuse the pay for the cost of fixing the wet ceiling damage, stating it was improper roof installation but the roof was redone on Jan of 23 and it had rained since then. When I called about the issue they had a guy come out and was on the roof for over an hour fixing the panels. Their team lead, AJ Fudge refused to acknowledge their poor craftsmanship and punted the cost back to me. Run away from this company and find someone else or you'll be left paying out of pocket.

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Moe Gagne | Ludlow, Massachusetts | 05/15/2023

It was an excellent experience from start to finish on the project.

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Alan Cramer | Wappingers Falls, New York | 05/13/2023

From start to finding the project was quick, easy and smooth. They took care of everything from the inspections to the permits and everything in between. Wendy Mueller was an awesome project coordinator getting all the parts to move at once, and Cameron was great at answering questions and communicating at all hours of the day and night. We had a great experience, and would highly recommend Plug PV

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Matt W. | Saugerties, New York | 04/06/2023

A Ray of Sunshine!

We had the pleasure of working with Roger Wiseman and Project Manager Wendy Mueller. Roger was wonderful! Sat with us for hours discussing and reviewing the pros and cons specific to our residence. Helped us with the financing and explained the process. Wendy handled ALL the work organization, permit approvals and contacts with Electric company, building dept, etc. Thanks to all of their hard work and attention to detail the entire electrical upgrade and array installation was completed in a single day by a VERY qualified crew! I highly recommend Roger and the PlugPV team if your serious about solar, and why wouldn't you be?!

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Denise and Roland Morell | Cape Coral, Florida | 01/27/2023

PlugPv solar installation

My husband and I would like to thank Louis Esquina for all his help and support through the process of solar installation. Without all his help, especially with hurricane Ian, we would have been lost. He went over and above what we expected to keep us up-to-date during the entire process.

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Shauna | Poughkeepsie, New York | 09/09/2022

Great Company

I am very pleased with the installation of my solar panels. The team who assisted me which included Martha Dahl and Mark Edward's were great. They were very responsive throughout the installation process. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to get solar panels installed. Thanks Team!

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