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Gina Lee | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 05/16/2024

Best company in my book-customer for life.

Corey Asbill, Alex Cardone and Matthew Chandler are fantastic! Back story: I was devastated because once the other solar company received their money May 2023, their service was horrible and nonexistent. After trying to contact my original solar company for months getting the run around, then no responses, I called tried again to contact other solar company January 15, 2024, in the morning, someone answered the phone to tell me, “good luck with your solar being installed we are without jobs all employees been released.” I panicked thinking I’ve been scammed and now I’m stuck paying for a solar system not fully installed and not working. Initially January 15, 2024, in the afternoon, I walked into Organ Mountain Solar & Electric lost, upset and confused because after dealing with another solar company since May 2023 making credit card payments for a solar system not hooked up with little to no progress. I was embarrassed but explained my situation that this other solar company basically set me up with a huge credit card bill but did not finish the job. The owners’ Corey Asbill, Alex Cardone and technician Matthew Chandler listened to my situation, which lower my stress and said they would be out the next day to see if they can finish the installation process for me. Coming in the beginning to midpoint of someone else’s job is difficult, but Matthew did and explained the whole process, which eased my mind of the mess I got myself into with the other company. I was scammed out of money and mad at myself for being taken advantage of. Matthew and team worked with the city permit office to do a reinspection to have my system pass inspection. The electric company came out to do their inspection it failed because the other company didn’t submit all the documentation correctly, but Organ Mountain fixed the documentation, and the electric company reinspected and installed the meter. I spoke with electric company technician who asked me who I initially used to install my solar he already knew the company before I told him because he said they always do horrible work and fail their inspections. He said Organ Mountain does excellent work when he inspects their work always right and professional. I said, “funny you mention Organ Mountain Solar that is who has helped me with getting my system up to code for you to reinspect”. They have been so knowledgeable and professional. He said he could tell that when he came back to reinspect it was Organ Mountain work. Matthew walked me through the whole solar system and established my account with the Enphase, showed me the app. Organ Mountain also provided me with their tax person so I can submit my federal/state tax rebates next year. Matthew sent me a text: Congratulations you are producing electricity on April 12, 2024. Thank you, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, especially Matthew who went above and beyond to provide excellent advice, service and taking the time to work with me when my trust in businesses was severely damage. So many things to say about their service to the customers they serve. I have told many of my friends, co-workers, and family if they are considering a solar system or electrical work, give Organ Mountain Solar & Electric an opportunity to provide the information you need! I highly recommend Organ Mountain Solar & Electric with continuous stars. Best company in my book……customer for life.

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Yvonne Denzler | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 04/02/2024

The sales staff, installation crew, electricians, technical support team, and owners made this installation a great success.

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Laura H | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 09/22/2023

Reliable and Competent

I hired Organ Mountain Solar & Electric to expand an existing system of 4 panels previously installed by Positive Energy in 2014. Since I had experienced no problem with the photovoltaic panels in the years since 2014, & Organ Mtn. was designated to continue my original 25 yr warranty by Positive Energy when they moved to Albuquerque, I chose this company due to reputation for integrity & competence. Organ Mtn. updated inverters on my older panels, updated electrical requirements, & installed another 12 panels, combining both systems effectively. Their staff was exceptionally reliable to contact for any questions; explained & graphed where panels would be installed & exactly what to expect from them; explained each step of installation clearly; & processed all paperwork for El Paso Electric approval, inspections, & state tax credits in a timely manner. Due to being in demand, they were backed up for quite a while, but were worth the wait, & once able to start, finished my project quickly. Since panels were operational effective June 1, my electric bill has only balanced out to credits, & I am confident my new 25 yr warranties will be honored. I recommend this company to anyone considering investing in a photovoltaic system.

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Solar Energy | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 09/21/2023

Exceptional Company

The definition in regards to Quality Assurance that I have used in my life/work is one knows they have a quality product and/or service when it exceeds customers' expectations. Organ Mountain Solar is such a company, From Donald's initial comprehensive interview-explaining in detail what would be involved from start to completion-the inspections needed,approximate time lines. All staff we interacted with were professional and respectful. They have even helped with completion for forms for NM solar tax rebate. My wife and I are so pleased with our decision to go with Organ Mountain Solar. During this heat wave we have not had to pay a single electric bill, the electric company owes us credits. Great company, solar great for the environment. Highly recommended.

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Hofmann-Smith Elena | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 09/18/2023


I wanted to thank Donald Wiklund from Organ Mountain Solar for the excellent installation and service we received. The equipment is top notch, and the array is impeccably installed, the number of panels is appropriate for our use; our electric bills are about ZERO. They did a drone evaluation of our roof and sun exposure and designed a beautiful very flat installation that you cannot even see from the front of the house. Organ Mountain Solar applied for our state of NM rebate for us…we just had to e-sign the application. They have provided the tax form and info for federal rebate too. We consulted and got bids from 3 different solar companies. The others tried to sell us inferior brands and tried to convince us theirs were better but when we did the research we were convinced that Organ Mountain Solar was the best! We had several personal friends that had used them and were very happy with them so we chose this local business. If you are looking to install solar, I cannot recommend them enough! They are impeccable! Sincerely, Elena Hofmann-Smith Westridge Drive Las Cruces

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Dan Farrugia | Alamogordo, New Mexico | 09/08/2023

Great Company to deal with

NmSolar.....UPDATE My system has been down since August 4th.....since i posted my first message i talked to Solaredge...they told me my Inverter was bad.... sent me another new one .. Organ Mountain is FANTASTIC .. they installed a new one .. took them 27 minutes to swap it out .. Anyone that needs work on SolarEdge products.. call them should you have a issue there Great .. and all nice employees .. should u need them .. i talked with the Manager there and told him i was going to post the Wonderful service i received . He asked me to tell all that do call to mention that i recommended ...(Dan Alamogordo on Hawaii ave) so he could see that this site is indeed a good place to Advertise on .. Thanks all for you comments . Dan

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Don S. | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 08/19/2023

Excellent choice for solar installation!

There are several phases to a residential solar installation -- site survey, panel layout plan, panel installation, electrical hookup, city inspection, electric company inspection and activation (I probably missed a few) -- and at every stage Matt at Organ Mountain Solar kept us up to speed and informed. The site survey guy, the project planner, the installation crew, and the electricians were all friendly, informative, and very professional. The panels they installed are REC, which show up at the top of the heap for efficiency and longevity. The city inspection went flawlessly, and the electrician from El Paso Electric who did the final meter hookup was very complimentary about Organ Mountain's work. This morning I was able to go to our site page online and see that all 14 panels are producing 950+ Wh, our total solar electric production is 13.2 KWh, and our usage is 9.9 KWh, and we're exporting 7.3 KWh. Everything about the project with Organ Mountain Solar & Electric has been first-class. A note for those shopping for solar installation: I read a lot of really bad customer comments about some other installers working the Las Cruces area. The El Paso Electric electrician who did our final activation mentioned that with some installers he's seen the required electrical line diagrams had been scrawled on notebook paper with grease pencil -- very unprofessional. Remember you will have these panels for a decade or more, so choose your installer wisely!

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Stephano | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 03/09/2023

Organ Mountain Solar is Great

Organ Mt Solar has completed installation and it will be a few weeks before final inspection by El Paso Electric and local utility. Organ Mountain Solar has been wonderful from start to finish; their project time frame was accurate. Most importantly their staff are simply nice people who take pride in their work. I like the fact that they are established and local, that they talk about pride in their work, they respond quickly to questions, and being 'dog friendly' during installation is a bonus. We have nothing but good things to say about them!

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SolarBadger | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 07/27/2022

Setting a High Standard

OMSC has done an excellent job from first contact to system turn on. They were very helpful without being pushy during system design and negotiation, even making a deal for my system. The installation was quick, professional and ahead of schedule. They have been super helpful and communicative. throughout the process. When I priced systems they cost a bit more than the competitors and its been worth every cent.

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Frank Mestas | Las Cruces, New Mexico | 07/01/2022

Well worth the wait!!! Amazing staff all round

Great team to work with, clean install no corners cut. They listen to how you want a particular setup and they make it work. I cannot recall all of the names of the workers that I dealt with, but I can truly say with confidence that they are true professionals. Donald, my lead sales agent made sure that things were taken care of and done right.

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Ray | Silver City, New Mexico | 03/02/2022

Honest, Trust worthy

The entire experience (even warranty) was pleasurable. Troy was honest about tax credits (state and federal), time frame, cost, timing of payments due, and warranty. Troy clearly explained the different ways PNM deals with excess solar (I choose not to sell it back to them). Even the co-owners gave me their cell phone numbers to resolve any problems or questions I had. They got me the New Mexico tax credit certificate, after the job was done, that is required to claim the state solar tax credit. A microinverter went out and they drove the 100+ miles to replace it, once they had part, at no cost to me.

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