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Updated: 02 August 2020

Installing solar since 2005

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MiguelATF | Talent, Oregon | 08/30/2020

Fantastic Solar Installation by smart people who care

We needed a full solar installation at the end of 2019 and we were on a schedule - due to our personal financial situation: we were hoping to use the generous solar tax credit on our income taxes, but couldn't do it unless a complete installation was up and running before the end of 2019. We live in Talent, a small town halfway between Medford and Ashland in southern Oregon, and in the fall of 2019, we talked with and interviewed all the 'usual suspects' - three or four generally excellent solar contractors in the area. All of whom seemed friendly and knowledgeable - but all of whom were over-committed and over-booked and literally unavailable for new projects before 2020. Then we met and interview Kirpal Khalsa and his small company, Oregon Solarworks. Kirpal was thoughtful, incredibly knowledge, open and literally trust-inspiring. Although his company is based in Grants Pass, in the neighboring county, he works frequently and does installations in Jackson County, where we are located. Even better, we were lucky that his schedule was opening up - and he would be able to fit our job in with enough time to complete the installation, to get all the required permits and approvals, AND to have us up and running before the end of 2019. All in all, it was a large project - and not an inexpensive one, either. Kirpaul's pricing and quotes were right at the same level as those of all the other experienced and professional solar contractors in our area. But when you are about to invest a chunk of your savings into a project, it's helpful to have confidence in the ability of the contractor to whom you are entrusting the job - and Kirpaul not only inspires (and inspired) our confidence - but once we began the project, he was thorough, thoughtful and consummately professional. He gave us a realistic schedule and finished the entire job slightly ahead of schedule - but, better yet, he took a great deal of time to explain to my wife and myself every detail of what for us was a new process - a Solar Installation. I can't truly say enough about his skill, thoughtfulness and professionalism. I'm writing this review nearly half a year after the installation, and thanks to our new Solar system, we have literally been 'saving' an average of around $100 a month - whether for winter heating or the necessary use of our heat-pump-based air conditioning which might seem like a luxury to some, but in weeks and weeks of 100 degree summer weather, has been a lifesaver. In our previous, pre-Oregon-Solarworks installation life, we would have been shelling out significant amounts on our monthly electricity bill - but now, it has virtually disappeared. I would and will unhesitatingly recommend Kirpal - and Oregon Solarworks - to anyone in the greater southern Oregon area who is considering or in need of an excellent solar contractor. He really knows his stuff - and having an installation done by someone who is thoughtful as well as skilled and professional, was a bonus.

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Ginny | Eagle Point, Oregon | 08/02/2020

Kirpal did an exceptional off grid system that works well!

It was difficult to find a company that could provide the total approach we needed to supply off grid solar, integrated system & support we needed for new home & shop.

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Peter | Ashland, Oregon | 07/28/2020

Oregon Solarworks Turned My Life On!

I live on a beautiful property in the hills above Ashland, far enough from town to be off the grid. For nearly 6 six years I depended on a small generator and a pair of batteries for my electrical needs. Ironically, I learned of Oregon Solarworks through a referral from True South Solar, who told me Kirpal was especially skilled with off-grid installations. It turned out that two adjoining properties already had installations he had done, so I was able to preview my system with a couple of short walks. My neighbors both recommended Kirpal's work highly, so I engaged him to set me up as well. The availability of reliable, full-time, REAL electricity has literally turned my life on. I've installed lighting in a large, previously dark shop space, dusted off my power tools, acquired a few new ones, and am reveling in all I can now do. Of course, any competent solar installer could have brought me this benefit, but it was a pleasure to have Oregon Solarworks be the ones. My system was up and running ahead of schedule, and under budget, just in time to have my generator fail in the face of snow storm. I felt rescued in that moment, and my appreciation for the soundness and reliability of the system they installed has only grown since. I would not hesitate to wholeheartedly recommend Kirpal and Oregon Solarworks to anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of solar power done right.

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Stewart | Grants Pass, Oregon | 07/20/2020

Professionals w. the Expertise to deliver extraordinary results

We approached Solar with a good amount of skepticism because we replaced our roof and had to decide if we would renew/upgrade the system to today's standards. Thanks to Kirpal and his team, we choose to update and renew our solar system. Kirpal's expertise and kind counsel was the deciding factor, giving us the time to reach that conclusion converted us to Solar Power enthusiasts. The quality of the equipment and workmanship is unchallenged and we couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU!!

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Jerry Haynes | Grants Pass, Oregon | 07/15/2020

A Solidly Performing Solar System with Great Customer Service

Out of the several solar installers I spoke with I went with Oregon Solarworks because Kirpal Khalsa impressed with his knowledge of the industry and systems as well as his creativity and flexibility in providing a system that fits our needs.

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Lenny and Jonna | Rogue River, Oregon | 07/10/2020

Great Work!!

The company, and Kirpal, we very friendly and knowable. He does what he says he will and shows up as he has scheduled. Plus we followed his recommendations and have a great system with battery back up.

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Brian & Maureen Horne | Ashland, Oregon | 07/10/2020

Excellent job with attention to details.

We checked out several of their installations prior to selecting them. We found their work was neat and tidy and there was a lot of attention to detail.

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Georgia | Grants Pass, Oregon | 07/08/2020

Absolutely the best part of the whole construction project!

Kirpal obviously knows what he is doing; he is very professional and responsive and explained everything in detail. Working with him was a pleasure and the results couldn't make us happier. The whole experience was excellent.

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Sydney | Cave Junction, Oregon | 07/07/2020

Thorough, Knowledgeable, Professional & Timely

I was very please with my solar installation done by Oregon Solarworks. They took care of the necessary paperwork, helped answer any questions along the way and did a great job on our new solar system.

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Bill & Georgia | Grants Pass, Oregon | 07/07/2020

Most Excellent!

We chose Oregon Solarworks after a brief conversation with Kirpal a couple of years before the house construction began. Kirpal is extremely knowledgeable and is most enthusiastic about his work. We had nothing but the best experience with him throughout the process, and have recommended him to everyone that has asked about our array. Oregon Solarworks is highly recommended!

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Lamar | Grants Pass, Oregon | 07/06/2020

Why I chose Oregon Solarworks

Experience doing solar. Was willing to use solar panels I requested. Took the extra time to apply for rebates. Took extra step on their own to cover all panel wiring under array with no extra cost, while another installer said I need to build a fence around my system for safety. Increased warranty to my inverter to 25 years without charge to me. Had good reference from other customers.

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Oregon Solarworks LLC is a full service solar design and installation company. Oregon Solarworks LLC specializes in Grid Tied and Off Grid solar electric systems. Residential and Commercial Systems. Providing friendly and professional service.

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