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We started our solar project in March of this year, and realized that one of the first steps would be to convince our Home Owners Association (HOA) that solar was a good idea for our neighborhood. They did not have any policy in place, so we introduced them to the project, with Harvest Energy presenting at one of the board meetings. <br /><br />There was interest from the HOA board, but they needed a little more time and background information, and of course they needed to come up with some language to craft their policy. Working with John Blattner of Harvest Energy, I had decided to use SunPower panels, based on their efficiency and aesthetic appeal. We chose the Signature Black X21 350 W panels with anti-reflective glass.<br /><br />As we wound through the regulations and governmental permit requirements, Harvest Energy kept me updated on the process. By August we had received all the necessary permissions and permits, and the HOA had put together a simple, yet comprehensive policy. Once we got the official go ahead from our HOA, the panels were installed and after a couple weeks and the final inspection by our electricity supplier, DTE, the system was energized we started generating electricity on October 2. Once we had all the permits, the installation went quickly and smoothly, only taking about 3 days.<br /><br />The process was long, but this is what you can expect when you start from zero. Ours was the first house in our neighborhood to put in solar energy generation, so it had to follow the process. I appreciate the legwork done by John Blattner of Harvest Energy, but also the work done by our HOA to come up with a reasonable policy in a relatively short time. They are all volunteers, so they were doing their work in the evenings and weekends to come up with a policy. Special thanks to our Architecture Enforcement Committee chair for creating the language for the policy.<br /><br />Now that we are producing, I am really satisfied with the overall result. The panels look great and are generating enough electricity over the past week to offset over 80% of our electricity demand. We sourced the project with an expectation of meeting 62% of our needs. Of course, it will change as the amount of sunlight changes, but so far I am really happy with the production.

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26¢ kWh

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