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Updated: 09 July 2018

Installing solar since 2014

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Very Happy | Curwensville, Pennsylvania | 04/23/2021

Groundhog Solar did a Great Job

have had system in for 3yrs, working as promised, make enough kwh to go thru winter months. Use point of use electric water heater to heat floors using radiant heat. Also have mini split for spring and fall heating and cooling in summer. Great Company to work with.

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bigd168 | Houtzdale, Pennsylvania | 07/09/2018

Dennis/Linda Martin

We are very pleased and satisfied with the work and professionalism of Groundhog Solar from start to finish!!! <br />Our system is up and operating and works well. We received our first bill from our electric company of just the minimal service charge....GREAT!!!<br />We had talked to other solar providers but none compared to Groundhog Solar.<br />Thanks to Richard and your crew!!!

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Grouselander | Clearville, Pennsylvania | 01/22/2018

Grouseland Tours Shop and B&B

Groundhog Solar took the job from beginning to end and helped with the USDA grant. The work was well done and professional.

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Wise | Ebensburg, Pennsylvania | 12/04/2017

Very highly recommend!

Do not hesitate in getting Richard to install your solar!! Very trustworthy , knowledgeable, and professional. Installed solar at both our business 41.25 kW and my house 37kW. It's a no brainer and you can trust Richard to do it right!!

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jmdinger | Duncansville, Pennsylvania | 12/04/2017

Very happy

I am very pleased with the work that Groundhog Solar did installing my 102 panel ground-mounted solar array. Very professional high quality work.

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VGB | Hastings, Pennsylvania | 09/07/2017

Solar Installation

After a month in operation we couldn't be happier, we have a 68 panel 19.75KW system on our garage roof working perfectly. Richard and his team was the perfect choice they strived to make everything look professional and work the way it should while keeping the costs exactly as quoted. I am an electrician by trade I am not an expert on solar Richard is an expert on solar. After my experience with Richard (Ground Hog Solar) I couldn't imagine working with anyone else his word is gold and he operates a very class act company his crew was some of the hardest working men I have ever had the pleasure of being around.

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drippsb | State College, Pennsylvania | 08/31/2017

I got everything I hoped for.

Richard listened carefully to what I wanted and then, translated that into the equipment that could do the job at a reasonable price. I asked many questions. He answered all he could and was very honest when he did not have an answer. He warned me about potential pitfalls and unrealistic expectations. It was very clear what I should expect and so far, my expectations have been exceeded. I got no extraneous or pricy bells and whistles. My home is quite unique, but that was not a problem for Richard. I asked for a grid-connected net zero system, and I got it.

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jclayton | Duncansville, Pennsylvania | 01/24/2017

Extremely Satisfied!

Richard from Groundhog Solar did a great job of explaining all aspects of the solar installation process. He and his team were very professional, handling all of the permitting and the correspondence with our electric provider. We were delayed for a bit while waiting for our panels to arrive (they were on backorder, no fault of Groundhog Solar's), but they were diligent about getting as much as possible installed while waiting for the panels so as not to extend the installation any longer than necessary.<br /><br />I am extremely pleased with our decision to go solar, and Richard and his team is a big reason for that. I know that if we ever have a problem with our system, Richard will most likely know about it before I do and has the experience and knowledge to get the job done. I would recommend Groundhog Solar to anyone!<br /><br />Now if only the weather would cooperate!

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AR | Benton, Pennsylvania | 01/09/2017

Groundhog Solar review

Delivered as promised

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Debbie from The Herb Place | Olanta, Pennsylvania | 02/29/2016

Solar Repair/Installation

Groundhog Solar usually does grid-tie applications and I am off-grid. I had an inverter fire and he replaced my inverter plus a lot more. He installed safety disconnects that should have been in place since 2002 and 2008 when the inverter was replaced from a power surge and 2013 when more solar panels were added by another company. He moved my batteries into a battery box in my basement with a vent/fan and moved the inverter into my room addition that we had originally built to put the equipment into. My inverter was not hooked up properly after being replaced after a power surge and hadn't worked at full capacity until now, if ever. I ran a week with just battery power and I hadn't been able to run even one day before! Same batteries! Thank you to Richard from Grounhog Solar for making my life much easier! Thank you for letting me be your first off-grid repair! I definitely recommend him. Highly knowledgable and professional!

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Patti | Everett, Pennsylvania | 11/19/2015

Everett Solar Repair

Finding Groundhog Solar was the best thing that happened to my solar system. Richard was knowledgeable, efficient, timely, thorough, and thoughtful. He took the time to ensure that I understood the issues at hand, why the repair was necessary, how the changes were going to improve or affect my system, and left me make key decisions based on information provided. My system is now improved and better--thank you.

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Reply from Patti: When only the best will do--use Groundhog Solar

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