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Chad L | Los Angeles, California | 08/19/2020

100% Of My Power Needs Met by Green Convergence and SunPower

I looked into multiple solar vendors and panels before making a decision. After a lot of careful research, I decided I wanted to go with a SunPower system. I trusted Green Convergences since they exclusivity work with SunPower and have a proven track record of high-quality work as SunPower's first Master Dealer. The sales process was extremely smooth, and their tools for analyzing the best panels and positions were excellent, but when we couldn't initially find an efficient way to meet 100% of our houses need with solar one of their technicians stepped in and found a creative solution that got the job done. I also got the opportunity to chat with their CEO and Co-Founder, Mark Figearo, and he's a stand-up guy and had great insight into the industry. Installation took only three days, and everyone on their team was extremely professional. The system went up very fast, looks great, and functions as advertised. While follow-up support of our 14-month-old system has been minimal, there was one area where waterproofing on the roof was missed during the original installation, and we discovered this during the first rainstorm. Green Convergence came out immediately and resolved the problem with no issues since then and no cost to us. I can't recommend the team at Green Convergence enough. I'm happy with my system, confident it's adding resale value to my home and has dropped my power bill to just the interconnection fee, and I have a credit with LADWP.

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KAthleen Shea | Santa Clarita, California | 12/08/2020

Solar Scam

We chose this company based on the reviews I read. To say I am disappointed is an incredible understatement. My husband and I spent 31,000.00 because we were promised it would lower our bill to something like $15.00 per month. Our bills are about the same as they were before the solar was installed.<br />This is not a quality company. I contacted them numerous times and they gave me a runaround. Nadia sold us this scam and told us she'd be with us throughout everything and promised that we, in my husband's words, "would not get screwed". She assured us in the most heartfelt way that we'd be well taken care of and get a solar supply that would fit our home's needs and then some. When I contacted Nadia about the problem she pawned us off on a guy named Alex G. who answered my concerns with company marketing materials and when I asked him to call us, ignored us.<br /><br />No one will call us. No one has been sent out to investigate. After $31,000.00 paid in full, it does not work and nobody cares.<br /><br />The owners Mark and Erin Figero seem to be completely hands off.<br /><br />I have a movie to direct and I can't be using my time to be jacked around by these people any longer, so I have to give this to my lawyer to file a lawsuit against them. Dealing with a lawsuit is the last thing I want to be doing in these crazy times, but now I have to.<br />I was so excited about going solar and now I just want our money refunded and the panels off our roof.<br />To anyone thinking of using this company, I would avoid them like the plague. I don't know how they managed to get the reviews they have, but I don't think they are real.<br />Share review<br />Edit review<br />Remove review

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Robert Nichols | Los Angeles, California | 05/04/2020

Very unprofessional

Advertised as "Master Installers" by SunPower. They are "Masters" all right but, evidently know very little about site evaluation or electrical requirements prior to installation. They want to get their panels on your roof and then let you figure out the rest. Electrical contractor's fees and eight month delay before any solar was generated. Meanwhile, I was trying to deal with my energy provider (DWP) who continued to find reasons why solar could not be connected. When asked for removal of the panels and a refund I was told, "There is no way we are going to remove those panels." I will leave it to you to determine what they are "Masters" of.

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Shawn2018 | Canoga Park, California | 04/12/2018

The best value for the buck

I did months of research before deciding to go with Sun Power and my installer was Green Convergence and I have to say they were the most professional group of installers. Very happy with the outcome. The system looks great, produces some serious power, and so far they've been there to resolve a couple minor issues. Highly recommended.

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Kebler House | Santa Clarita, California | 04/12/2018


Company does a very good job cleaning up the job site every time they did work, workers were polite

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At Green Convergence, we realize not all solar is created equal. With over a combined 75 years in roofing and electrical contracting experience, we are a one stop shop for your solar needs. We sell SunPower panels, which hold the world-record setting efficiency of all solar panels at 22.8%. This means that you can generate the same amount of power using less of your roof space, while also eliminating your electric bill. Not only is the panel you choose important, but who installs your solar is just as important. Because of our decades in roofing and electrical contracting and licensing, we provide a low-profile racking system, a 50-year warranty on your roof under the solar array, and no ugly conduit running alongside your home. This means that your roof will last just as long as the life of your solar system; and will be an installation you will boast about. We not only have been trusted locally, but we have also been trusted globally. In 2013, Green Convergence was recognized as SunPower's first Master Dealer, selected out of hundreds of dealers world-wide. At Green Convergence, we are proud to bring world-class to your home.

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