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Dean Henderson | Tracy, California | 07/10/2021

Excellent Quality Workmanship and kept us informed a progress

Five Star Solar was one of 10 estimates we requested. Their package was able to put all of the panels on the southernly facing roof area and projected enough power to meet our pretty high electrical usage needs for a very reasonable cost, especially when compared to some of the other estimates. The saleperson was very knowledgeable/personable and kept in contact during our evaluation process, making some adjustments when requested. The quality of the Solar installation was great and a PG&E tech even went out of his way to say how impressed he was with the quality of things like how the wiring was routed and the clean finish of the installation. A few weeks after the system when Live, the micro-inverter software had a glitch causing the system to go offline and the Five Star Solar owner got involved to make sure this was resolved and sent one of his installers to make sure our software to properly updated in order to correct the issue. We have not gone a full year to determine how things will look at our yearly True Up, but the first couple months have seen a several hundred dollar reduction versus last year without Solar and this past month is typically one of the highest electricity usage months all year and we still generated slightly more electricity than we used. The next 2 months will provide more info on this issue, but we are looking very good at this point. Overall, we are very happy about our choice of using Five Star Solar for Solar installation needs and we highly recommend them to others looking for Solar.

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Sunlover1 | Galt, California | 02/20/2017


Five Star Solar has the best pricing period. Robert was very professional and helped us design a system that supplies all the electricity we need throughout the year. We pay only the connection fee to SMUD now. The other companies that we dealt with were far more expensive. Two of the companies were very pushy and seemed desperate dropping prices as we showed them to the door. Everything about Solar was explained and all of our questions answered. Thank you Five Star Solar

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7 Easy Steps to Go Solar With Us:

1) Contact Five Star Solar to request a free site visit. We will arrange for a Sales representative to visit you and determine your home's solar potential.
2) After analyzing your electricity bills, we will recommend a solar system that best meets your needs and budget.
3) Upon signing a purchase contract, Five Star Solar will prepare and submit your application for a cash rebate on your solar system.
4)Five Star Solar will acquire all necessary permits and approvals.
5)After all permits have been finalized, Five Star Solar will contact our professional installation team, who will then install your system.
6)Receive your rebate check from the state, start-up your new system and begin producing your own clean, solar electricity!
7)Five Star Solar will clean and maintain solar panels quarterly for the first year, Free.

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