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tony montana | Caldwell, Idaho | 05/16/2022

Power house Solar company

they have the best tesla panels very happy with there work

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Reply from Encor Solar: Thank you for the kind review!

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Stanley allen | Harker Heights, Texas | 08/15/2022


ENCOR Solar is unreliable; they are quick to sell the product however, when the product does not work they give excesses instead of fixing the problem. I had ENCOR Solar install a solar system on my house in September of 2019, it has only works half the time, but I still must pay for the system. They have yet to come and check the system and tell me why it does not work as they said it would. It is not working now but they told me it is not their fault because it is still under warrant. I have called them several times over the last month with no results. I have ask them to come and fix the problem but the only thing they can or will tell me is the part is on back order. If you are planning on getting Solar installed for your home; whatever you do; do not use ENCOR Solar their system does not work.

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Reply from Encor Solar: Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with Encor. Regarding the status of your system, there was an issue with a component of your inverter. We have been working with the manufacture to get a hold of the needed part, unfortunately they are currently out of stock. Once the part becomes available we will be within the first to receive it. While we are waiting for the part needed, please contact our support team and we can work with you to reimburse payments made on your solar loan until the system is back up and operational.

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HanselmanGretal | Kernersville, North Carolina | 08/09/2022

System still not active to use

You better run far away from these Morans at Encor! Spent almost $30K on a solar system back in April and these idiots at Encor still don't have approvals from County or Duke Energy for the system to do anything. Their follow through and communication on the back end after the sale and install is absolutely terrible. And they're not responsive to any communication at all for them to pay our utility bills until their operations idiots can get the system powered on. Out of Cash for over 5 months and they said without an HOA is would be 75-90 days. They are full of shit and don't know what they are doing. You better run far away from these Morans at Encor!

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Reply from Encor Solar: Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. This is not the experience Encor Solar wants to create, and we will do everything we can to correct any errors in our process. If you could call into our support team at (888) 543-6267 and provide further details so we can locate your account that would be greatly appreciated. Regarding payments, our team would be willing to take discuss any payments made for the system, if it not yet operational and look to reimburse you.

Randall Meyers | Nampa, ID | 12/11/2021

Exceptional service and results!!

Recently decided to make the switch. Had a 12kw system installed and its been great. 6 moths ago we started the process and havent paid a power bill since!!

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Reply from Encor Solar: Thank you for the kind review Randall, and thanks for choosing Encor as your partner to go solar!

Leonard | Tucson, AZ | 10/28/2021


Tucson AZ…sold the system but completely ignored the deregulation laws since 2018, still getting utility bills -not the production I was promised but then again their engineers can’t figure out deregulating a panel down to 100A. Horrible follow through and NO accountability and now I get to fix the problem at a cost of an additional $3 grand after spending $34K! These guys make used car salesman look good.

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Matt B | Charlotte, NC | 10/16/2021

The sales and loan process went very smoothly with no surprises. The salesperson was very knowledgeable. Unfortunately, installation had a few problems. Encor uses satellite imagery to determine the size of your roof and not a tape measure. As a result the installer determined that my panels needed to be reoriented on installation day because they wouldn’t fit in the configuration that I had approved. My biggest issue was that I was given unrealistic expectations of having my panels operational in a month or less. It actually took closer to 4 months. A lot of that was out of Encor’s control, but it did take them several weeks to complete the electrical work and a failed inspection took another couple weeks to address. Now that my panels are operating, I’m happy with the end result. The panels look sleek and low profile, and the wiring is well hidden. The mySolarEdge app is also really cool to look at since I get real-time energy generation plus lots of historical graphs.

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Mike | Wilmington, North Carolina | 09/10/2021

Good sales pitch

They can sell you a system fast, set you up for an install and only complete half the job before they move to another job. Don’t come back the next day when told. Have to stay on them to come back and parts needed where not delivers for the install and those that where delivered where damaged. Stay clear from this company

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Jason | Las Vegas, Nevada | 08/13/2021

They do a great job

They are very friendly and nice

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mgideon | Sparks, Nevada | 08/10/2021

One of the easiest things I've done.

Encor made this entire process so easy. They handled everything for me in a timely manor. I'm sure it wasn't a simple process but for me it was really out of sight out of mind. I was kept updated and informed through the entire project.

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Susana | Pflugerville, Texas | 07/28/2021

Encor solar

I need to replace my roofing for winter storm damage roofing company tried to reach I tried to reach to take plate down no response and when they responded said we need to wait at least three month to take down God only know how long will take to install . I have a neighbor has solar from different company came took down plates and when roofing company done with roofing within a week came and installed back . Encor solar service very bad . I have a leak in my roof they don’t care @ all.

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Denise | Sun Valley, Nevada | 06/23/2021

Committed and professional

The initial contact convinced me of the advantages of installing solar. The rep. Explained everything so I felt secure in contracting with Encor.

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GregC48 | San Antonio, Texas | 06/22/2021

Absolutely Garbage company

System was installed in December 2019, about 3 months after it was supposed to be installed. After that the headaches just got worse. Install faked inspection, needed to have additional work done. After that, encore has still (as of June 202) not sent the correct paperwork to CPS for my solar rebate. On top of that: they either lied about what constitutes a local company, or were just fraudulent about how well they knew the program which is leading me to only receive half of the solar rebate. I can't recommend usi g a different company enough.

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About Encor Solar

Encor Solar, founded in 2016 by a group of elite sales leaders, is one of America's top full-service solar providers.

The same founders previously founded Evolve Solar, the largest SolarCity retailer that transacted for $52MM in 2015.

Encor Solar is on a mission to expand life by helping homeowners to lower their carbon footprint through clean, affordable, and renewable energy solutions. Encor Solar has already helped tens of thousands of families in 13 states to control their energy costs through solar power with additional locations included in their scope for 2020. Encor Solar is committed to providing world-class equipment and programs to give homeowners the best savings. Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power, and switching to solar is easier than it's ever been with Encor Solar.

Homeowners can qualify for Encor Solar's Zero Down Program and simply pay for the power their solar systems produces.

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