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tony montana | Caldwell, Idaho | 05/16/2022

Power house Solar company

they have the best tesla panels very happy with there work

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Reply from Encor Solar: Thank you for the kind review!

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Michael | Middleton, Idaho | 12/01/2022

Wouldn't use Encor again nor would I recommend.

Sales process was great. The SubContracters who installed the system were great! That's where it ends. Layout/design was screwed up before the equipment was delivered. Installers had to make changes on the fly. System was installed Sept. 2022. Didn't have the final inspection until Nov 28. I can only speculate that because the installers had to deviate from the original installation plan that the original permitting and approvals had to all redone, resubmitted and approved. Couldn't get any of that information from Encor though. Finally got my PTO approval from the local power company, got a text message from Encor "great news, your power company will be out to sign off and give PTO" 4 hours after it was done. In that message is a statement to call when "I" am home and have 5min to be walked through the "turn the system on" process. Spent damn near an hour on hold between two calls. It's been nothing but excuses with these guys and ambiguous text messages "we're working on it". Knowing what I now know, I wouldn't go through this company again. I sure as hell won't recommend them to any one I know, not if I want to maintain the friendship, not would I recommend them to anyone else. Buyer beware. If I could give these guys negative stars for support, schedule, planning, efficiency etc....I would.

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Ira | Reno, Nevada | 11/22/2022

System installed but not online 5 months and counting.

Got the system installed in summer but it has not been able to go online because apparently they can’t schedule an inspection with the city or the electrical company. Called every other week for updates but every time it’s a new reason!!! Pathetic follow up on the process.

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Kyle W | Portland, Oregon | 11/18/2022

Followup and battery experience have been awful

Pros: Initial deployment of solar panels went up fairly smoothly. Cons: Just about everything else. Encor failed to get the backup battery I ordered into the initial deployment entirely. Every time I asked for a status on it during the panel process they kept basically telling me "Oh, batteries are backordered right now, give it some time." I finally called months after my panels went up and they informed me that the battery had never been ordered (despite being on the bill of goods.) Six months after my panels went up they finally got a battery to me but it is now 4 and a half months and 2 power failures later and they still don't have a technician scheduled to actually install it. I have been calling repeatedly and getting little information other than repeated insistences that it's being worked on and that they're hoping to "have something by the end of the week." The end of the week comes and goes, usually without even a "sorry, still working on it" update. The monitoring tool that is supposed to report on my energy production and consumption was also not set up correctly and hasn't been fixed yet. When I first called to request that it be fixed the rep tried to gaslight me by insisting that I didn't understand how the calculations are done as opposed to admitting that it might be hooked up wrong. The delays on the battery ordering and install are also looking like they might roll past the end of the year which will have some significant consequences for my taxes, and the failure to bundle the battery with the panels resulted in having to finance the battery with significantly worse terms (10 year repayment with 3% interest vs 20-years at 1%) and Encor didn't offer any sort of compensation for that until I pushed them on it. I also had to correct them on their power consumption estimates for me because they didn't account for my first power bill only being a half month of use. Sloppy and frustrating all around.

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JMS | Greenville, South Carolina | 10/25/2022

Installed and never activated - liars and cheaters

While the sales process and installation was fine, the activation was been excruciating. I've had the panels on my roof for months but the followup is one of the poorest I've ever seen. I've followed up more than forty times with them to follow up with county approval, but they let it languish forever. Their policy is to pay for any payments that occur before activation, but I'm still paying for both the installation and my energy bill. Do not trust them, they are absolute liars who only care about getting a sale. If someone shows up at your house, tell them to f*ck off and never feel bad about doing it.

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello JMS, would you be able to call into our support line or email andrew.long@encorsolar.com with additional information on your account and complaint so we can better assist? Thank you

Kenny | Pflugerville, Texas | 10/23/2022

Battery backup project is a disaster

I had Encor Solar panels and they work well so decided to give them a shot for battery storage. It has been a complete disaster, I waited over a year to even get the batteries which I can forgive considering supply chain issues. When I finally got them the installers did not know what to do and my panels were offline for almost 2 months while they kept coming back to figure it out. It has been 6 months since they were installed and not only are the batteries not working but my solar panels are now cutting out randomly in the middle of the day causing me to pay extra electric bills. The project manager keeps brushing me aside and even though I have been nice everybody over there is ghosting me now. I am about to start litigation if this does not get squared away soon.

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Kenny, looking at your account it looks like our team spoke with you last week to schedule a service call that is to be conducted tomorrow 10/25. We apologies for the delay in obtaining a battery, and troubleshooting it. Our team has been working closely with the manufacture for assistance with the issue, and will continue to work to get the issue resolved. In the meantime, it looks like our team has reimbursed you for any payments you have made on the system for the few months it has been down. We will continue to do this until the issue is resolved. Our team looks forward to our visit tomorrow, we will keep you informed on the status of the resolution.

MJ | Leland, North Carolina | 10/04/2022

9 months and counting..

Purchased system in good faith based on the information we were provided by our salesperson, wanting to produce our own power/use more renewable energy. System installed in January 2022, supposed to go active by March, when bank draft payments began. Now October, come to find out that the system installed produces more energy than our Electric company will allow. Only reason we went with solar in the first place was to replace one energy source with another, not interested in an "auxiliary" system, also wasn't what we were sold/promised at the outset. Operations manager promised to remove the panels and return the roof and siding to its original condition, now she's leaving the company and we're being handed off to someone else. Weeks without responses to emails and phone calls. Haven't been reimbursed for the last two loan payments that were promised (up until then we were getting checks to offset the loan payment for a non-working solar system). Stopping payments on the loan immediately, and will be contacting a lawyer unless we are contacted and the panel removal, roof repair and loan is closed by the end of the month. Don't buy the Solar sales pitch, contact your electric company FIRST before signing anything. Very disappointed and disillusioned by the whole experience..

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello MJ, We apologize for your inconvenience, and for the incorrect information and expectations that were set when signing the contract to go solar. Encor Solar has done, and is doing everything we can do to correct this. We have scheduled a date to uninstall your system, and are working with multiple roofing companies and contractors to repair the roof and your siding to its original condition prior to solar. However, the claim that you have not been getting communication from our operations manager is false. Our team has been emailing you updates, the method of communication that you requested, and has responded to your latest message within 24 hours (one day prior to this review). As of now, we have an uninstall date scheduled for Oct 17th, and the roof work will follow shortly after. If there is anything else we can assist you with in the meantime, feel free to contact us on the active email thread, or call our support line at (888) 543-6267.

Greg | Belton, Texas | 09/28/2022

incredibly bad customer service

I purchased my home with solar panels already installed. I had my roof replaced this spring due to hail damage. The solar panels had to be removed and reinstalled. This had a $10000 price tag just to remove an install the panels. Upon the re installment, the system was installed incorrectly and I was not receiving credits from my electric company. I contacted customer service and they said they would come to my home at a certain day and time to do some troubleshooting. I took the day off so I could talk to the tech because I had some concerns. No one ever showed up or called to reschedule. They just didn't show up. I have now been through the same scenario 3 times since. My system has not worked properly since the re installment and Encor just keeps stringing me along without fixing the problem. It has been 4 months since my first contact with customer service. I believe I am out about $600 or more. Stay away from Encor if you expect any kind of customer service after sales. My next move will be to contact an attorney.

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Greg, a member of our team should have reached out to you a moment ago regarding a date and time for us to visit your home on 10/3 to help troubleshoot the system. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team for any further questions or concerns.

Akin | Charlotte, North Carolina | 09/27/2022

BEWARE: Over 1.5 years - still no working system

It's comical how bad these guys are - it's been over 1.5 years since they came to install our panels and still we do not have a working solar power system. Even our lawyer got a chuckle out of this. The bad reviews here all reflect our experience - they have great sales people, but their operations is pure 'Keystone-Cops'. Can't even get a call back from their Operations chief. We have literarily no choice than to hand it over to our lawyers (thank God we have the pockets to sue!) I am only writing this review as a warning to others - Solar is a great idea, BUT beware of who you contract with to implement!

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Akin, we are unable to find an account in our system under this name. I believe we have located your account using the zip code and other information provided. We will be reaching out to the phone number we have an file to confirm, and provide an update on your account.

Lora | Belton, Texas | 09/27/2022

Had to have panels removed from roof due to reroofing

Due to hail damage, we had roof damage that required a new roof. Luckily, only one solar panel was damaged and has to be replaced. We had the panels installed in April 2021. We had good service since the panels were installed, but their communication is rated “0”! Due to keeping the panels under manufacture warranty, we were required to use their installation crew to remove the panels and to reinstall after the roof was finished. The roof is finished and ready for reinstallation of the panels, but emails and phone calls seem to be ignored. Meanwhile, we are paying monthly for a system that isn’t working. We hope that They reply soon because we want to expect this company to uphold their policies and regulations and our warranty. Warranties are legal documents and should be treated as such.

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Lora, while there are no account in our system under the name of this review we believe we have located your account. The panels for your systems were uninstalled on 9/17, and are currently scheduled to be reinstalled this Saturday 10/1. You should have received some communications from our team, and will receive a call shortly. If there is anything else we can assist you with, please don't hesitate to call our support line at (888) 543-6267. Thank you.

DJ | Albuquerque, New Mexico | 09/16/2022

Great when sales are involved. Ghost after

Had great experience upfront with sales. When it came to install they became ghost. Yes they will reimburse you for time out of service but I've experienced more of that than actually service. It took a long time to get the panels approved and working due to many issues with plans, installs and inspections. After the install they were mum on how the process of the State rebate works so I was left with the legwork of getting documents from them and processed to the point the the state funds were depleted and I got close to nothing but still have to pay the deposit portion out of pocket or my panel loan will jump up. My panels have not been working and again another waiting period for them to be approved for a warranty repair. I understand it was my fault completely for not researching Encor as much as I should have but the salesman was great and I will say has still been helpful to the best of his ability but the company and service he is working for unfortunately has his hands tied and my patience worn out. I'm paying for nonfuncutional panels and haven't even had them on for a year. Can't wait to see my next electric bill since I'm using them and paying for essentially bird houses(yes, someone is using them as I have a bird apartment complex on my roof).

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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello DJ, we understand your frustration on the issues with the equipment of the system. We are working directly with the manufacture to get you a new inverter as quickly as possible. Our team will keep you updated once this is shipped and tracking information has been provided. As for the issue with birds, we do offer a critter guard which may help with this situation. If you have any further questions, or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. Thank you

Soua vang | Hickory, North Carolina | 08/31/2022



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Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Soua, I have passed along your concerns to our team. We will be working with our field team to get a site visit scheduled as soon as possible to take an in person look at your solar system. Once we have a date and time for that visit, a member of our customer support team will reach out to you with an update. Regarding the payments of your system, if the system is not operational / not producing the amount of power to live up to the estimates we provided we will work with you to reimburse you for any payments made.
Reply from Encor Solar: Hello Soua! It looks like our team performed your service visit, which just required them to execute a firmware update to the inverter. Is there anything else we can assist you with?

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