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Updated: 13 November 2023

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Kirstie Dixon | Leland, North Carolina | 11/13/2023

Going smoothly

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Central Ohio | Grove City, Ohio | 11/07/2023

Buyer beware!

I have had Encor Solar since 2021. I now need a new roof due to wind and hail damage. I have tried to contact the Co. many times and many ways since June 2023 without response, except that they no longer do work in Ohio. The warranty is a 10 year warranty with 25 on parts. I was told they could not help me. Point blank. I was told to find "my own" Solar company to help me. They just kept repeating, they could not help me. The warranty clearly states that this is covered under the warranty. Unbelieveable, and unacceptable. Absolutely no support. My solar is paid off which makes it even more unacceptable. I own it and can't get support or direction. Their recording just cuts you off and states your case is closed after I sent them a text. Do not do business with this company. I researched them before buying and all was good. Buyer beware. Go get your solar from one of the good solar companies that uphold what they sell you. It's a shame that I now have to find a lawyer to have them uphold their warranty obligations.

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Linda and Roy's Sunny Days | Leland, North Carolina | 11/13/2023


Installers were very professional.

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Allen | Garner, North Carolina | 10/20/2023

Salespeople are liars

I've had my solar panels for almost four years and they have never made more than 310-330 kw hours. They were supposed to to make 1000-1100 kw hours to match my house's monthly usage. I've tried calling and emailing, but not a single reply. Don't get your panels from this company, they are shady and their installs are subpar.

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Emily | Greensboro, North Carolina | 10/19/2023

I'm reporting them to the BBB

Had I looked at the reviews prior to getting involved with encor I would never have signed up for their panels. My husband and I started this nightmare of a journey back in May of 2023. It is now mid October and while our solar panels are technically "installed" they are not working. I have tried contacting their customer service multiple times and either have received no response at all or a "we'll get back to you" kind of response. We are financing through goodleap but refuse to pay for a service we are not being provided. I am going to report them to the better business bureau in hopes of getting out of our contract and out of any financial obligations since they clearly are not a company that values their customers and I believe are just looking to scam people out of money.

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Brenda | Holly Ridge, North Carolina | 10/17/2023

Will not respond

Used Encōr for two installations 1) Solar Edge Solar…great job completed on time so we decided to have them install a Tesla Powerwall 2)Big Mistake. In six months the entire character of the Company changed. Slow responding. Finally installation complete after two months. Now waiting for company to send permits to town. Cannot get a response. Email, phone, text. Salesperson left company. Customer service text response obviously automated. No actual updates. Just want to get system commissioned to pay them off.

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Mike | Goldsboro, North Carolina | 10/06/2023

Same issues different story

We had our panels installed early Sept 2022 and as of this posting we still haven't had any luck with our panels turned on. We received our reimbursement checks up until January and then starting February we haven't received a reimbursement check since. They state they can only send out so many reimbursement checks a month but we are now 8 months deep. Paying on solar panels and an increased electric bill is getting old and expensive now. "Scheduled" for multiple final inspections but no inspector came. Called the local inspection office and nothing was ever placed on the inspection schedule log for each of these "scheduled" inspections. Every contact with the company says they will reach out when they hear something but it's the same story over and over and over again. I am looking into other solar companies to see if they can assist or seek legal advice if needed.

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Paul Combs | Raleigh, North Carolina | 10/04/2023

Unresponsive and awful

Signed contract 2 years ago and yet the system is still NOT setup. Numerous text and phone calls and unresponsive. Awful company, do NOT do business with this company!

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Art | Meridian, Idaho | 09/27/2023

Post Solar Install - Good luck at getting response

Check your solar edge App daily! We didn't know our converter went bad for over 2 weeks. If you try to contact Encor, they send you to voicemail and they say texting is best. Either way, they have an automated response. We never spoke with a customer service rep! We were lucky the we kept the Electrian information on who assisted with the Install. I am in Idaho and they don't even have a dropped down option. Once you have your solar, you will be brushed off and forgotten. We don't trust this company! Find a company with exceptional post solar install customer service before you install.

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Hmph | Fayetteville, North Carolina | 09/26/2023

This company is horrible

Took 6 months to get my panels operational and I had to reach out to the electric company. My panels worked for 2 months then an inverter went bad been trying to get it replaced for 2 months. I'm calling a lawyer.

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Gary | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma | 09/20/2023

Zero customer service

Installed system quickly, but never finished connecting, failed to install according to blueprint specs, dropped the ball on the inspections, now we need to get another contractor to fix and finish the project, because encor won't answer their phones or respond to messages. Do not recommend them to anyone else.

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Steve B | Peyton, Colorado | 09/14/2023

Worst ever

Had our panels installed this past spring. We were promised critter guards to keep out pigeons . So far, we have a colony of birds nesting under our panels. Also, the app used to monitor our output is only half installed, The contracted company says the fault likes with Encor, and won't come out to solve this issue because Encor is not paying their bills. Now we are stuck and have to suffer through this. It could be solved so easy. Every time I try to contact them, you get this stupid text message that they will be be contacting me soon. Our sales rep in Colorado Springs has disappeared. No response at at all.

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About Encor Solar

Encor Solar, founded in 2016 by a group of elite sales leaders, is one of America's top full-service solar providers.

The same founders previously founded Evolve Solar, the largest SolarCity retailer that transacted for $52MM in 2015.

Encor Solar is on a mission to expand life by helping homeowners to lower their carbon footprint through clean, affordable, and renewable energy solutions. Encor Solar has already helped tens of thousands of families in 13 states to control their energy costs through solar power with additional locations included in their scope for 2020. Encor Solar is committed to providing world-class equipment and programs to give homeowners the best savings. Today, solar energy costs less than traditional power, and switching to solar is easier than it's ever been with Encor Solar.

Homeowners can qualify for Encor Solar's Zero Down Program and simply pay for the power their solar systems produces.

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