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Thomas Otto over 1 month

Out of all the companies that put a bid on my property, Cal Morton had the best bid with a system that made the most financial sense for myself and considered all my future needs. Mr. Morton and his wonderful crew (which included his two sons) completed the entire 36-panel solar array with proven REC panels in one day's time. Upon powerup, the system has been producing perfectly even on partly cloudy days. I'm grid-tied back to Oncor with Green Mountain as my retail provider. All interactions have been A+++ I was waiting for my retail electric bill to come in before I made comments. I'm very pleased that is fantastically low, under a price of a 5 pack of gum! Very pleased and happy to be harvesting my own power with EasTex Solar. Thanks alot Cal!

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dumb, over 1 month

Isn't it so true that when you meet someone that tells you how honest they are, are the very ones that lie to you the most. When I meet Cal Morton of EasTex solar, he told me repeatedly how honest he was and especially so with his business.... When you negotiate with Cal for solar, he will give you fancy pamphlet loaded with figures and calculations. One such figure was that if I bought this much solar, I would realize a 55% reduction in my electric bills. I have had my system in place now for just over 6 months and my average reduction in bill has been 2%, a far cry for the 55% promised and at virtually the same usage. Lie #1... After a few months of no reduction in my bills, I asked Cal to investigate. He claimed that the problem lied with my electric provider and to prove it, he would install a magnet device that would clamp onto and attach around the meter, we could then measure my electricity generated vs consumed. This magnet was never delivered nor installed despite several phone calls from me. Lie #2... Cal continued to claim that the problem was with the billing by my electric provider and that he would write me a letter detailing this. Again, despite several phone calls, I never got any letter from Cal Morton. Lie #3... So if you ever meet Cal Morton and he tells you how honest he is, consider yourself warned...

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$14,635 - $17,887

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Annual power production

18,874 kWh

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Levelized cost per kWh is the cost of the solar system divided by the total number of kWh produced by a solar system over it’s lifetime.

4¢ kWh

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16¢ kWh

Forecast average TX electric rates over the next 25 years

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Established by Cal Morton, a long time executive with one of the largest solar contractors in the state, the company operates from Palestine, serving the DFW and Houston markets, as well as the under-served rural markets of East Texas. The company designs, prices and installs systems with the lowest cost of ownership, and the highest level of reliability, over the project life - considered to be a minimum of 25 years in the industry. Why Palestine? Because Cal was born here, and has acreage north of town, in an area surrounded by other family members and their operations - several of which have solar by Eastex Solar of course.

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819 An County Road 446, Palestine TX, 75803


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819 An County Road 446, Palestine TX, 75803

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Timothy Coats

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