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sh21250 | Westminster, California | 09/15/2015

Hartley Solar

I had a good experience during the sales process and received a favorable price compared with other quotes I had received. The installation process went very well and fast. I gave 4 stars because my system, after 6 months of operation, is running 8% below predict. I don't expect the upcoming fall and winter months to make up the shortfall.

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Lynda | Clovis, California | 10/26/2023

0 star

My inverter broke 3 times already, took company 4 months to send technician to come on site, meanwhile solar was not producing any energy and my tru up bill is over $3000. Then 2 months later both inverters broke, technician came out and reported that I needed a new one because it's old and borken. Waited and calling the company every week to f/u, the answer is "oh we have to order parts and it takes 3-4 wks" kept calling and calling, finally they told that I have to buy the inverter then they will come out to install the inverter. It took them 6 months to tell me that I have to purchase a new inverter then they will come out to fix the problem. I am so fucken frustrated. DO NOT BUY SOLAR!!!

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Stacey Kearns | La Mesa, California | 10/25/2023


NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE! You must always leave a message and it usually takes a while before getting a call back, sometimes 2 days. Today the roofing guy showed up to the house unannounced saying they wanted to start today but had problems, would probably do it tomorrow. No appointment, no contact, never went over things first, we have animals and they were told that they needed to schedule so we make sure someone is home. Still waiting for a call back......they never give you a direct (cell) number to contact your project manager so far, not happy. I will edit if things improve.

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9mosNOSolar3homes LA& SD | El Segundo, California | 10/23/2023

9mosNO Solar on 3 Homes w/Complete Solar & EngeryPal

Feb. 2023, I signed THREE Complete Solar/EnergyPal homes/contracts for San Diego and Los Angeles. At the nd of Oct. 2023 so far / After 9 months NO solar, not even close. Panels blocking driveway for 6 months in LA. SD home panels installed & Complete Solar can't get SDG&E to turn on for 6 months. William H. my sales/service EnergyPal agent and his boss, customer service, saled departments have not returned calls, emails, texts for 2-3 months. I've spoke to the Complete Solar "Escalation Department" supervisors and directors and we are going backwards. (Alex, Carol, Mario, etc.) I've spent 80 hours trying to get them to solar installed for 9 months. I will remove review when resovled. Thank you, Laura

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April Sylva | Lakeport, California | 09/11/2023


This company employs shady, lying salesmen. If a salesman by the name of Josh Nolz comes to your door slam it in his face and call a dissolve company. He is a liar that makes promises of $1000 referral bonuses with zero intention of fulfilling that promise. And this company does nothing whatsoever about his shady tactic for getting them business.

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Paul Robinson | Alameda, California | 08/25/2023

Terrible Customer Service!

Hey, they're great at making promises & making the sale -very nice people & a slick system. As far as actual follow through & keeping promises, not so much. I contracted with them a year and a half ago for a new roof with solar panels & installation of EV chargers for my car. It took a couple of months to get the roof, not bad, but they forgot the rain gutters & gutter covers which were covered in the contract (seems like a pretty basic thing, but the contractors know nothing about the request, so won't do it). Another month & the solar system goes up -still looking pretty good, but it takes another couple of months for the rain gutter covers to be completed. Still not too bad, I'm happy with the roof & the system, but what about the EV chargers? I spoke with the electrical contractors & they indicated the EV charger installation should be simple & scheduled soon. Nothing! I figure the company is busy toward the end of the year with holidays, etc, so cut them some slack. Start of 2023 I pursue the issue again & my "Project Coordinator" tells me she just needs to schedule things with a contractor. 8 months later still nothing!! I text, email or call at least a couple of times a month & think they're just avoiding me at this point. I get responses that are literally cut and pasted from previous "just need to get it scheduled with a contractor". How is this possible after all this time?! There is definitely something wrong with this company & no way to actually talk to anybody to get things fixed -very poor customer service!!

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JP | Mc Farland, California | 06/02/2023

Frauds. Do not trust them. Sue them

LAWSUIT. LAWSUIT. LAWSUIT. I created my Yelp account jus to inform others. I am suing Complete Solar electric because of their fraudulent, dishonest and disgusting way of business. Very long story short. Had solar panels installed 8 years ago. They have NEVER worked and it has racked up tens of thousands of dollars in electric bills. I live in central California and I have a lawyer in southern California. who has been great despite Complete Solar unprofessional. I highly encourage anyone who has tried to work with Complete Solar to find legal counsel and sue. READ MY YELP REVIEW OF COMPLETE SOLAR. STAY AWAY. DO NOT HIRE THEM. NIGHTMARE Again. If you have hired Complete Solar FIND A LAWYER AND SUE THEM.

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John R | East Falmouth, Massachusetts | 05/23/2023

Stay Away From Them!!!

Similar to what others have posted here. We hired Complete Solar to install a solar system on our home in MA. There were multiple issues during the installation. Including: 1. The equipment didn't match the contract and was not an even substitute. 2. They failed to pay for electrical permits on time. 3. They failed to get the proper inspections when needed. 4. The system failed electrical and building inspections. 5. Incorrectly sized fuses were installed in the disconnect switch. I actually had to point that out to them! This caused the system to keep shutting down when the installer was testing it. They had no clue why it was happening. Unbelievable!!! The system was finally installed and passed inspections, but Complete Solar still has not submitted the final paperwork to our power company. I have called in multiple times and just get the run around. The forms they need to submit are standard and very basic. It world take someone about 10 mins to resolve my issue, but it's going on two months since the system was installed. If I could submit the forms myself I would. Recommendations: 1. First stay away from this Company at all cost!!!! 2. If you do decided to get solar, make sure you do a PPA or finance it yourself so you can hold back final payment until the installer has finished the job.

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Carlos Ramirez | Miami, Florida | 08/19/2022

Worst Customer service system is not completed

For two months i have the system but still can not see what energy I'm generating calling complete solar and they say that in 5 business days they will call back, never do and I'm still waiting for a solution and not getting one I have called them at least 12 times and no answer is the worst they are polite but not problem solving

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Reply from Complete Solar: Hello Carlos, We are sorry you are having trouble with your portal. Unfortunately Complete Solar does not have access to your monitoring app. After installation, we handed your account over to SUN RUN, your finance company. I suggest you contact them regarding this inquiry. They are in charge of monitoring your system and are the only ones with access to your system's production. Their customer service phone number is 855.478.6786. I hope this helps!

K | Hemet, California | 04/14/2022

Horrible experience!!!!!Run

Contract started in August 2021, we are in April 2022 and I still do not have panels running. The company is horrible at submitting paperwork to Edison. There have been many errors which has delayed the project. The same errors keep occurring each submission. My panel financing company is now wanting monthly payments, on top of me still paying and electric bill!

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Reply from Complete Solar: Thank you for sharing your feedback. I truly apologize for the inconveniences you experienced, we do our best to provide great service, and your experience is a rare occurrence that we want to sort out. Unfortunately, I was not able to identify your account, but I would like to hear more about your situation. If you can please email our Customer Relation Specialists at Hopefully, you will allow us to make things right.

Hgogna | Eastvale , CA | 10/26/2021

Please don’t with them; NIGHTMARES

I signed the contract on Jan, 2021 and to be installed date was March, 2021. Still waiting for to finish this project. Customer service sucks, further don’t know who to contact. Their favorite dialogue is”waiting for update from XYZ department”. That day hasn’t come so far.

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Reply from Complete Solar: Thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear you are having a frustrating experience, but we’ll strive to do better in the course of the project. Your battery plans were submitted for city revision, and they have been approved. Our team will be contacting you to discuss the next steps.

Momof5 | Rio Vista, California | 09/03/2021


This is the worst Solar Company EVER! This company definitely does not care about taking care of their customers when an issue arises after installation. First off, they do not even have their own technicians, so every service order is scheduled with an independent contractor. Therefore, they take no responsibility if the technician is a no show, 3 times now, and they also don't care if they wasted your day waiting for them to not arrive. And every time you call to get a new schedule date, they start a new work order so that it doesn't show that you have been waiting for 3 months to have the problem addressed. Please DO NOT buy from this company!!

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