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As solar power becomes an increasingly competitive energy source, more Americans are looking for reputable companies that can meet their solar needs. Reviews from past consumers can make the decision process easier by helping new customers locate trustworthy solar companies in their area.

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Online reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, behind only direct personal recommendations
85% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses before making a purchase decision
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93% of respondents said online reviews impacted purchase decisions (source-Solar Power World)
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SolarReviews helps solar installers build and promote their reputation using the voice of their customers. Our tools and services help installers leverage customer reviews to increase sales conversion rates in all of their customer acquisition channels. We pride ourselves on ongoing technological innovation and providing excellent customer service. Your company will have a dedicated account team to help you take full advantage of all that SolarReviews has to offer.

YSG Solar

New England Clean Energy

Renova Solar

SolarReviews is an important resource for Minnesota solar customers and solar companies: every year, more solar interested consumers and business owners throughout Minnesota are visiting to read reviews of local solar contractors, and to review their certifications and memberships in trade associations like MnSEIA. The value to our citizens and industry cannot be understated.
Liz Lucente, MnSEIA Program Director
SEI has partnered with due to their extensive reach into solar installer networks across the country and has grown to be recognized as the #1 website for homeowners to find honest reviews of the companies working in their community.
Chris Turek, Director of Marketing and Communications, Solar Energy International is the best thing that ever happened to the solar industry; they have brought a previously unheard-of level of integrity to solar reviews in the United States, providing consumers with truly unbiased information.
Complete Energy Solutions
Matt Feeney, PE – Owner
We love their site and the service they provide to our potential customers.
Sunsense Solar
Carbondale, CO
Our experience so far has been absolutely amazing with you guys. Very refreshing considering the experience I had with other people and companies in your industry.
Auric Energy
West Jordan, UT
The biggest opportunity we've received thus far, has come through SolarReviews - and in that particular case it came down to Jamie knowing the customer preferred a local installer and contacting us personally to make it happen. This is the ONLY solar 'leads' platform we pay for, and that pretty much says it all.
Texas Solar Outfitters
Houston, TX
I have received more potential customers from SolarReviews in the two months since joining than I have from all my other marketing combined this year! Their support team is great to work with and the exposure they bring to my firm is very beneficial. I highly recommend them.
Wright-Way Solar Technologies
Tyler, TX
As the California solar and storage market expands, customers increasingly want support in finding qualified and reliable solar installers. plays an important role in helping California's solar customers find the right partners.
Carter Lavin - Membership Director of the California Solar & Storage Association
With SolarReviews, it's not about transactional relationships, but rather building your reputation long-term. When our company receives interest through SolarReviews, we know that the customer has read our ratings and reviews, compared them to other installers, and has a genuine interest in doing business with us.
Renova Solar
Palm Desert, CA
SolarReviews has developed a multi-functional site that allows interested customers find qualified solar specialists. They develop great leads that result in sales and the site allows customers to rate their experience of working with our company. SolarReviews is also a great marketing tool that far exceeds other marketing types. They have become a leader in the industry due to their knowledge and continued research effectively promoting solar systems. Working with SolarReviews has been an enjoyable and successful experience and we highly recommend their services.
Sunstore Solar
Greer, SC
Over the last six years, we’ve used numerous lead generation and solar marketing companies in an effort to attract customers and increase our online visibility. Too many to count, really. To date, there’s only one company that we continue to use on an ongoing basis and have found to be incredibly useful, that’s SolarReviews. We highly recommend using SolarReviews. For a reasonable rate, SolarReviews effectively promotes your business, offering your business credibility, while acting as a marketing tool at the same time. Customers trust SolarReviews and asking your customers to write reviews for you is very easy for both the solar company and the customer.
Cosmic Solar
Valley Center, CA
The HSEA believes that homeowners and businesses should be presented all ways to make the appropriate decision for their solar investment. SolarReviews is a great way for homeowners to share their opinion of local businesses and manufacturers to assist others with making the right choice!
Hawaii Solar Energy Association
Honolulu, HI
NABCEP partners with as both companies are committed to directing solar-interested consumers and business owners to reputable certified solar contractors. The relationship is built on trust.
Shawn O'Brien – Executive Director, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
Kate and Jamie have been the most involved lead vendors in my portfolio of over 15+ vendors. They have optimized our campaigns, answered questions, and helped us achieve the best COA consistently of any of our marketing partners. Through their partnership, we have increased our sales numbers and lowered our COA. I am never concerned about the messaging they send to future consumers which this day in solar marketing is a valid concern. I would highly recommend Solar Reviews and Kate and Jamie!
Wells Solar & Electrical Services
Amy Olsen - Marketing Director
SolarReviews has done a great job to match qualified customers to qualified solar installers in New York.
Albertson, NY
We are thrilled to see so many homeowners sharing their experiences on We see a future in which harnessing the power of the sun with our homes is the norm rather than the exception. We encourage homeowners to learn what sets us apart and we believe is a valuable, trusted, and independent source of reliable information.
Blue Raven Solar
Ben Peterson, CEO, UT
We have been with (formerly since the beginning, and we have consistently found great value from their service and the website. As a New Mexico solar installer with local offices in Aluquerque, Las Cruces, Santa Fe and Taos, it is important for potential clients to be able to easily locate our business and find relevant information and independent reviews on solar all in one location.
Positive Energy Solar
Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Las Cruces and Taos, NM
SolarReviews is looking for ways to make it easier for the consumer to go solar, like Expedia did with traveling.
Denver, CO
Awesome leads. You guys are doing a great job!!
Jamar Power Systems
Santee, CA
I have used for over 4 years, and can unquestionably say that the quality of lead far exceeds anyone else in the market. The qualification process just plain works, and our lead to appointment percentages are through the roof.
Kris Sipe – Owner
I had the pleasure to talk with Jamie Lakes of SolarReviews at length about solar installers in my area. Let me say this "it would be an understatement to say he was helpful". If you need to ask any question about a particular installer he would enjoy to have a conversation with you. He is a man of integrity, and that speaks for itself.
Eric Segar
Westchester, NY
Having used many 'lead generators' over the years, I speak to the professionalism and effectiveness of the SolarReviews team with a high level of distinction. Jamie’s mentorship and creative approach to higher conversion has been extremely helpful. All you need to do is follow the simple steps, maintain integrity in your process, and you will win time and time again. Having wasted tons of time and money with other companies in this field, I hope to give potential SolarReviews customers confidence that this company is the real deal. Thank you Jamie Lakes and Kate Reum for all of your help, please accept this recommendation as a small token of my appreciation.
Solar Energy Services
John A. Marrah III - Eastern Shore Sales Manager

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