SolarReviews Weekly News: Apple 100% Renewable as Other Corps Increase Investments

SolarReviews Weekly News: Apple 100% Renewable as Other Corps Increase Investments

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As Apple announced it reached 100 percent renewable energy last week, other companies announced that their boosting their use of renewable energy as well. At the same time community solar power continues to grow. 

Major corporations are continuing to expand their use of renewable energy. Apple last week became the latest company to reach 100 percent renewable energy use across all of its stores, operations and data centers. It now has 626 megawatts (MWs) of solar power online and more coming online. In addition, an increasing number of its suppliers are using renewable energy to make Apple products as well. Fully 23 of its suppliers have committed to using renewable energy to manufacture Apple parts and products. Solar at Apple's headquarters. Courtesy Apple

Meanwhile Google, which also is getting all its power from renewable energy, signed on, along with other companies including Johnson & Johnson, Target and Walmart, to support 177 MWs of solar power that will be built in Georgia. The support of the companies is allowing developers to finance their projects and is being developed through Georgia Power’s Commercial & Industrial Renewable Energy Development Initiative (C&I REDI). The program in Georgia is like a community solar program on steroids by allowing the companies to use remote solar farms to power their needs.

Community Solar continues to as well. Clean Energy Collective announced last month that it will offer its RooflessSolar program to customers in Orange & Rockland and Central Hudson service area. The offerings will guarantee them energy savings on their electric bills if they opt in to the program. The company will build solar farms in the area that people can choose to opt in to with no up-front costs to get there energy from solar power. 

Also recently the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced a new set of tools to allow companies and homeowners to better understand the performance of solar panels over time. The RdTools are a set of open source software tools that can more quickly evaluate how a solar panel will perform and degrade over time. In doing so, it can help manufacturers better adjust their warranties, as well as assuring investors how a solar farm will perform over time. 

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