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Latest good review thumbs up

J. W. | Bowie, Maryland | 09/26/2023

Wonderful customer service and Sales Agent

Our Sales Agent Paul, is a great person. He's very informative. He gave my husband and I information about tax rebates, how to save money during and after Our installation, Paul make sure that We are happy with the installations. To Us that’s what customer service is all about

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hi J. W., thank you for taking the time to share your positive experience with Paul. We're glad to hear that he could help you make an informed decision to go solar! It's our top priority to make sure you are satisfied and we appreciate your feedback!

Latest bad review thumbs down

Angry Trumbull Mom | Trumbull, Connecticut | 09/12/2023

Abysmal Experience Top to Bottom

I signed up with Trinity Solar and have had nothing but problems. I should have trust my gut instincts when I met with different companies but decided to go with Trinity because they were local. The first sign something was wrong was when the first sales person left the company and I was handed off to a new agent. Then the new agent could not return calls and seemed to forget who I was. 6 months after signing, a changed system because the electric company said my original one was too big, and now I have panels on my roof finally but now am told that there is a shortage of a specific part and I have to wait another 2-3 months before my system can turn on. Then another 3 months after that part comes in for everything to be turned on. This is all while the original sales person said I would have solar in 3 months. This is a company of lies and if I could give them 0 stars I do. As it is, someone keeps trying to put a Trinity solar sign on my front yard and I rip it out every time. AVOID THIS COMPANY

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hi there, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, we certainly appreciate your feedback. We're so sorry for any miscommunication and we'd like the opportunity to look into this for you. Please reach out to us at Customer. so we can locate your file and work to resolve this.

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Gayle Parks | Winsted, Connecticut | 09/10/2023

Efficient with on time delivery

We worked with Theresa Pizarro, who walked us through every step of the process. Followed up with us to be sure we received necessary communications and services. Assisted with coordinating installs, inspections and insured we were up a running. Install was on time. I wasn’t home, and aside from panels being up I could not tell anyone had been there working most of the day.

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello Gayle, we love to hear you had a great experience with Theresa and we're so happy she could help make the switch to solar easy for you. Thank you for your environmental partnership!

Hall residence | Bridgeport, Connecticut | 09/09/2023

Love having solar energy

I was always interested in solar energy and initially contacted a company who determined that my roof could not sustain the weight of the panels. A few years later my neighbor Anthony Venditto approached me about solar panels and lo and behold, Trinity Solar determined that my roof could sustain the weight of their panels. The rest is history. I’ve had solar energy for over a year and could not be more happy with my decision. I have not had any issues and the savings on my wallet is amazing.

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hi there, thanks so much for taking the time to review us! We're so happy to hear you had a great experience and that you're so happy with your decision to go green! We're so grateful for your environmental partnership!

robert | Orlando, Florida | 09/03/2023

Trinity solar and sunova are lying scam artists

Trinity Solar and SUNOVA are running a scam: they came to my house and gave me a false spiel about the costs and I signed a contract for them to install a system. The price he gave me verbally, to be paid monthly for 25 years was under $90 which I calculated after he left to be $26k total payment for the system, which was reasonable for the system I was to get. Supposedly that price would actually save me a ton on my electric bill because the system would be generating enough electricity to lower the unit cost of the KW hours I used from Duke energy from 18 cents to 12 cents per something or other. Taht reduction in the KWH unit charge is what I would be paying Sunova for 25 years he said,and I forget the exact amount but it was under $90 and over $80. the system would be big enough to supply about half of my electricity that I'[m usi9ng at the Peak season (now) in half, so that I would be saving much more than the $85ish payment to Sunova. But turns out to be a bald face lie they have it set up to click through and initial the contract without ever seeing the details that he verbally gave me and I trusted him. But I shouldn't have because the document I signed obligates me to a $102 payment in the first year, which goes up every year after that to like nearly $200 in year 25 for a total of over $42000, which is enough scratch to nearly buy a Cadillac full system with batteries! I think I can still back out. i'm calling them M

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello Robert, thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We're happy to hear that our sales team has been in touch with you to clear up any confusion regarding your agreement, and we'll always be here to answer any questions you may have! Please don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you would like to discuss further!

David Murungi | Marlborough, Massachusetts | 08/26/2023

Paying More Due to Delayed Installation

Working with with Trinity Solar had been a smooth and pleasant experience until I experienced installation delays. These were not Trinity’s fault as these delays were caused by the utility company (national grid)that dragged its feet on the process. Issue is that due to the delay I have been paying a monthly fee for solar panels that are not producing any electricity + my regular electricity bill. The contract for the panels guarantees output but this applies to a 3 year period. So I’m on the hook for an extra $200 for electricity until this is resolved. I have paid the extra amount for 3 months now. Hopefully this will be resolved soon, but buyers should be aware that the so-called guaranteed production from the panels has caveats. The company will expect payment regardless of whether or not the system is producing. This is obviously not advertised…so buyers who are looking to save need to be aware of this risk. When I contacted the company that owns the contract (Sunnova) about the issue, the was response was that they understood my grievance, but the contract still required payment. The contract is unreasonable, but I did sign it so I am biting the bullet. Just wanted to warn other prospective buyers. Ask what happens if there’s an installation delay and no output or little output in the first months of the contract. As the contract read’s currently you could end up paying double your current electricity bill!!

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello David, thank you so much for bringing these concerns to our attention. We certainly understand your frustrations and we thank you for your continued patience as we work hand in hand with your utility company. We'll have a team member reach out as soon as possible to resolve this for you.

Deb Medeiros | New Bedford, Massachusetts | 08/25/2023

Lies after Lies

I had mine finally installed in February was told no more electric bills and guess what I got a $48 bill today and when I texted my sales rep today his reply was “really it’s Friday” funny how when he tried to get the sale he was up my ass making promises such as how he will pay to have my maple tree cut down and that never happened nor has he ever come by to educate me on my system and now I don’t matter. I should have gone with Isakaen like my husband wanted. If I had the money I’d be contacting an attorney because I feel as though I was taken advantage of.

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hi Deb, we appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and we're sorry to hear about your experience. Providing our customers with excellent customer service is our number one priority and we apologize if we missed the mark here. We're glad to hear you've been in touch with management to resolve your concerns and we'll continue to be here for you for all of your solar needs!

Arelis V | Brewster, New York | 08/25/2023

We decided to go solar and had many long conversations with our sales rep Dexter Curbin. He provided us with what we thought was detailed information. I also spoke to other companies but my husband was referred here by a co worker so he was really firm on sticking with Trinity. We got installed in a few months and then the meter did not get installed for another couple of months. We were told we would be banking the solar so not to worry. When the meter got installed we would already have energy in the bank. We do not know how this works do we took the sales persons word. Our electric company NYSEG stated with no meter there is no banking so we just dealt with it. We paid high summer bills along with our solar bill. Now wr have had solar for almost two years and we pay two bills. The solar bill which is the same every month and the electric bill which is whatever it is. Now NYSEG had some kind of billing issues and they gave us a lump sum bill of over $990.00 while each month we pay almost $400.00 a month. Our electric company claims after we filed a complaint with the public service commission that we had a day and night meter. This means during the day when the sun is out we generate solar and pay nothing. Then at night with no sun we are billed. No solar energy is being banked. They offered us a standard meter that means we can use all the day time solar production for night time and may not get any electric bills. This is extremely upsetting so we called Trinity to ask why we were not told of different meter options when installing solar. I questioned NYSEG about this as well and they said it was a discrepancy and after so many complaints they will inform the new solar customers about options for their meters. But, this does not help us. I received a call back from our sales rep over a week later and he states we should have gotten a net meter. This is neither a day/night or standard meter. The net meter was not an option I was given so I asked why we were not spoken to about this and we want our money back. The sales rep pitches a great sale but after you make the same he just checks in to get referrals and he got one from us. At this time we filed another complaint to the commissioner and we want to expose our situation. Especially after the sales rep told me he called to speak to my husband when I stated I was not going to continue to listen to his non stop sales pitch. We got no where so I recommend going with Momentum or Sun Run. Stay away from Trinity who you can never reach and always long wait times when only one caller is in front of you but you get transferred to a voicemail and never get a call back. Unless it’s from the arrogant sales person who speaks in circles and only knows how to get a commission. When I expressed concern he threatened me that if I post a complaint I will get nowhere and will get no help. So I am challenging that with Dexter Curbin at Trinity Solar. As a paying customer who has been given false information who needs help and to share our situation so others do not have this problem.

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Manju | Glen Oaks, New York | 08/18/2023

The worst solar company - do not use them

First they took almost six months to install the system, the system did not function properly initially and required a couple of service calls to function. After a few months, the system stopped functioning. For the past two months Trinity has made five service calls and still our system does not work. Incompetent people.

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello Manju, we appreciate your feedback here and we apologize for your experience. We're working hand in hand with your finance company to get your system up and running as soon as possible and we're happy to hear you've been in touch with a team member throughout the process. We appreciate your patience.

DC | Milford, Connecticut | 08/14/2023

Company Lied

I had solar installed approximately 19 months ago, after 18 months I was promised that I would receive 13,000 dollars which I could keep for ourselves and are bill would go up 60 dollars. Well that has passed and I have not received a dime. I have called trinity and Sunova countless times to be left on hold for hours and no one has ever called me back. It’s amazing how quick they responded when I was originally going to get solar but now I have probably spent at least 20 hours on hold with the number that was given to me. My electric bill now with solar is almost double and I am at the end with this company. If I do not hear from someone by weeks end I am hiring an attorney and going after both trinity and Sunova , my roof was brand new when they installed only weeks old, at this point I am gonna hire an electrician to remove the solar from my home and I am also gonna hire an attorney for all costs plus aggravation, I would never recommend this company to any one as they have no recourse for complaints and how to resolve them. I will have my electrician come and remove these panels from my house, then I will have my roof redone due to all the holes that were caused from installation, on top of that they will be responsible for residing my home and all costs from contractors and attorneys fees!! DONT TRUST TRINITY they are liars and there customer service numbers just leave you on hold for hours with no answers, and I have left 30 messages with not one phone call returned. FU Trinity!!!!

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello DC, we appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention and we are here to help! Please reach out to us at so we can locate your file and work to resolve this for you.

Zach | Middletown, New Jersey | 08/02/2023

Fly by night salesman false claims of 90% energy production

The Trinity solar salesman told lie after lie to convince us to buy this vastly overpriced and underpowered system. I was promised 90% energy production but the system maxes out at 40% of my usage on a low consumption month. I have repeatedly tried to get answers as to why my system isn’t working properly but it is working exactly as designed. I was lied to from the start about the production capabilities of the solar array. My current bill for JCP&L is for 1189kwh and my dollar array produced less than 800kwh this month. They Trinity solar rep assured me this production was expected for the system they sold me. But the salesman looked me in the eyes and told me it would completely cover my power consumption over the summer as winter is my peak consumption due to electric heat. Between the Trinity solar and jcp&l bills I am paying 3x what I paid this month last year for electricity and it will be much worse in the winter.

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D Moore | Ashland, Massachusetts | 07/24/2023

Still waiting for it to be turned on

Process went smoothly until our panels were installed. Then we had zero communication from Trinity unless I reached out multiple times for an update. It has now been 115 days since install and the panels have not been turned on (we were told to expect 30, maybe 60 days), and have started getting charged anyway. Trinitys only response is “it’s out of our control.”

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Reply from Trinity Solar: Hello D, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we apologize for this experience. While we are excited for you to experience the solar benefits as soon as possible, we do need to wait for proper approvals from your town and utility company before energizing your solar system. Please reach out to us at so we can locate your file and look into this for you.

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