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Updated: 31 August 2023

Installing solar since 2009

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Kory L | Peoria, Arizona | 02/09/2024

The best solar company to use in Ariona

I had a fantastic experience with Solar Topps from start to finish! The sales process was informative and transparent. The team took the time to explain everything to me, from the benefits of solar energy to the specific details of the installation process. They customized a solution that perfectly met my needs and budget, and I never felt pressured to make a decision. The installation crew was professional and efficient. They arrived on time and worked diligently to install my solar system. The quality of their work was exceptional, and they paid attention to every detail to ensure a seamless integration with my roof. I was impressed by their expertise and dedication to delivering a top-notch installation. Activating the system was a breeze, thanks to Solar Topps' guidance. They provided clear instructions and support throughout the process, making sure I understood how to monitor and maintain my solar system. One of the reasons I chose Solar Topps was their use of top-quality panels. They offered a range of options, and I was able to select panels that suited my needs and budget. Knowing that I have high-quality panels installed gives me peace of mind about the long-term performance of my solar system. To top it all off, Solar Topps offered the best price in Phoenix. I did my research and compared quotes from several companies, and Solar Topps came out on top in terms of value for money. I couldn't be happier with my decision to go solar with Solar Topps. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional, and cost-effective solar solution!

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Jerry | Sun City, Arizona | 03/14/2021

Not satisfied . My inverter stopped working for 3 months.

My inverter stopped working for three months and I still had to pay the monthly charge. I lost three months electrical production and was reimbursed a small percentage of my loss. Not real happy with Solar Topps.

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Tim Branagan | Mohave Valley, Arizona | 08/31/2023

Great system, working well.

Installed a 10KW system at our home in Mohave Valley, AZ. System performing at/above expectations. Install was done well, and installers were courteous and professional. Highly recommend.

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Colton M | Buckeye, Arizona | 07/18/2023

Impressive Company!

I recently met with Jen and Steve who works with Solar Topps and I was very impressed. They were very educational and not salesy at all. Right before they came over I met with another company and I had to cut the meeting short because I couldn't handle their unprofessionalism. And then Jen and Steve came and I was impressed. We are excited to partner with them.

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Relayne Jones | Goodyear, Arizona | 06/12/2022

So pleased with solar panels

I purchased from Solar Topps (Tony Porter). Excellent process - Tony took care of everything, explained each facet of the project and made sure I clearly understood everything I was getting and knew what to expect. I could not be happier. Thanks Tony Porter!!<br /><br />Relayne<br />Goodyear AZ

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RBE | Surprise, Arizona | 08/10/2021


Excellent service in every way. Highly recommend Solar Tops.

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Mike | Marana, Arizona | 08/10/2021

Very professional. Arrived on time got the job do ahead of plan.

Other reviews, price, equipment used.

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Solar Topps is Tops! | Mesa, Arizona | 06/02/2021

Solar Topps lives up to its name!

After an initial consultation, recommendation and estimate with a Costco-affiliated nationwide solar company I conducted further personal research on household solar energy solutions. I reviewed various manufacturer’s solar panels, and their interface devices such as string inverters, power optimizers, and microinverters and their pros/cons. I used energysage, other online resources, as well as reviewed others review comments. I reviewed SRP’s (my commercial electrical provider) website and its solar dedicated webpages and took note of its preferred installers. I then felt confident to contact three local preferred installers for a recommendation and bid. After significant discussion effort and resultant bids with two of the companies (both well regarded, one recommended a string inverter system, the other power optimizers and a 345W panels system) I contacted Solar Topps through its website for my final comparison. Tony Porter reached back to me for our over-the-phone consultation and I informed him of my efforts up to that point. After our discussion (which included a battery backup capability) he followed up with the recommended system and pricing. After further equipment refinement and pricing I decided that Solar Topps was the best company to accommodate my desires, including devices, pricing, warranty (25 years on the entire system), and installation timeline. Oh, and with no undue pressure, which I can’t say for others. My solar system (consisting of 20 REC 370 W solar panels, Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters, and interface panel) was fully installed just over three weeks from contract signing (15 Oct ‘20) and two weeks later (with Solar Topps intervention) SRP came out to meet my Solar Topps technician on 3 November to inspect the system, install a new solar-compatible meter and activate my home’s connection to the power grid! My electric bills have been 1/3 SRP’s monthly historical price since, the system generates more daily power than we consume, and we export excess electricity back to SRP for credit on our monthly bill. I had one system malfunction (detected while using Enphase’s “Enlighten” app which was quickly resolved after contacting an Enphase web support tech who determined the error to Amazon Cloud outage at the time. Working with Tony Porter and the entire Solar Topps team was a pleasure. I am not only satisfied with our installation and performance, I am ecstatic! I have since highly recommended them to our many nearby communities neighbors through the”Nextdoor” app. I was also able to claim 26% Federal Tax Credit of the total bill on 2020’s tax filing. I intend to add a battery backup years ahead when that technology is in its next generation.

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Lorraine Smith | Phoenix, Arizona | 10/30/2020

Solar Topps stands by their product

Solar Topps installed our solar panels and included netting about a year ago. The netting began to fail and fall off the roof. Tony at Solar Topps took it personal as he prides himself in their product and sent Keaton out to repair/replace netting. Keaton did a superb job and was extremely professional and cleaned up the entire mess. It isn't just about the install; it is about customer service afterwards, and Solar Topps cares about their community. Choose your solar install wisely and give Solar Topps a call.

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Frank Seelig | Peoria, Arizona | 11/26/2018

Great service

Had great service from solar topps. Not so good from local power company (APS).

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Marchande | Florence, Arizona | 06/05/2018

Amazing company

so if you are looking for solar, look no further... they took the time to explain to me the different options... they are local owned and operated and all work is done in house... My installer team was amazing... the sales team helped me understand my needs and future needs and helped build a system that was with in my budget and met my power needs...

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Steve Bingham | Payson, Arizona | 06/01/2018

Very efficient company!

Great company. Maybe solving the mystery. (pages of calculations, thanks to APS and Enlighten I have the exact figures)<br />If things continue the same for another 20 days I will produce $263 worth of electricity at .129 a kwh (what they pay me for 2040 kwh total). That's a bunch! My electric bill should be $109 plus $30 for the “privilege” – or a total of $139. That means APS will be giving me free electricity ($139 total) plus $125 profit for the month. Can't beat that with a stick! Your mother and I are now playing the electricity game in earnest. APS really pissed me off. No more “demand” charges, only on-peak and off-peak.<br />Great service, great answers. . . . so far, so good.

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Based out of Phoenix, Solar Topps was founded in 2009 in pursuit of helping Arizonans make smarter financial decisions when it came to their energy independence. We aren't roofers, electricians, or salespeople that decided to get into the solar industry, we are a local, NABCEP-certified engineering firm that specializes in designing, installing, and servicing rooftop, ground mount, and shade structure solar systems for homes and businesses. Our simple energy management solutions provide the best value in Solar, Battery Backup and EV Charging options designed to fit your lifestyle, today and tomorrow. By choosing Solar Topps, you have the peace of mind that your system will use premium products that are precisely engineered and installed to deliver premium results. The only thing that isn't premium about us is our price. Whether online, over the phone or in-person, our team is ready to work with you. Let's get started.

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