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Don Hoxie | Atlanta, Georgia | 07/03/2021

I’m really happy with the installation and service

I’m really happy with the installation and service provided by Solar Sale USA. I just wanna encourage prospective customers to give it a try

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Latest bad review thumbs down

Brian Estep | Ellijay, Georgia | 08/08/2023

Worst scam ever

Over 2 years and never connected my solar system. Paid for solar power from finance company they referred for18 months and no solar power. Suing this company and their finance company. Worst scam ever. Promises made but never delivered. Also, the installers ruined my roof, causing leaks inside that they caused and could never repair. Had to pay for a new roof that they will not pay for. Awful company.

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Sameer Bakare | Dacula, Georgia | 07/10/2022


Solar Sale USA is very unprofessional they did not keep me informed of my installation. I had to contact them weekly only to be lied to as to when I would get my Installation. They promised several installation dates only to give a different date when that date arrived . I was told I could not cancel agreement due to cost already put into my project by Solarsaleusa. I will regret doing business with this company. I would not refer them to anyone else. I will be filling a complaint with the State Board regarding me not being allowed to cancel due to the length of time it took to get my installation, lack of professionalism of Ann Thomas and Faye . Consumers be ware do not do business with Solarsaleusa.

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Do not go with solar usa | Fayetteville, Georgia | 05/31/2022

Will not hook up solar .

I got solar panels to help save the planet and reduce power costs. So far they have not gotten a permit for inspection 2 week after installing wiring. Called county and they laughed when I was told that a permit was not even applied for! I feel I was taken advantage of, and wonder if the panels even work. I had to get my own contractor for the backup generator so it would be usable( not hooked up to solar system). I will not be encouraging anyone to go solar.....ever! Worst waste of money I ever considered. Do not get panels through this company!

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Jerome and Vickie Romero | Covington, Georgia | 04/22/2021

Not producing as stated

Our solar panels are not producing power no where near as stated in the sales. We have been trying to get some one from service to work on the panels but showed up once without letting us know and we were not home. The panels are facing what appears to be in the wrong location because they are in the shade a large portion of the day. Service department is terrible about returning calls or scheduling appointments.

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Disappointed | Marietta, Georgia | 03/30/2021

Poor sales tactics and a no show at the meeting

I initially contacted Solar Sales for a quote. I should have discontinued the conversation as soon as the salesperson asked if my husband would be at the meeting, assuming (1) I am hetero, (2) I am married and (3) I require a spouse's permission to initiate a project. I stupidly agreed to the meeting and the technician was a no show. A week later their office called me to find out how the meeting went. If they have such poor communication within their company, I cannot imagine how bad it would in an installation. Fast forward a month, I came to this website and filled out the sales request form. I received a call from none other than Solar Sales. I started to politely ask them to remove my number since I'd already spoken with them and before I could get out a sentence, they'd hung up on me. Just stay away from this company!

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Nikki G | Atlanta, Georgia | 06/06/2020

Good company .. Good Service

Overall we feel we got the best products we could get for the price we wanted to pay. I spoke to couple referrals and they said any time they had a question or service issue they responded fast.

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RoTurner | Fayetteville, Georgia | 05/22/2020

The company is great and customer service is wonderful.

Installer was great and the salesman was very well mannered

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brian | Houston, Texas | 08/17/2019


Solar panels barely produce a fraction of a percent of my energy don't waste time and money they are a scam and extremely expensive $45 thousand for barely nothing thank you solar choice but you can have them back and zero customer service

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Gina | Chattanooga, Tennessee | 07/14/2019

Impressed with their top of the line products.

I recently moved to Chattanooga, TN and wanted to go solar. Their process was simple, the installation was fast and looks very sharp. They took care of all paperwork needed for the electric company. They warranty have a 25 year warranty on their installation. Every other company I spoke with had no more than a 5 year warranty on installation. Definitely recommend this company!

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Mujerdelsol | Atlanta, Georgia | 05/23/2017

Installation of Solar Panels

The crew did a very good job and got the job done very quickly considering its scope. They were friendly and cleaned up nicely after themselves.

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Bamaman | Columbiana, Alabama | 04/19/2016

Thank you

Solar USA did a great job on our solar project. It was a big one, at least to us. They were very professional and cleaned up the site well. I had a 1000 questions but Josh Barnes was patient answering each one. It was a 20kw project and it only took 4 days. The worst part was dealing with our county to get our permits. They have a lot of regulations but Solar USA had all the paperwork and licenses to get the job done. <br /><br />Great Job!

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