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B R | Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/27/2022

Great service and installation

Robco Electric installed solar on my house several months ago, and did a great job. The sales consultant Steven A patiently led me through the nuts and bolts of it, as well as drafting several iterations of the layout until I was satisfied. Installation went quite smoothly; there were some minor adjustments at the end, but Rob always responded promptly and got everything in smooth running order. The app that links the system is intuitive to use, and easy to check how it is running. I am very satisfied with Robco's work, and would recommend them to anyone considering solar.

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Sharon | Henderson, Nevada | 12/26/2021

Solar panels

The best company I have ever dealt with. Adam is the most knowledgeable and gracious representative of a company I have dealt with. I will recommend Robco to anyone I know who is interested in converting to solar. Thank you Robco and Adam for such a positive and seamless experience.

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Solar Installation July 12 2021 | Henderson, Nevada | 09/16/2021

Zoom meeting with Steven Araneta explained Solar in detail

After researching solar panels I contacted 3 companies for information and proposals. After a Zoom meeting with Steven Araneta with Robco I invited him into our home to repeat the meeting with my husband. He answered our questions with competence and we knew this was the company to go with. Steven followed through with everything, always responsive, communicated well and was patient. Robco handled all the paperwork for permits and HOA approvals. All I had to do was deliver the form to our HOA. The installation was on time, the crew led by Carlos were professional, considerate about safety, cleanliness and very polite. They also were knowledgeable and explained details. This process was less than 2 days. After the panels were installed and before they were running we had a heavy rain. In the morning we found water leaked from the attic, thinking it was a roof leak, I called Steven and he had 2 roofers out to our house within a couple hours. Tyson and his associate inspected everything in detail, took pictures and even made a 3rd trip into the attic with my husband. These 2 young men were professional, clean, polite and concerned. End result the water was an air conditioning issue, nothing to do with the solar installation. Robco has included a Wi-Fi app that monitors consumption, kWh produced and tracking each panel is in working order. We are looking forward to a reduced utility bill soon. The LG Panels include a 25 year warranty. Pigeon proofing is also included. I highly recommend if you are considering solar panels to use Robco. Give Steven Araneta a phone call at 702-439-1328.

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Emily | Las Vegas, Nevada | 08/24/2021

Reliable, Professional, High-Quality Service and Panels

I loved working with Robco. I researched about 20 companies before deciding which one to go with. I even specifically chose Robco over another company that was about $2,000 cheaper, just because I got a much better vibe from them. I'm so glad I did. The entire process was seamless, I didn't have to worry about anything, and their crews were always on time (or early!) and ready to go. I got both solar panels and electrical work done with them. They handled all the permits and paperwork. The final solar product looks fantastic and is so much nicer looking than some of my neighbors. love the way Robco does their pigeon guard (they use flashing rather than chicken wire), attic runs the cables, and paints anything that can't be attic run. I literally cannot recommend them enough.

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Bob Reagan | Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/20/2021

I am completely satisfied with my new solar PV system for Robco

I chose Robco because they are a local company using their own employees, not contractors for their installation crews. I also felt they offered a superior product that was worth a few extra dollars in cost for the project.

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Anthony | North Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/07/2021

Great company to work with for Solar

After doing some initial homework I was initially going to go with another installer in the area but was really looking for a local company to do the work. I feel by using a local company that has been in the industry for a while will provide for long term support of what they do. Plus having a Nevada Based/Las Vegas based company is a great thing to support. When I met with Robco I knew they were the one to do this work. Not only being in the solar business, having their own crew (not outsourcing it), but also providing other electrical related work was a winner as they would fully understand what is needed for a great install. First, I would like to acknowledge Krystal, from the start she was great with providing information on solar, how it works, what Robco would do during the install and answered any question I had. She was also very prompt on responding back when a question would arise. Thank you for great support/service. Something I really appreciate in any company and would pay the extra price for this. Top notch service! Second, would acknowledge the great team on install. They were able to do the full install in one day, a very clean install with hiding the electrical wires through the attic, the metal work that was used to protect against pigeons/birds from nesting under the panels (no nets, but actual metal work) and finishing it off with painting the pipes that were needed on the side hooking up to the electrical panel/boxes. The crew was fun and entertaining as well and really looked to be a great team of installers for Robco. Lastly, From the professional and detailed quotes, setting expectations on how the process would work and being right on during the whole process, along with the quality of the products they installed (LG, Enphase), this company really was great to work with and did a great job. I would highly recommend them not only for solar work but also any electrical work you may have as I did have them do additional electrical work on my properly and did a great job at that and very reasonable pricing for that as well. The overall pricing for the install was comparable with the other big installer in the Las Vegas area and they even where able to meet the same quoted price from their quote. Thank you to the Robco Team for a great install (cannot say it enough) and really look forward to the solar system we purchased and had installed by them and of course a long relationship with what looks to be a great company for the long haul. Thank you again!

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Ashley Stroud | Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/02/2021

Best in Las Vegas for solar!

After two years of research, we chose Robco Electric for our residential solar. During those two years, I called back some of the "big names" in solar that had strong ratings and I can't tell you how many times they had either been acquired by another big name, the sales rep I was dealing with had moved on, or they didn't have offices in Las Vegas anymore and transferred me to someone in Chicago or LA. I knew then that I wanted a company who would answer the phone five years from now and be over to fix any problems within a day. That's the local company Robco guarantee that makes me comfortable with my investment. After working with them, I can't tell you how impressed I am with their service and professionalism. When the inspector came out to approve the system, they said, "Oh, Robco. Someone did their homework. Good choice." That pretty much summed it up.

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ROBCO - EXCELLENCE IN PERFORMANC | Las Vegas, Nevada | 02/06/2021


ROBCO RECOMMENDATION We initially recognized the need to take control of our electric costs. To do that we needed to consider solar electrical panel power generation. We researched several firms using the internet. We also talked with neighbors that currently use solar power systems. We than checked out several firms using the Nevada State Building Board to see if they were properly licensed and had no outstanding or prior litigation against them. We then checked with the Better Business Bureau to see what kind of rating they had. Once we narrowed our firms of interest, we checked on subsequent firms costs. We also used the internet solar calculation check to get a broad range estimate. Our selection of Robco was not based on only cost as they were not the cheapest. As a General Contractor, I know the lowest proposal is not always the best contractor. After interviewing Jorge Saal of Robco we were satisfied they would do an excellent job. We were very satisfied with their installation crews work, both courteous, professional and expeditious. Once the work was completed we were very happy that Robco educated us on the systems and coordination with the Building Inspectors work. We will readily provide Robco an excellent recommendation to any other potential customers. Doug Hays 89148

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Darlene B | Henderson, Nevada | 12/26/2020

I am glad I chose Robco Electric

I cannot say enough good things about Robco Electric and the process in getting solar for our home. Our salesperson, Krystal, was honest, down to earth, and knowledgeable. We met with several salesman that came to our door. I finally called Krystal as a result of positive reviews. I am glad I did. She educated us about the other offers we received and how Robco was different. We committed to Robco. We were given dates for install and instructions on the process- Everything went exactly as described! If you are interested in going Solar, call Robco. I am glad I did.

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Dr Don | Las Vegas, Nevada | 12/01/2020

6.5 kW system and main panel upgrade

We had Robco install a solar system for us. We were very happy with both price and service. And the panels look great! The details: The system size they recommended was very much in-line with other bidders and with Google Project Sunroof and our actual power use (calculated by me). Their price was in-line with several other bidders and much lower than our highest priced bidder. Robco solely uses microverters. I felt this was the correct way to install solar. Robco doesn't use those wandering salesmen, so their overhead is lower. I like the fact that they are also electricians. That way I know all code is followed and they know what they are doing. I had them upgrade the main panel for my house at the same time. All the people I came in contact with, from the coordinator to the electricians, to the installers, all were very professional. I was treated with respect and was never talked down to. I appreciate the education that came with the install. One month later the system is working as well as promised. And I love the bird guards. Nice touch. (Disclosure: This is the same review I put on Yelp)

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Robco Electric | Las Vegas, Nevada | 11/09/2020

We highly recommend Robco Electric

After seeing other positive reviews we decided to give Robco Electric a call about our solar install. I had preconceived ideas about what was needed, but our point of contact Krystal, educated me on every detail and step necessary to have a system that was appropriate for our home. I thought the more panels you have the better, but she explained why that was not a good idea. Installation was scheduled quickly and install was completed in one day. They handled all the paperwork for permits and HOA. We would use Robco electric again and we highly recommend Robco Electric for your solar installation.

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About Robco Electric

We are a locally owned solar panel installer who will also service solar PV systems installed by others.

We have been serving Las Vegas for 21 years as a fully licensed & bonded Commercial & Residential Electrician. In addition to solar, we can install Electric Vehicle chargers, low voltage systems such as cameras & security systems, and all underground electrical.

Robco is your team for all aspects of your commercial or residential electrical project.

Our solar team brings decades of hands on experience to the design and installation of your solar array. As solar experts, we are on a mission to educate Nevada communities on solar. We design, install, troubleshoot and maintain your system. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, most efficient solar systems using the best available materials, equipment and installation best-practices.

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