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Vince and Cindy Pfeiffer | Las Vegas, Nevada | 06/17/2024

Robco Electric is the real deal!

We chose RobCo Solar and worked with Rok Dominko. After reading dozens of BBB reviews from several solar companies, we consulted with 3 different providers. We got quotes, some higher and some a bit lower. Understand this; price is not the only factor when choosing solar. Quality, reputation, service after the sale, and longevity in the business, make a big difference also. When getting solar quotes, make certain they are quoting the same equipment. Microinverters are the soul of a solar system. Try to get the best you can afford. It matters. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the various types. Expensive does not mean better. We purchased top of the line equipment. The staff who installed our system are actual employees, not sub-contracted. They were prompt, polite, friendly, and most of all, efficient. It was obvious these guys were professionals and really knew what they were doing. More importantly, they didn't destroy my roof when installing the panels, as I experienced from another company, "Quality First Home Improvement", previously used in California, who did; costing me thousands in water, HVAC, fence, and tile damage. They did not honor their warranty or service. It took RobCo 3 days to install our system, being mindful of their presence and local impact. They were neat, and kept the area cleaned up. Robco kept me informed and up to date on every stage. This Enphase system is producing as expected with (34) 425 watt Silfab panels, and 34 Enphase IQ8A microinverters. With 2 pool pumps, 2 HVAC units a battery charger, and a nearly 3600 sq. ft. 2 story home, our energy needs are considerable. We purchased as much solar power as NV Energy will permit without getting special exemptions. While they do offer special financing and maybe even leasing, we chose to pay cash instead. As a prior solar owner, before moving to Vegas, my power bills were but $11.00 pr month, with an annual true-up of around $1000.00. That amounts to around $94.00 a month. It will take a year to realize my net savings here, as I had no prior months, or years energy bill to compare with. As energy costs continue to skyrocket, solar just makes sense. Unless there are frequent brownouts or grid failures, as we experienced in California, back up batteries are pointless here in Nevada. RobCo Electric is the real deal. No gimmicks. They are up front about everything. They educate, inform, and advise. They fully document, inform, engineer, and follow through on every stage of the process. I was comfortable with having them in and on my home and property. I recommend RobCo to anyone seeking a Solar Option.

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Scott Rochlis | Henderson, Nevada | 04/03/2024


Absolutely flawless from beginning to end, every step of the way, from the installers to the processing of the permits, to the quickness of getting me on the grid, I can’t say enough about this company. I literally took about 10 proposals, from Sun run, Solup, Idependent Solar, Cooper Roofing and Solar, and various others. Their price was reasonable, but ultimately I went with the company I knew had a fantastic reputation in the community and was stand behind their product, extremely impressed and would recommend this solar company above all others in this area. I am in Henderson, Nevada, They use quality Q cell 425 W panels, and independent phase inverters, each panel has their own inverter, which I researched and found to be the better way to go that a string inverter. If a string inverter goes down your whole system goes down, if one inverter malfunctions, the rest are still producing energy. I am confident I made the right choice and solar companies Scott Rochlis

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Tina | Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/27/2024

Robco Electric the Best Solar Company

Robco is the best ever solar company. This company has a very good reputation and very reliable. After years of researching, we finally decided to go with Robco. We received several quotes from different companies. But Robco’s pricing is very competitive and they also had the highest quality panels with excellent warranty. Our best ever solar consultant Steven Araneta was amazing. Steven was a seasoned industry expert that actually knew how to answer all of the questions I posed. He is very honest and communicative. He followed through with everything, always responsive, communicated well and was very patient. Look for Steven Araneta if you want to receive the highest quality of customer service. Steven made the entire process fast and smooth. We really appreciate all your help Steven. Their install crews were very nice and polite They’re always on time. They were very clean and organized. The install was very clean. Overall, Robco did what was promised quickly and completely. We’re very happy. We are looking forward to a reduced utility bill soon.

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Powerade | Las Vegas, Nevada | 09/25/2023

Service awarded for giving a new customer referral

Carlos is my hero. Recently I had several panels that were not reporting correctly and have been that way for sometime. Carlos came out and diagnosed the problems (plural). I can’t thank him enough for his dedication, professionalism and knowledge to finally diagnose and repair the situation. Carlos is a true gentleman who diagnosed and repaired this very complex situation. I highly recommend Robco.

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Kai | North Las Vegas, Nevada | 09/10/2023

Great experience and results

We had RobCo install our solar system in 2017. We got three other quotes and not only was RobCo the cheapest, they also had the highest quality panels. In the 6 years since we have had any issues. I've heard several stories from friends about issues they had with other companies. Things like pigeon proofing and painting the conduit to match the home exterior included with RobCo were apparently addons with other companies.

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Drew S | Henderson, Nevada | 06/21/2023

Solar review

Robco was the company we chose after getting a few estimates. Though the solar rates were fairly competitive, we are very happy with choosing Robco. Rok was very helpful in explaining the process and always available for any questions we had throughout the process. Carlos H. (Foreman) was incredible - he updated me frequently on progress, any hinderances such as wind or rain and gave me realistic expectations. He replaced all roof tiles, painted the electrical to match the tiles and went above and beyond throughout the process. I cannot recommend Rok, Carlos and the entire Robco company enough as a whole if you are looking to go solar!

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Elizabeth | Las Vegas, Nevada | 06/15/2023

Exceptional company

As a homeowner who researched for 2 years before going solar this company by far is the best. It is the only company that explained the installation process, gave realistic expectations, was reachable, and followed through with everything they said… on top of beating any other competitor by thousands. Jorge is the rep who helped us. Excellent customer service and really knowledgeable. You will not regret using this company. We were in Costco yesterday where sunrun is and they asked who we used and they said nothing but great things about their own competitor!!!!

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B R | Las Vegas, Nevada | 03/27/2022

Great service and installation

Robco Electric installed solar on my house several months ago, and did a great job. The sales consultant Steven A patiently led me through the nuts and bolts of it, as well as drafting several iterations of the layout until I was satisfied. Installation went quite smoothly; there were some minor adjustments at the end, but Rob always responded promptly and got everything in smooth running order. The app that links the system is intuitive to use, and easy to check how it is running. I am very satisfied with Robco's work, and would recommend them to anyone considering solar.

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Sharon | Henderson, Nevada | 12/26/2021

Solar panels

The best company I have ever dealt with. Adam is the most knowledgeable and gracious representative of a company I have dealt with. I will recommend Robco to anyone I know who is interested in converting to solar. Thank you Robco and Adam for such a positive and seamless experience.

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Solar Installation July 12 2021 | Henderson, Nevada | 09/16/2021

Zoom meeting with Steven Araneta explained Solar in detail

After researching solar panels I contacted 3 companies for information and proposals. After a Zoom meeting with Steven Araneta with Robco I invited him into our home to repeat the meeting with my husband. He answered our questions with competence and we knew this was the company to go with. Steven followed through with everything, always responsive, communicated well and was patient. Robco handled all the paperwork for permits and HOA approvals. All I had to do was deliver the form to our HOA. The installation was on time, the crew led by Carlos were professional, considerate about safety, cleanliness and very polite. They also were knowledgeable and explained details. This process was less than 2 days. After the panels were installed and before they were running we had a heavy rain. In the morning we found water leaked from the attic, thinking it was a roof leak, I called Steven and he had 2 roofers out to our house within a couple hours. Tyson and his associate inspected everything in detail, took pictures and even made a 3rd trip into the attic with my husband. These 2 young men were professional, clean, polite and concerned. End result the water was an air conditioning issue, nothing to do with the solar installation. Robco has included a Wi-Fi app that monitors consumption, kWh produced and tracking each panel is in working order. We are looking forward to a reduced utility bill soon. The LG Panels include a 25 year warranty. Pigeon proofing is also included. I highly recommend if you are considering solar panels to use Robco. Give Steven Araneta a phone call at 702-439-1328.

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Emily | Las Vegas, Nevada | 08/24/2021

Reliable, Professional, High-Quality Service and Panels

I loved working with Robco. I researched about 20 companies before deciding which one to go with. I even specifically chose Robco over another company that was about $2,000 cheaper, just because I got a much better vibe from them. I'm so glad I did. The entire process was seamless, I didn't have to worry about anything, and their crews were always on time (or early!) and ready to go. I got both solar panels and electrical work done with them. They handled all the permits and paperwork. The final solar product looks fantastic and is so much nicer looking than some of my neighbors. love the way Robco does their pigeon guard (they use flashing rather than chicken wire), attic runs the cables, and paints anything that can't be attic run. I literally cannot recommend them enough.

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About Robco Electric

We are a locally owned solar panel installer who will also service solar PV systems installed by others.

We have been serving Las Vegas for 21 years as a fully licensed & bonded Commercial & Residential Electrician. In addition to solar, we can install Electric Vehicle chargers, low voltage systems such as cameras & security systems, and all underground electrical.

Robco is your team for all aspects of your commercial or residential electrical project.

Our solar team brings decades of hands on experience to the design and installation of your solar array. As solar experts, we are on a mission to educate Nevada communities on solar. We design, install, troubleshoot and maintain your system. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality, most efficient solar systems using the best available materials, equipment and installation best-practices.

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