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Updated: 29 July 2021

Installing solar since 2002

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Becca G | Bremerton, Washington | 03/29/2023

Power Trip for the win!!!!

My partner and I had been considering solar for a while. I did a lot of research into several different companies and decided to go with Power Trip for several reasons. For starters, they actually came out and looked at the property, rather than just using a computer generated model. Further, they answered all my questions promptly and were honest and fair in their quotes. The system has been stellar since we had it installed in August 2022. Now that we're considering an extension to our array, we'll definitely be going with Power Trip again.

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Salty Sailor | Port Townsend, Washington | 07/29/2021

Excellent Experience

Customer service was fantastic. Very responsive to our needs and schedule. Installers have great chemistry and I can't speak highly enough about their work. You'd be making the wrong move to go with anyone else. Best on the OP!

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Solar in Sequim | Sequim, Washington | 02/17/2019

12.4kW array working perfectly

Power Trip finished the expansion of my legacy 4.2 kW array to 12.4 kW. They handled the complexity of integrating the old with the new perfectly. They completed the job on time, as quoted, in a professional manner.

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Robert Z | Sequim, Washington | 02/01/2019

Power Trip added 8.2 kW to my existing 4.2 kW array

Great to work with. They delivered exactly as quoted and on time. They did a tidy job.

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Neal Frye | Poulsbo, Washington | 11/25/2018

Excellent solar experience

Very professional and knowledgable. They worked with me on my odd roof design.<br />Their work is first class.

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Casa Vista | Port Townsend, Washington | 09/29/2018

Great company! Great results!

We attended a solar power seminar sponsored by Power Trip Energy Corp and believed we could save money on energy costs in the long term, support green energy, reduce the use of non-renewable energy sources. Power Trip provided a bid and recommendations to us; listened to our questions and concerns, then revised their proposal to our satisfaction. <br /><br />Their installers were professional, courteous, timely, and knowledgeable. We couldn't be happier with the result and love the bills from our local electrical provider throughout the summer (just the basic charge plus tax). We realize we will tilt from producing more energy than we use as the days shorten and the sun sinks into winter. <br /><br />As a result of our experience one neighbor has already installed a solar array on his home and two more have asked us about our experience. <br /><br />The incentives at the state and federal level were certainly a factor in our decision; however, by projecting our energy costs across the next 20 years and comparing to the up-front solar investment it was an easy decision. Better for our long run pocket book and better yet helping the environment - not to mention with the incentives we will "pay off the system" sooner than expected.

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Mark @ ATGTurnings | Bremerton, Washington | 06/03/2018

Sensible and Effective

An easy decision for us to install solar at our place. Southerly facing roof of a tall outbuilding just cried for solar panels to be installed. Power Trip Energy sold the system to us, and did the installation near the end of September 2017. Did a wonderful job but more importantly their staff was very helpful along the way in keeping us apprised of the various paperwork processes. The installation crew was very efficient, personable, and willing to answer questions about the details of their work. The installation was done in two days, no leaks in the roof over the winter, and everything on the outside is ship-shape in appearance.

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Hayesolar | Indianola, Washington | 05/12/2018


Power Trip Energy installed our 8k solar system in December of 2017. Their people were great from beginning to end and their work was excellent. As a former building contractor, I've had a lot of experience with the trades and these folks are GOOD!

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WildKat | Port Townsend, Washington | 05/10/2018

Let the Sun Shine!

From start to ongoing communication, the Power Trip team has been outstanding in terms of educating the public about solar systems (our first encounter was one of their workshops), installation, billing, helping with tax returns and other cost recovery incentives, and maintenance of the system. The app for daily power consumption/production that comes with the system has helped us understand how the system is working and also how we can continue to streamline our power needs at home. Plus it is fun to see the bright green circle that tell us we are banking energy!

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olyaqua | Port Townsend, Washington | 10/09/2017


Power Trip installed our system in July 2017. We were very happy with the pre- installation meetings and also the follow-through during installation and afterwards. We are very happy that we made the leap to solar and highly recommend this company to anyone considering doing this.

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Taf | Port Ludlow, Washington | 05/23/2017

Sun energy

Power Trip(PT) was instrumental in building our new “green” house. Several years ago PT was asked to survey our possible building site for potential solar energy capture. Their survey reported that the site had positive solar potential. That survey began our strong relationship with PT.<br /><br />PT was with us from the beginning of our new home. PT determined the compass orientation of the house foundation that would place the roof line for the greatest capture of solar energy. PT also designed the angle (slope) and size of the roof for placement of solar panels. PT also helped in our selection of the metal roof style that enhanced panel placement without having to penetrate the roof for panel anchorage.<br /><br />Our “green” home is installed with a ductless heat pump for household heat, a ‘heat-pump' hot water heater, and all lighting is LED. The house is insulated beyond county code requirements.<br /><br />PT installed our solar panels on January 5, 2017. In addition to the panels, an EV (electric vehicle) charger station was installed. On April 28th , an all electric Chevrolet Bolt was purchased. <br /><br />Today after 129 days since the installation of the solar panels, data collected shows that the ave daily energy use for the house is 32.87 kWh. So far, the ave daily Solar energy production is 32.07 kWh with a result of 97.57% of the daily household electrical use being supplied from Power Trip installed solar panels (32.07kWh/32.87kWh). The total household use of electricity includes the kWh used to charge the Bolt. The Bolt has been driven over 2000 miles since its purchase and it has been charged at our new home only.<br /><br /> Also, our PUD electric bills for March and April were only for the monthly $14.50 base fee that is charged to each electric bill. No charges were made for electricity since no electricity was delivered. In addition, the May PUD electric bill states that 396 kWh have been added to our banked usage balance. <br /><br />We look forward to the days ahead when the ‘2017 spring rain season' is replaced with some long days of sunshine and ‘banking' energy for later winter days. Also with new batteries being developed, our future may include an ‘on site' energy storage system.<br /><br />Can we recommend Power Trip Energy for solar planning and installation? YOU BET!

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